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Matt Damon’s Wife – Luciana Bozán Barroso Wiki (Bio, Age, Kids, Family, Net Worth, Height)

Some people believe that luck plays a major role in our everyday lives. So whatever happens to a man, it is as a result of luck or fate. However, could this be so in the case of Matt Damon and Luciana Barroso?

Luciana Bozan Barroso got married to Matt Damon 15 years ago, already had four kids, and still waxing stronger in their relationship. The duo is deeply in love, the relationship they share also reflects in their career. Moreover, Matt Damon thinks he is so lucky to have got a wife like Luciana.

Matt Damon, who is known for his starring role in “Good Will Hunting”, and also known for his humanity, hits the home run always whenever he appears on the screen. His wife, Luciana, was previously married to Arbello Barroso, but divorced and then got married to Matt. Here is some information about how Matt and Luciana knew each other below.

The two first met at a bar in 2003. Then, Matt came to Miami for a movie shoot titled “Stuck On You”. Matt then visited a bar where Luciana happened to work. Just as the title of the movie, Matt got stuck on Luciana from that moment.

In a dialogue with Ellen DeGeneres, Matt claimed that the movie was initially proposed to be shot in Hawaii, but was later changed to Miami. He claimed that he was dragged by the crew members to go take some beer that night. Everything happened by chance, he concluded.

However, we could say that was ‘love at first sight’ for Damon, but Luciana had another way to narrate her side of the love story. One Saturday evening, she was at work in Miami when some guys came to the bar she was working. He claimed to see me across the hall, but yeah, there were lights everywhere.

Those were the words of Luciana Barroso when she had some dialogue with Vogue Australia. She went further to say that she and Matt had some conversation for a few minutes of which Matt invited her for a party that same night. However, Luciana refused to honor the invitation because she has a child.

To her surprise, despite her being a mother, Matt still accepted her and the two started having a nice time together. They soon fell in love and dated for about two years. In September 2005, the two got engaged, courted for a few months before getting officially married that same year.

Her Low-key Wedding Ceremony with Matt

Matt and Luciana both decided to have a low-key wedding in Miami. They wanted to keep their relationship and other personal affairs a private thing. However, as soon as the information about their wedding got leaked to the public, they decided to have their wedding ceremony in New York instead.

So, the wedding took place at the New York’s City Hall where the two made their vows and said: “I Do”. They got married on the 9th of December, 2005 and at that time, Luciana had conceived. She was already three months pregnant, and that would be their first baby together.

Currently, the couple has three children together. The couple and the children, including their step-sister (from Luciana’s previous marriage), are living a successful family life. This family is a perfect example that every other celebrity in Hollywood should learn from.

Her Renewal of Vow with Matt

Indeed, this couple may not be a model to some, but these two are just perfect for each other. Unlike many people, the couple renewed their marriage vows. In April 2013, almost a decade after their marriage, the couple made their vow renewal at the Caribbean Island, St. Lucia.

The vow renewal ceremony was a big and luxurious one which was graced by many high-profile dignitaries. These dignitaries include Chelsea Clinton, Jimmy Kimmel, Chris Hemsworth, Ben Affleck, and Stanley Tucci among others. The vow renewal ceremony was held for three days, and for these three days, Matt hosted their guests at the whole Sugar Beach resort which he rented specially for this occasion.

The Ceremony as a whole was handled by a wedding planner named Bryan Rafanelli, according to US Weekly. At this vow renewal ceremony, Matt was dressed in tan suits and flip-flops while Luciana was dressed in a cream gown, using a sequined waist belt. The ceremony was a great one for all guests present as they were thrilled with the funny sides of Luciana which many do not know.

After they had said their vows for the second time, Luciana then further said in her vow speech; 

“Following the side of the bed which leads to the bathroom regardless of wherever we are”.

A lot of people were amused at this statement. However, she ended her statement emotionally, saying;

“To be a good mother to our beautiful kids, and regardless of what may happen, to continue be by your side, loving you with all I have”. Everyone was moved.

This ceremony was the first they would actually make public from the time of their marriage. They wanted everyone to be partakers of their joy, and they magnificently did just that.

Her Early Life History

Luciana’s father was an Insurance representative and her mother was a housekeeper. Luciana was born on the 31st of July, 1976 in Argentina. Shortly after this, her parents got divorced. She was brought up by her grandparents, who took proper care of her while growing up. She wouldn’t even feel the absence of her parents.

Although she is of an argentine background, she also understands the Italian language as her grandparents are Italian. Right from her childhood, she always wanted to study arts and literature. As a result of her interest, she enrolled at a neighborhood college to study art; she then graduated from the college.

However, she diverted to being an air hostess even though she had studied arts in college.

