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Violet Summers Wiki (Bio, Age, Family, OnlyFans, Measurements, Boyfriend)

Standing at 5′2″ is Violet Summers, a small-framed model known worldwide as an Instagram model and an adult entertainer. The young lady was born on November 28th, 1999, and so far, she has done well for herself, attracting different endorsements as she continues to grow her social media following. This social media star is famous, but there are few details concerning her personal life. From the information gathered, here is what we know about the model:


Violet summers is a Texas-raised girl who is currently living in Phoenix, Arizona.  The young lady began her career at the tender age of 17 as she explored who she was inside. She wanted to understand her sexuality by touring the US, and she brought her fans along for the experience on her online platforms.

Violet is synonymous with risqué photos with lingerie and other dainty clothes. The adult entertainer came to the public eye through Instagram; now, she has a following of over 10million, and her fan base is growing daily.

Violet was a highschool cheerleader, and she has always been confident in her skin from a young age. Her cheerleading experience must have taught her how to act naturally, even with many people watching. Throughout her career, she has had the chance to work with different recognized brands like Penthouse. 

 It must have gone well because they called her back and made her the Penthouse Pet for April 2020. The cover broadened her worldwide exposure boosting her following on social media because as of October 2020, her following grew from 8million to the 10+ million that it is now.

Family and Social Life

Violet Summers had a normal upbringing as her mother together her grandparents raised her. It appears that she is from a Christian background because her mother frequently asks if she maintains her faith in God. The Instagram model has two sisters and a brother that she is very close to. She says that siblings are God-given best friends, so she loves to spend time with them. 

She revealed that instead of her family looking down on what she does for work, they completely support her. Any backlash that she received when she began her career died down, and she felt stronger knowing that her family has her back.

Apart from loving her family, Violet has an array of other things she is interested in. For one, she is an animal lover with a pet dog. Violet not only loves dogs but through her Instagram pages, you see her admiring cats, birds, and other animals. Violet’s dog is a French bulldog that she drives around with while running her errands.

Another pass time for the model is traveling; she loves to travel to different places and experience new things or people. She has several posts where she is traversing the different states, having fun, and catching sunsets. She also enjoys attending concerts with her friends, and her Instagram stories reveal she likes music from the Lone Sound Ranger and Bryce Vine.

Violet is a girly girl, but she still has some tomboy in her; you can spot her in heels or sneakers, depending on the occasion. She loves dressing up and shopping for outfits. It is interesting to know that the model is obsessed with mermaid-inspired accessories and clothing.

The Gym, Skating, and Sneakers.

When you look at Violet Summers, she has a well-toned body, but she also loves to eat. Before the pandemic, Violet would hit the gym regularly to keep fit.  She posts these videos on her social media to inspire her followers to get fit. She hasn’t been to the gym due to COVID restrictions, but she has plans to go back since the gyms have re-opened recently.

We do not know if the model skated as a young child, but she seems to have picked up the hobby as an adult. She often switches her skating boards, and she admits that she needs to practice her skating tricks without hurting herself.

One of the things that Violet is known for is her sneaker game. At first, the model rocked flats and flip-flops before switching up her style. She wanted to change her look, so she went scrolling through Instagram and Pinterest for inspiration. It was while seeking inspiration that she came across Alexis Ren.

Alexis Ren is a popular model with over 14 million Instagram followers; she has a unique style that Violet emulated by integrating sneakers into her wardrobe. Just like that- Violet found her go-to look. She has invested in sneakers from high-end brands like the Air Jordans, Yeezys, Louis Vuitton, and others. Currently, she owes more than 110 pairs of sneakers, and she is still adding more.

It is possible that in the future, she will get endorsements from these shoe companies as she can reach a broad audience using her social media platforms.

Where to Find Her

Violet Summers has a huge social media presence; you can find her on Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok. She is an active social media user; hence you can keep up with her daily life and see her upcoming projects. Overall, she has over 480K Twitter followers, 10million+ Instagram followers, and 180K+ followers on TikTok.

Alternatively, she has a Nudiez account that you can access at a fee to view her content that is too racy for the social media accounts stated above. She has collaborations with fellow adult entertainers like Toochi Kash, who has over 5millon followers on Instagram.


Violet Summers is a force to be reckoned with, and she is still in her early 20’s. With the recognition that she received so far, it is evident that she will do more incredible things in the future. She is more than determined to make her brand known worldwide and in the adult entertainment industry. 

She is beautiful, focused, and with such a personality, she will attract more people to her socials. It is good that she got noticed by the world so young, because who knows? We might be looking at the making of a legend.

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