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Kelly Paniagua is an actress, a model, and a TV personality. She was known primarily in Australia and America before coming to the limelight. She became known widely in several other countries after her marriage to Julian McMahon, a son to former Australian Prime Minister Sir William McMahon. Julian McMahon is an award-winning actor who has featured in several popular TV series and movies, including the highly acclaimed Fantastic Four Franchise. He has won several awards and recognition for outstanding performances in several TV shows that he has starred in. However, our focus will be on his wife — Kelly Paniagua. 

Who is Kelly Paniagua?

An Australian by birth, Kelly Paniagua was born to parents of Spanish and Portuguese ancestry. She was born on December 15, 1977, and is 43 years old. Before becoming an Australian TV personality, Kelly had a modest modeling career. 

She’s a Christian and spends most of her time in her hometown in Australia. There is very little information on public space about her life prior to being married to Julian McMahon. Information about her parents and relatives is also relatively scarce. She has very little Social Media footprints, making her background even more shrouded in secrecy. 

Family, Relationships, and Marriage

While little is known of Kelly Paniagua’s past relationships, her relationship with Julian McMahon took center stage for some time within Australian and American media.  After two failed marriages, Julian McMahon started dating Kelly Paniagua. The pair started dating in 2003, shortly after McMahon divorced American actress Brooke Burns. Kelly’s romantic affair with Julian McMahon lasted for ten years before the pair got engaged to each other. The engagement was a surprise. It happened aboard a flight to Paris and was planned by Julian McMahon and his Daughter, Madison.  They tied the knots about a year later, on July 1 of 2014. McMahon’s first marriage was to singer Dannii Minogue. The marriage lasted for a year and a half before both parties went separate ways. His second marriage to actress Brooke Burns collapsed within the first two years. It is believed the reason Kelly and McMahon dated for up to 11 years before exchanging vows was to forestall a repeat of previous failed marriages. The pair got married at Lake Tahoe, a beautiful lakeside area in California.

Julian McMahon’s first two marriages may have ended on a sad note, but it seems, third time’s the charm. His marriage to Kelly Paniagua is his longest. According to reports, Kelly and stepdaughter Madison get along quite well, and the pair vacation together alongside Julian McMahon. While talking about his marriage to Kelly Paniagua during media events, Julian McMahon has always painted a big of a blissfully happy family.

While Kelly doesn’t have a child for McMahon, McMahon’s daughter from his marriage to actress Brooke Burns, Madison McMahon, lives with them at their family home in Australia. Madison McMahon is 20 years old and plays beach volleyball. Kelly’s home is filled with pets, including four dogs, Koi fishes, birds, as well as a horse. 

Education and Career

There’s no information about Kelly’s college or university education in public space. Her husband dropped out while studying Law at the University of Sydney. He had no interest in his field of study and preferred dropping out to concentrate more on his acting career. He kick-started his acting career in Australia in an Australian Soap titled “Home and Away.” After a few roles in the Australian acting scene, he moved to the United States. He achieved much success in the U.S and started taking up major roles in big-budget movies and TV series.

He caught the attention of the Australian TV show audiences with his well-interpreted role as Soldier Ben Lucini in the “Home and Away.” He broke into the American acting scene through his role in the American TV show entitled “Another World.” He has earned praises for his roles in the Fantastic Four: The Rise of the Silver Surfer, Magenta ( 1996 ),  In Quiet Night ( 1998 ), and Chasing Sleep ( 2000 ). Julian McMahon has had a lucrative acting career, amassing a lot of wealth in the process. He is currently worth around $16 million. 

Kelly Paniagua, on the other hand, has had a modest career. She has been in the modeling industry for several years, creating a name for herself in the process. However, like most of her personal life, her exploits during her modeling career has generally been under the radar. There’s no information about major modeling deals she scored nor brands she has worked with. Fortunately, things aren’t the same regarding her writing career.  The 43-year-old is also an award-winning author. She wrote the multiple-award-winning children storybook — “Bedtime for Sarah Sullivan.”

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