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Stephen Hawking’s Daughter – Lucy Hawking Wiki (Bio, Age, Family, Kids, Net Worth, William Smith)

Lucy Hawkings is the daughter of world-renowned physicist Stephen Hawkins, and She was born on the 2nd of November 1970 in London, England. She has two siblings, Timothy and Robert Hawking, and grew up in Cambridge. She is an English educator, philanthropist, novelist, and journalist. Her parents are writer Jane Hawkins and scientist Stephen Hawkins. Beyond just being Stephen Hawkins’ daughter, she acted as his caretaker after being affected by motor neuron disease. She works with the New York magazine and is famous for this reason. She is also renowned because of the books she has published with Stephen Hawkins. These books explain science to young people.

Early Life and Education

Lucy was born in London and resides in London currently. Her ethnicity is English. However, her nationality is American. 

As a novelist, Lucy has always been Interested in journalisms and science. Additionally, she has shown a lot of interest in learning new languages. 

Lucy studied French and Russian language at Oxford University. While still in the University, she visited Moscow a couple of times as it helped her give her studies attention. She did not stop at that. When she was done with her university education, she went to the London City University, where she read International Journalism.  

While still attending the City University of London, Lucy made up her mind that she would not have a career in journalism. Nonetheless, she considered it an avenue to start a career as a writer. Lucy had an environment that made it easy for her to thrive in her profession. Her mother is a journalist, while her father was a scientist. Therefore, she did not struggle as she followed in the steps of her parents.

About Her Career

After her university education, Lucy spent some time working as a reporter. She began working with New York magazines at the beginning of her career. She also worked with The Telegraph and the Daily Mail. She did this while also working as a radio journalist. 

Although she worked as a journalist at the time, she was really interested in becoming a published author. That is not all. She works as a novelist and has published a couple of novels. Some of them are Jaded and Run for Your Life. She has also published other writings, one of which she titled ‘George’s Secret Key to the Universe’. This was published in 2007. She did not write this book alone. She co-wrote it with her father and Stephen Galfard, a Ph.D. student at the time. So far, the book ‘George’s Secret Key to the Universe’ has been interpreted into more than 30 languages and published in over 40 countries.

Lucy Hawkings got an appointment as a writer-in-residence of Arizona State University’s 2011 Origins Project. Prior to this appointment, she was chosen as the vice president of ‘National Star College.’

In the course of her career as an author, Lucy has had quite a number of achievements. One of the biggest came in 2015 when she, alongside Curved House Kids, a British publishing house, got funding from the UK Space Agency. This funding was basically targeted at creating an educational project. This project was to serve as astronaut Tim Peaker’s educational movement

With this funding, Lucy and Curved House Kids were able to come up with Principia Space Diary. Although Lucy worked with Curved House Kids on this project, this publishing house was actually represented by Kristen Harrison. There was also input from Professor Peter MacOwan. After this book was published, it got a nomination for a Sir Arthur Clarke Award.  Also, it was able to reach more than 60,000 students.

Hawkins has written lots of books and articles, and they are all focused on science. Although Lucy was not always interested in science, she became interested in the subject when her son’s friend asked her father a question concerning black holes at a party. 

Recognition and Awards

Lucy was part of a lecture series organized by NASA in April 2018. This lecture series took place during NASA’s 50th birthday. She gave a talk about children and science. In her talk, she made it known that getting children engaged in science early is important for their development. She was able to make this point due to frequent tours with George’s Secret Key and talking to children bout astronomy and physics.

Her recognition did not end here. She received a Sapio Prize for making science popular around the world. The Sapio Prize is an Italian award that was introduced to creative researchers.

Lucy was at the BrainSTEM Your Future is Now festival in 2013. 

That’s not all. Lucy was also honored at the Amsterdam News Educational Foundation in June 2017.

How much is Lucy Hawkins Worth?

Lucy Hawkins is undoubtedly a successful professional and has earned a fair amount of money from the books she has published and from her work as a journalist. Nonetheless, there are no details of her estimated net worth. This is perhaps because she is a very private person.

Body Measurements

Lucy is 5 feet 4 inches, has blue eye color, and is blonde. Also, she weighs 60kg. Apart from these, such things as her dress size and shoe size have been kept very private.

Is She on Social Media?

As a journalist in this generation, Lucy is active on social media. Although not much is known about her Facebook account, her activities on Twitter and Instagram are glaring. On Twitter, she has over 2.9k followers. Also, her followers on Instagram are over 2116.

Lucy Hawkins’ Love Life

Lucy Hawkings is currently divorced. In 1998, she got married to Alex Mackenzie Smith. However, this marriage ended in 2004. Before coming to an end, Lucy’s marriage to Alex produced one child named William Mackenzie. Apart from her marriage and divorce, there are no other details concerning her love life.

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