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Actress Laura Sohn Wiki (Bio, Age, Net Worth, Family, Kids, Height, Agent Alina Park on Blacklist)

Have you watched The Blacklist? The 2013 TV series featured some of the greatest actors and actresses in the entertainment industry and a new member of the Task Force is Agent Alina Park who is played by Laura Sohn. One such personality is Laura Sohn, who has graced our screens and entertained us in other interesting shows.

Besides The Blacklist, you may also know Laura for her 2014 NCIS New Orleans or 2018’s Instinct roles. The talented actress lives in America’s California (San Francisco), and fans have raised questions about her life and personal details. In this article, we are going to look into some of the available details.

Laura Sohn lives a private life. She takes after actresses who prefer to keep most of their details behind closed curtains. In that case, we do not know much about her early and current life. We see Laura on the screen and have plenty to say about her career.

Nevertheless, every actor’s and actress’s portrayed personalities in the shows they are acting for do not always tell about their actual characters; they are merely following a script and have to bring out what they have to deliver depth in their acted personalities.

Personal Information

Despite her privacy, we know something about what Laura likes and would spend her free time doing. She loves singing and performs well at alto; she also enjoys swimming and bike riding. Perhaps her interest in shooting handguns has propelled Laura to her roles in the shows she features.

Besides speaking fluent Korean, we also know that Laura owns an NJ driver’s license. She likes to run and probably spends substantial time exercising. Yoga is one of her calming activities, which Laura seems to be emotionally and physically invested in.

While she may have developed a varied preference, Laura Sohn is a non-vegetarian. She is 5’4” in height and weighs an average of 54 kg; her hobbies include but are not limited to traveling, learning (which happens in many ways), photography, and reading. 

Laura’s mysterious life and striking appearance lead us to speculate about the possibility of her dating life. However, she has not made public appearances with any individual as either her boyfriend or lover. Therefore, information about her love life remains private. 

Early Life and Education

Outside entertainment, we know very little. Laura Stella Sohn was born in the United States’ Los Angeles on August 1, 1993. This year’s August (2021), she will turn 28 years old. She had a private early life not brought out by her stardom or rise to success in the film industry. Later, her family moved to California’s San Francisco.

Her parentage is in the dark, as is information about her siblings. While Laura grew up to make a name for herself and perform to her fans’ awe and love, her family remained a secret, and no information has since surfaced about how close she is to them.

Laura’s steps into the screen were not imprinted in an educational background that we can say anything about. As so, we do not know where she acquired her education; her early school and later college are not known to the public.

Many people may, at this point, wonder how she made it to where she is. Laura Sohn attended Rutgers University, Mason Gross School of the Arts. There, she acquired the knowledge and skills that would lead her through her career life.


Like some of the most successful actresses, Laura built her career upon humble beginnings; she was first a model. She also performed theatrical plays, which further boosted her acting skills. Over time, the showbiz industry grew in her, and Laura took a plunge into the big screens, which would transform her life.

Laura Sohn made her break in acting with 2016’s The Vampire legend, in which she played the role of Fang Wang. Her performance opened more doors; besides her roles in various other projects, Laura rose on with the mystery series, Instinct.

Her next role in NCIS: New Orleans changed more for the growing actress; nonetheless, she rooted her place and won more hearts with the television series, The Blacklist, in which she acted as an FBI agent, Alina Park. 

Net Worth

Laura Sohn’s successful career has amassed substantial wealth for her. She is a new face in the showbiz industry; nevertheless, her fans’ performances and growing fame have seen her acquire well up to $500,000 in net worth. 

We can estimate her salary to $10,000 and her yearly earnings to $120,000. She now lives in New York and yet pursues modeling, besides her acting.

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