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Al Pacino’s Daughter – Julie Marie Pacino Wiki (Bio, Age, Height, Family, Husband)

Julie Pacino is the daughter of famed actor Al Pacino. She was born in nineteen eighty-nine and will be turning thirty-two years old this October. Currently, she is in the same field of profession as her father, working as a director.

Her mother, Jan Tarrant, was Al’s acting coach when they began dating. Their relationship lasted about one year, starting in nineteen eighty-eight. They broke up and separated before later discovering she was pregnant.

Al Pacino is a family man by all rights, but he does not have any marriage interest. He has two other children, namely Olivia Rose Pacino and Anton Pacino. The two are from Al’s relationship with actress Beverly D’Angelo.

The two are twins and have a close relationship with Julie, their half-sister. They are younger than Julie since they were born in January two thousand and one. So far, only Julie has followed in the footsteps of her father.


Julie is an American writer, director, and producer. She is recognized for some of her films like Abracadabra, which was screened at the Cannes Festival of twenty-ten. She has other production credits under her belt.

She runs a company called Poverty Row Entertainment, which she owns together with Jennifer Delia. She also founded Tiny Apple, which focuses on short films. As of last year, she has written and directed over twelve films.

Most of her work has been showcased in reputable film festivals around the world. Her interest in film making stems from watching her father and the influence she received from her mother. She developed this interest but preferred being behind the scenes where the creation happened.

Her mother, Jan Tarrant, once worked as an acting coach before transitioning into teaching. She worked at Strasberg Institute and has partnered with numerous accomplished actors and directors.

When Julie was growing up, both her father’s world of acting and her mother’s love for teaching acting fueled her flame for directing. She was able to create her films and show them to the world.


In twenty eleven, Julie made the news with her arrest for driving under the influence. Tabloids ran stories of her, mostly because they knew her father, Al Pacino. At the time, Al was in the middle of a shoot in Los Angeles.

He left for New York to be with his daughter because it was her first media storm and arrest. She confessed to her involvement and pleaded guilty. Since she pleaded to a non-criminal charge, her license was suspended for three months.

She later went back to creating films once everything settled down and nowadays makes headlines for the right reasons.

Relationship with her father

The two of them are close. All his children consider Al Pacino as a great father. She has been involved in their lives from the moment they were born and is still around to support them.

Julie, most of all, is really around his father for support and advice. Al’s relationship with Jan only lasted a year, but they both raised Julie after being born. She has been seen attending functions with her dad and half-siblings sometimes.

They also share a lot of similarities. They are perhaps the father-daughter duo in the entertainment industry that is still going strong. There is no doubt that Julie is the one continuing her father’s legacy in the industry.

Second Chance

The arrest earlier mentioned may remain in her past, but the journey to redemption after that makes Julie’s story even more enjoyable. It has been almost a decade. In that time, she has grown so much in her career and personal life.

She has written some films and directed others. She has also founded a film company and co-owns an entertainment company with a partner. Most of her films have competed in reputable film festivals, and some have won top prizes.

Net Worth

Julie is only starting in the entertainment world. She has a few films that have done well but none that have propelled her to the level of great directors. However, many people believe that she will soon be with the greats if she stays the course.

Cumulatively, all her assets are valued at a million dollars. It is a long way to go from her father’s net worth of a hundred and sixty million, an impressive feat. Her overall net worth has not been verified, so this is an estimate.


The first thought that comes to many people when they hear Julia’s name is Al Pacino’s daughter. She is much more. She has earned her place in the industry with hard work and excellent partnerships.

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