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Eartha Kitt’s Daughter – Kitt McDonald Shapiro Wiki (Bio, Age, Family, Height, Net Worth)

Eartha Kitt has been in the world for years, and she is a famous actress. Bill McDonald is a business man who takes pride in his works.  However, what many people don’t realize about the two is that they had a daughter who has been getting more and more media attention as she gets older – Kitt McDonald. In this post, we’re going to talk about Kitt McDonald and the life of her mother, as well as her father to gain an understanding of the life of a celebrity child. Not only that, but many people are wondering about celebs and their families these days but are finding it harder and harder to find information on the internet about them.

Who is Kitt McDonald?

Kitt McDonald Sharpio is the daughter of actress Eartha Kitt, and Bill McDonald. Her mother is an African American and her father is white, which is nothing new these days. While Eartha Kitt was a victim of racism many times, her daughter happily speaks as an advocate for her late mother, whom she values as a very huge role model in her life even though she’s not there. Kitt unfortunately passed away in 2008 from colon cancer, but helped to promote racial equity in her daughter to be an advocate to stop racism – the actress dealt with the racial rejection by both black and white people all of her life, and still managed to be successful.

Racial Movements

It is well known that Eartha Kitt was a huge advocate to help fight racism, and in recent years, movements like “Black Lives Matter” – sparked by the Obama Administration, and the recent events that the death of George Floyd caused in 2020, helped to amplify.

Kitt McDonald shared in which the famous star (Eartha Kitt) quoted that she even had manure thrown at her to make her stronger – a sure sign that her mother endured physical, emotional, and racial abuse all the way down to her childhood.

She also faced ridicule from her mother because she was taught at an early age, that even though she may like it, she needs to be equal just like everything else in the world. For example, her mother told her once when she found a slug and wanted her to kill the slug, that even though she doesn’t necessarily like the creature, that it had every right to be alive on this planet and serve its purpose just like McDonald did.

Although Kitt McDonald Shapiro didn’t know much about her identity, she did know that she was a lighter skinned African American, so she assumed that her father was indeed white. Either way, she did discover that she wanted to fight racism for equality. 

Why Stars Like This are Crucial to the Times

In recent years, there are important reasons why stars should fight for racial safety and equality. In recent years, racism is still a very big thing on both fronts. With the tragedies that have occurred in recent years from both black on white crimes and vice versa, it’s even more prominent in the black community. Contrary to popular belief, there is more racial black on black crime and racism in the country than ever as well. Many celebrities have to fight for their race and be activist in the world to earn their right.

If you ask celebrities like Denzel Washington, Will Smith, and many others, you’ll find that every single one of them have had their hand dealing with racial injustice frequently throughout their lives. It’s not uncommon for people to stereotype others when it comes to their race – and this behavior is a poor etiquette behavioral problem in not only America, but also the world.

When it comes to white supremacy, this is wrong. However, it is also wrong for African There are also many organizations that in itself are African American only areas. But nonetheless, it’s important to note that many of the racial inequities of recent years are due to the past nature of how actors like Eartha Kitt were treated. It has been a long living issue on many planes. Until recent years, it wasn’t even acceptable for many people to have interracial relationships.


There isn’t a lot of information on Kitt McDonald, however what we do know, is that she’s been a prominent activist in terms of racial equality and professionalism. Her mother, the famous actress Eartha Kitt, has played a large and prominent role in the young woman’s life.

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