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Anthony Anderson’s Wife – Alvina Stewart Wiki (Bio, Age, Height, Net Worth, Kids, Family)

There aren’t very many celebrity marriages that can stand the test of time since high school. However, in the case of Anthony Anderson, this isn’t true. He has been married to his high school sweetheart for more than two decades (twenty five years to be exact), and his wife has a special place and name in his heart. As a matter of fact, the Black-ish star has let the public know that his wife is the Queen of his kingdom on many occasions. In this article, we’re going to talk a bit about the two of them, and about Anthony’s wife, Alvina Stewart herself.

Who is Alvina Stewart?

Stewart is a powerful woman who has had the pleasure of being married to the actor for 25 years, after she met him and the two dated in high school. She’s a mother of their two kids, Kyra and Nathon Anderson. What’s even cooler? The couple have been married since 1999!

Alvina Stewart is often seen with her husband, and while she has been constantly noted as one of the best dressed categories in numerous red carpet affairs discussed by magazines, she proves that she loves her husband – always taking care of him, and even supporting his endeavors even more since he was diagnosed with diabetes and had to start getting into shape more. More importantly, she also helps to inspire him as she is a fitness activist herself.

Where Are They From?

Anthony Anderson ended up growing up in a hard place – Compton as a matter of fact. He wanted to make sure that when he grew up that his kids never had to suffer the hardships that he had. And more importantly, both his wife and he have a strict but comfortable lifestyle that allows them to balance everything for their children and themselves. They always like to make sure that they spend enough time doing school duties, as well as make sure that their children and everyone in the house does chores and charity work for their community.

What About Their Personal Life?

While many couples have no problem being in the public limelight, despite the relationship between the two, and Alvina filing for their divorce helped make the couple’s personal lives get media attention. Aside from this, the couple had been living very private personal lives, and there wasn’t much to their public views. However, despite the couple being separated since 201, they ended up getting back together – something that many couples don’t get the opportunity to do in the celebrity world. In 2017, they made their rekindled romance public again and even went to the SAG Awards together. They then ended up turning heads the following year when Anthony ended up fixing his Queen’s shoe on the red carpet event the following year.

Why the Separation?

While it may seem unorthodox, the couple ended up confessing why they ended up getting a divorce once they were back together. He spoke that one of their friends told him that after a divorce, that they’d have a better life together in bed. He didn’t believe this, and even had no problem admitting that his wife was the woman of his dreams and his “best ever” lover all of his life. Turns out, this didn’t end up keeping them together, but they ended up continuing to be together afterwards. 

It’s unknown if this is the reason why his wife ended up filing for the divorce and separating or not. As a matter of fact, the media was extremely shocked to know that the couple had been separated for an entire year.

Is She Active on Social Media?

Believe if or not, Anderson’s wife and he live an extremely private and personal life outside of the public eye. As a matter of fact, she even has an Instagram account – but she only has 200 followers, and her account is set to private so only her closest friends, acquaintances and family can view it. 


Alvina Stewart, the wife of Anthony Anderson, is a very big fan of his work, and a good fanatic when it comes to workout fitness as well as the personal life that she and her husband share. She is a devoted wife and mother of his two kids, and although the couple has had its share of ups and downs, Alvina and Anthony have proven that even high school sweethearts in the celebrity world can endure over the tests of time that a couple is thrown.

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