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“Big Ben” Ben Roethlisberger Wife – Ashley Harlan Wiki (Bio, Age, Net Worth, Height, Kids)

There are essentially only two different ways that you will ever become famous. Those are either by having an amazing career that brings you to the top of your respective field, or by getting married to somebody that is already famous. Sometimes you are out there actively seeking the fame you want, while other times you are famous because of fate. One of these such people is going to be Ashley Harlan.

In case you were unaware who Ashley Harlan is, she is actually the wife of the very well-known Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback, the very popular Ben Roethlisberger. If you take a second to think about it, you may find it funny that a professional football player ended up getting married to a physician.

While the entire story of living your regular, ordinary life and then one day having your circumstances completely changed when you decide to get married to somebody you love and just happens to be a very famous athlete, is simply mind-blowing, it can and does happen from time to time. Here is everything that you need to know about Ashley Harlan.

Ashley Harlan: The Early Years

Born on July 24, 1983, Ashley’s parents were extremely joyous when she arrived to them. Her father David Harlan, and her mother Jeannie Harlan, would also give Ashley a couple of brothers who are named Brent and Brandon. Ashely is currently a resident of Lawrence County, which is located in Pennsylvania. Since she was born in America, she is automatically considered a U.S. citizen. She is a Leo for her horoscope and falls under the classification of being a Caucasian as far as ethnicity is concerned.

Harlan would grow up with her mother, father and brothers in a very strict Christian family. While you may think that this would not be a good thing, you would be sadly mistaken. In fact, Ashley has attributed many of her values, beliefs and practices to her upbringing, saying that it has helped her become the woman that she is today. Since she was raised in a Christian family, she is very devoted to God, which has allowed her to feel liberated and give her the sense of a higher purpose that she can work towards achieving through helping other people.

Having received her education from her local high school, Laurel High School, she would then make the decision that she would continue her education at the St. Francis university. It is here that she would discover her love for helping other people, deciding to further her career in the Health Science field, eventually earning her Health Science degree.

Ashley Harlan: Age and Height

Being born in 1983, Ashley is only 36 years old as of today. What this means is that there are still many different paths that her life can go down. One of Ashley’s physical attributes that helped her attract the eye of her now husband, Ben Roethlisberger, is that she is actually going to be considered on the taller side for a woman. Harlan stands in at 5’10” tall, which helps to make her a great match for her husband, Ben, who just happens to be very tall himself. It is not known how much she weighs in at, but it can safely be assumed that Harlan does enjoy staying in shape and lives a healthy lifestyle.

Ashley’s actual body measurements are also not really known, as previously mentioned, she is very involved and cautious about her health and fitness, which can be seen through her very curvaceous figure. As if that weren’t’ enough, she is going to be extremely photogenic as well. Whenever she gets in front of a camera, her gorgeous looks will easily give just about any professional model a run for their money. With all of that being said, it is no wonder Ashley was able to attract the attention of one of the most prestigious quarterbacks in the history of the NFL.

Ashely Harlan’s Career

Throughout Ashley’s college career, she was a very avid sports-lover who not only enjoyed watching sports, but also enjoyed playing them as well. In fact, Harlan would actually go on to play volleyball, softball, and even basketball. With that being said, you may wonder how she made the switch to what would eventually become her full-time career, that being a physician?

Even though Harlan was the winner of the Class AA Championship that was sponsored by the WPIAL and even nominated as one of the All-Americans, Ashley would decide that she just loved having the ability to help other people. This natural instinct of nurturing others and committing to help them heal is exactly what drove her to begin studying in the field of medicine in the first place.

While there was one point in time where Ashley was serious about pursuing her career as a professional athlete, at the very same time, she was able to take a step back and contemplate what she wanted to do with her future. This is when she would have the change of heart to stop pursuing her professional athlete dreams and start following her new dream of becoming a physician (which is also referred to as a nurse). Being able to follow her new calling, Ashley now works as a physician assistant in a Pittsburgh hospital, that hospital being the Presbyterian Hospital.

Ashley Harlan’s Net Worth

It is estimated that Ashley has a total net worth of around $500k. While this may not sound like much in comparison to her husband’s net worth of roughly $100 million, it is not too shabby for getting to live your passion and help those who are in need of care.

While you may not have heard about Ashley Harlan in the past, the big takeaway here is that even though she is married to a very famous pro quarterback, she has still been able to follow her dreams to realize her own personal goals as well. Hopefully Ashley’s life continues to be as great as it is today.

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