Her Former Relationship with Arbello Barroso

It’s about 15 years that Luciana has been married to Matt, and it’s been as if they have been together from their childhood. However, Luciana has been previously married to Arbello Barroso (usually called Arby) before she met Matt Damon. They have also been together for a while, had a kid who is named Alexia, and was adopted by Matt, Luciana’s new husband.

The ex-couple lived well together before things turned sour between them and later both agreed to call it quit. They officially got divorced in 2004; however, Luciana still kept to bearing his name “Barroso” even after she got married to Matt Damon. However, in December 2014, Arbello Barroso told Star Magazine that he is cool with the relationship between his ex-wife and Matt Damon.

His statement read as follows;

“We all have a great relationship. Some people want me to say something about them while some even offered me some cash. I might need cash but will never sell them out. Matt Damon is such an amazing stepfather to Alexia; Luciana is also a wonderful mother. No one else could have been a better stepdad to Alexia”

She switched her Role to a Bartender to Care for her Daughter

Luciana did her very possible best to keep her personal life and many other things about her private. Among these things is her career and according to the information gathered, it is known that she has started working from her childhood days to cater to her needs. She began work as an air hostess for some time.

However, she stopped her former job and started another job. She later started working with Crowbar in Miami, Florida as a bartender. According to her, she took up this job role so she could cater for herself and her daughter from her first marriage. She also claimed that she took up the acting role after she got married to Matt Damon.

She was featured in the TV show titled “Extra and Entertainment Tonight”. However, today, she doesn’t want to appear on screens or in public, she just wants to take care of her husband and her kids. She doesn’t have an interest in featuring in anything that has to do with the entertainment industry. She just wants to live a private life with her family.

Her Kids

Luciana and Matt’s marriage has lasted more than a decade and they have got three kids. Their first daughter was born on the 11th of June, 2006 in Miami.  The couple was so full of joy, and the baby was named Isabella Damon.

Then, about two years later, Luciana conceived and gave birth to Zavala Gia Damon. Zavala Gia Damon was born on the 20th of August, 2008. About two years later, the duo became parents to their third daughter together, Stella Damon, who was born on the 20th of October, 2010.

Damon also adopted Alexia Barroso, Luciana’s daughter from her previous relationship. The family usually goes on vacation together to enjoy themselves and spend time with each other. Of recent, the family was seen in Byron Bay in Australia, having a nice time at the beach.

Her relationship with Matt Damon

Some sources suggest that Luciana may be experiencing some marital challenges with her husband Matt Damon. However, due to rumors of Matt’s good friend, Ben Affleck’s relationship issues, some people think both Matt and Luciana have divided thoughts about the situation. Ben Affleck hasn’t been treating his wife well, leading to separate thoughts from Matt and Luciana, making people think the couple is also divided.

However, the tabloids claim that the duo undergo secret couple’s therapy to prevent break up and presently, their relationship is in good shape.

The Secret to Her Long-lasting Relationship with Damon

Many people believe that their privacy has been the key to their long-lasting love life. All kudos to Luciana who does her possible best to keep her personal life and her family away from the media limelight. Matt also acknowledged this, especially as he told Esquire in an interview in 2013, he said;

“I was lucky to marry a civilian who did her very possible best to keep things private. Not a famous personality or an actress – because this set of people attract attention to themselves exponentially”. He also said that he doesn’t give out information to the media even though they may want to lure him to talk. However, he always gives them the story of an average married man with four kids.

Furthermore, Matt revealed in an interview with Your Tango in 2013 that another secret to their long-life love life is because they have been maintaining the two-week rule. He explained that he and his wife both agreed not to be apart for more than two weeks.

He said;

“What I feel is that you need to be with the love of your life for as much as possible. I love my wife, she is my soul mate and I like to be with her always”.

The couple always put their family first before any other thing. When issues arise, they attend to the family first. The family bond increase more among Matt, Luciana, and the kids. In 2019, Matt tattooed the names of his kids on his arm beside his wife’s name.

Her Net Worth

Luciana had previously worked as an air hostess and also a bartender. She may have also made some cash from her career. However, her exact worth is not known, especially as she is now married to a rich husband and she lives an extravagant life.

However, her husband, Matt Damon is known to be worth about $170 million which he may have acquired from his acting career. This net worth is confirmed as of 2019.

Social Media

Luciana Barroso doesn’t want to appear in the media limelight. She tries her best to keep her private life away from the media. Therefore, Luciana isn’t found officially on any social media account.

However, her fans have created numerous accounts on her behalf on Facebook and Instagram, but these are not her official accounts. Yet her fans also wish to follow her on social media. The only way Luciana appears on social media is by appearing on red carpets whenever she goes to red carpet events with her husband.

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