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Stephen Baldwin’s Wife – Kennya Baldwin Wiki (Bio, Age, Kids, Daughters, Net Worth)

Kennya Baldwin is the wife of the American actor who goes by the name Stephen Baldwin. Stephen is an extremely important member of his family (the Baldwin family), but there is actually not a whole lot that is known about his wife, Kennya. This is mainly in part due to the fact that she has chosen to keep her lifestyle very private and as out of the public eye as she possibly can. In fact, even though this Brazilian beauty is married to one of the bigger names in American cinema and most famous families, she has still managed to remain for the most part, obscure.

Being quite reserved by nature, you would be hard pressed to ever have seen or even heard about Kennya. All that is really known about Kennya, actually, is that she is the mother of the very talented model, Hailey Baldwin (see Hailey Baldwin Net Worth page). Aside from this, her only real claim to fame is that she is Stephen Baldwin’s wife, and has been so for just about 30 years.

Kennya Baldwin: The Early Years

Kennya was born on October 24, 1968. Her full name is Kennya Deodato Baldwin, and is best known for being the wife of the American actor, Stephen Baldwin. Her daughter, Eumir Deodato, is a very well-known and widely acclaimed composer in Brazil.

Despite coming from some famous origins in Brazil, Kennya does her best to try and be as private as a person as she can be, trying her hardest to keep her private life just that, private. Originally from Brazil, this is where she would live out her younger years, essentially be thrown into the lights of fame due to her father being extremely successful in the music industry down there.

Kennya would later decide that enough was enough, and make the move from Brazil to New York, where she would use her studies as a way to escape from everything and just get away. After moving to New York, she would start working on her education at the New York Preparatory School, eventually graduating in the year 1984. Once she had graduated from the New York Preparatory School, she would decide to enroll in Parsons School of Design. It is here that she would then pick up her degree in the field of graphics design.

Kennya Baldwin: Her Net Worth

Kennya Baldwin, who is now at the age of 51 years old, has been able to successfully follow her dreams in the field of graphic design. In fact, Kennya has been able to do so well in this field, that she has earned a net worth of around $300k. Now partner this with her husband’s acting career, who is estimated to be worth around $1,000,000, and you have a couple that has a combined net worth of between $1.3-1.5 million. Now you must keep In mind that these numbers are only estimates and their actual net worth may be more or less, this will give you a pretty good idea of what their net worth may be.

Kennya and Stephen’s Marriage: The Marriage That Has Lasted Decades

Kennya and Stephen would first meet while they were back in New York, oddly enough while at a subway station when she was still just a graphic designer. This encounter would take place in 1987 and is essentially going to be one of those ‘love at first sight’ type of stories.

After spending the next 3 years dating each other, Kennya and Stephen would eventually have their wedding, that happening in 1990. What comes next for the two is something that not many people can claim to have done, that being to have spent the next 30 years together with no plans of stopping anytime soon. As with every couple there are going to be some rough patches that will need to be worked through, they have always been able to find a way to continue the love that they share and keep moving forward. One of the main things that has caused them some rough times is of course, the finances. But no matter how many times a rough patch may have arisen in their 30-year-old marriage, it is their love for each other and their family that has helped them to stay strong together. Aside from 30 years of marriage, the two have also been blessed with two daughters of their own, both of them having an equally famous name as their parents.

Kennya’s Model Children

Nobody would ever argue with the fact that Kennya and Stephen Baldwin have made some very gorgeous daughters. Hailey and Alaia Baldwin, have both been able to carve out a niche for themselves in the very competitive fashion industry, both of them being very well-known models.

Kennya, although she is now currently well past her prime, has been able to maintain herself to the point where she still looks very young. In fact, since her daughters look very similar to how she does, whenever the three of them are in a picture together, you may think that they are actually sisters and not a mother with her daughters.

Hailey and Alaia are going to be no different from their mother, as they have been fortunate enough to inherit all of their mother’s features. Kennya stands in at 1.65 meters tall and has a very svelte figure that she was gracious enough to pass on to her daughters. It is because of this that they have had a much easier time breaking into the modeling industry and making their dreams of becoming professional models a reality.

While Alaia, who is only 26 years old, is still growing into her modeling career, her sister Hailey Baldwin has been able to take her modeling career to an all-new height. She has been found next to other top figures who include Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner, and many others as well. There is no telling where Kennya’s two daughter’s modeling careers are headed, but it sure is exciting to get to wait and see.

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