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David Visentin’s Wife – Krista Visentin Wiki (Bio, Age, Family, Kids)

Ontario born Krista Visentin is a well-established career woman who has ventured into the real estate sector for years as an agent. Years of hard work and diligence in her work in a male-dominated career seems to have been nothing short of rewarding.

Krista Visentin has amassed a net worth of approximately one million U.S dollars, which in my opinion, is very impressive. More than a decade ago, she came into the limelight after her marriage to the renowned television show host, David Visentin.

Early childhood and education

There is barely any information out there regarding the details of her early childhood, including how she spent it, her parents’ names, and the schools she attended if she furthered her education, and also if so, information of her alma mater is unknown.

It is understandably so as Krista was brought up in a relatively quiet life away from the media and public scrutiny her current life has accorded her, owing to her husband’s field of work.


Krista Visentin ventured into the real estate sector as an agent. The real estate industry, like any other, has its good and bad. It is often not the career of choice for many women due to various ill-founded stereotypes. However, over the years, most of these stereotypes continue being phased out.

Krista Visentin’s work entails aiding and offering prospective property owners advice on purchasing, renting, or leasing properties. Existing property owners are also not exempt from employing a real estate agent’s services to acquire real estate expert advice.  

Krista immersed herself in this work for years until she met the love of her life, David Visentin.

Marriage and family life with David Visentin

After a reasonable dating and courtship period, Krista tied nuptial knots to her longtime lover, David. The two got wedded in a beautiful and intimate wedding ceremony. Their wedding took place over a decade ago on 7th October 2006.

The couple resided in Cobourg town in Ontario, and some five years later, the little family of two increased to three on their firstborn son’s birth. They named him Logan. Their little sunshine was born on 30th March 2011.

Their marriage has genuinely stood the test of time. However, as is the norm in many marriages, the couple faced several challenges along the way. David’s extraordinary hosting abilities got well complimented by the equally talented co-host, Hillary Farr, on the television talk show, Love It or List It.

The two portrayed such great chemistry, energy, and charisma together. David and Hillary’s seeming closeness and fondness of each other led fans to raise their eyebrows. This saw the development of various allegations as later, word on the street claimed that David was having an affair with his co-host, Hillary Farr. 

However, David was quick to address the unverified stories going around stating that he is a man of integrity who maintains a healthy professional relationship with his colleagues and holds great value and respect for his family.

Krista and David managed to move past that bumpy period and continued to enjoy their marriage and journey into parenthood together. Krista and her husband are a happy couple who seemingly enjoy every bit of each other’s company.

Krista’s husband; David Visentin

David Visentin is quite popular in the Canadian show business industry. He has single-handedly made a name for himself in the television show hosting and film making industry. Alongside acting, David also explored other business ventures, such as in the real estate sector as a middle man.

Before fully venturing into the Canadian entertainment industry, David followed in his father’s footsteps to pursue a career in the real estate sector. He worked under Country Living Realty for a significant number of years. Then later shifted careers to acting, which had always been a passion of his.

The half Scottish-half Italian Canadian actor was born on 28th June 1965 in Ontario’s capital city to parents of undisclosed identities. Krista’s husband has featured in many television series including, Love It or List It, The Marilyn Denis Show, Brother vs. Brother, This Hour has 22 Minutes, The Today Show, among others.

Like his wife, he has also undoubtedly accumulated a satisfying net worth. However, his assessed net worth value remains undisclosed.

Final words

Unlike her beloved spouse, she prefers to lead a more private life. Over the years, Krista has managed to keep most of her private life under wraps. She is mostly seen in public on most occasions while accompanying David to award show events.

Krista Visentin is a well-accomplished career and family woman as both her marriage and career continue to flourish. She has achieved much and continues to do the same in a male-dominated career.

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