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Gina Carano’s Husband – Kevin Ross Wiki (Bio, Age, Boyfriend, Net Worth) 

Gina Carano, who recently clocked 37 years of age, has gotten into a relationship with an American kickboxer, Kevin Ross. Kevin Ross took to his Instagram page to announce his relationship with Gina Carano, and they both are waxing strong in their relationship. Kevin Ross was initially a mixed martial artist before he joined the Muay Thai Kickboxing group.

Gina Carano’s Short Biography

On the 16th of April, 1982, Gina Carano was born of Gleen Carano and Dana Joy. She has two siblings, but she is the second of the three daughters their parents had. Her parents had a divorce, and she was solely brought up by her mother afterwards. 

Her mother is a native of the United States of America but of the Italian-American ethnicity. Gina is a famous actress and a media personality in the United States. She is also a fitness model and an ex-mixed martial artist while she was in Muay Thai and the women’s MMA. 

She also featured in a movie like “Deadpool” and also “Fast and Furious” season six


She schooled in Las Vegas, at the Trinity Christian High School. There, she won a state title with the school girls’ basketball team. After that, she furthered her education at the University of Nevada to study psychology.

Her Relationship with Kevin Ross

After keeping their relationship secret for six months, Kevin Ross made it public on his Instagram page. He claimed that he finally feels comfortable sharing with the public after six months into his relationship with Gina. Take a look at his post below;

“I’ve been contemplating if I should post this or not, as I wouldn’t post any information about my private life, but I can’t just keep this to myself any longer.”

He wrote further;

“A lot has been kept private for a while to avoid involving every other person, even though it is so obvious now that we are in a relationship. Therefore, I wish my beautiful angel @ginajcarano a happy 6-month anniversary. For those that aren’t aware, we were in a relationship for about four years, broke up for a decade thereabout, and then reconciled on a day which is the meant to be the 14th anniversary that we knew each other. Yeah, I know that’s emotional right? Gina isn’t even the only reason I’m where I am but also why I’m alive and walking around at the moment. She is my companion, my inspiration and my everything. All right, enough of the sweet words, let’s get back to our routine of face-punching and boxing. #claimed.”

These were just his words of a heartwarming or emotional post which he used to announce his relationship with Gina, with an attached picture of them kissing. This is just so cute.

The beginning of their Love Journey

The couple dated some years ago, according to Ross’s post on Instagram. He introduced her to kick-boxing; she played a 12-1-1 as a kickboxer before kick-starting her MMA career. She then went further to play a 7-1 in her successful MMA career.

After several years that Gina started kick-boxing and spending some time together, they began dating each other in 2009; since then, Gina hasn’t fought. Instead, she launched herself into a career in the movie industry. During that time, she got into a relationship with Henry Cahill, the celebrity featured in the “man of steel”. 

This was before she started dating Kevin ross though.

Her Previous Relationships

Before Gina Carano started dating Kevin Ross, she had previously been in a relationship with Henry Cavill in 2012. Her relationship with Henry came shortly after she ended her relationship with Ellen Whitaker, a showjumper. Everything seemed to be going fine between Gina and Henry as they were both enjoying each other and having some lovely times together. 

Suddenly, they broke up in 2013, and after a while, they seem to be back together. The duo was so occupied with their profession, and after a few years, there was news everywhere that the couple had broken up and gone their separate ways. However, no one knew the reason behind their break up.

In 2015, she fell in love with the kickboxer, Kevin Ross and currently, Gina Carano is engaged to the Muay Thai fighter, Kevin Ross. It has been about two years that they have been together. Although there is no evidence that points to her married life and children yet, we hope it lasts very much longer and leads to marriage between the two.

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