Violet Rain

Violet Rain Wiki (Bio, Age, Real Name, Death, Family, Kids)

Violet Rain is an American whose name is renowned in the audiovisual industry (AV). She had made great strides in the industry before she died in 2019. A lot of facts about her life are shrouded in mystery. Such include her family life, social life, and educational background and qualifications. 

Violet Rain remains among the famous people who interestingly are famous and manage to have details about their lives unknown.

Personal and Social Life

Violet Rain was born in Arizona’s capital, Phoenix, on 2 July 1999. She died on 15 March 2019, four months before turning 20, in Los Angeles, California. Although she is famous, most details of her life remain unknown to the public. 

Just like most of the information on her life, the one about her family is not available on the internet. No details are accessible on her parents, siblings, or any extended family member. She was not married, had no kids; there is no mention of a boyfriend or lover.

No social media handles of her exist. There is barely any information on Violet’s friends or her social life. Where Violet was born and died is crystal clear, yet it is vague where she lived. 

Education and Career

It is not public knowledge where Violet got her education and qualifications for her career in acting and modeling. There is nothing on her elementary, high school, or college education. Despite this, she has the tag as fantastic in these roles. 

Violet Rain was an American actress who rose to stardom after her television shows in the AV industry. It is unknown at what stage Violet started to feature as an actor or model. Some consider her as one of the best actresses and models to grace the American entertainment industry. She acted and modeled until the time of her death. 

Personal Information

When Miss Rain was not working, she amused herself in various ways. On top of this list are; modeling, traveling, internet surfing, reading, and photography.  

Just like everyone in the limelight, Violet Rain aroused a lot of curiosity from people about various aspects of her life. Her search trend on Google spiked higher on the graph in the period between 8- 11 April. There are frequent questions asked about her on the internet. 

They revolve around her personal, family, and social life; hobbies, skills, social media handles, income, and dating life. Unfortunately, because there is so little about Violet on the internet, the curiosity of those who express interest in her is rarely ever satisfied. 

Violet was non-vegetarian, and she loved pets. Her favorite color was black; she drank alcohol, smoked, and enjoyed driving. Her shoe size was 4. Violet had an average height of 5 inches and 4 feet. She was brown-eyed with black hair. She weighed 94.8 pounds and worked out hard at the gym to maintain this.

Net Worth 

Violet’s annual earning was 2 million dollars. At the time of her demise, her net worth was 1.5 million dollars in estimation. She got most of her money from her career as an actress. While her life and growth were cut short, she had managed to make a name for herself.

Final Word 

Violet Rain was an accomplished actor and model of her time. She died young, cutting short her career in the audiovisual industry. There is minimal information on various aspects of her life. She is no doubt one of the most secretive actresses who ever lived. Trying to get information on her out is like trying to find your way out of a maze. Although she is dead, her legend lives on.

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