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Harrison Ford’s Son – Malcolm Ford Wiki (Bio, Age, Height, Net Worth, Family)

Generally, genes are inherited from parents. This has no doubt been the case with talented people passing down some talents to their offspring. However, this type of people need to be hardworking also as working hard towards their talents will aid their talents.

This is just the scenario with a great actor and Hollywood Legend and his wife. Harrison Ford and Melissa Mathison had a son, Malcolm, who is talented with a beautiful voice. He has worked hard towards developing his talent and has successfully created a brand for himself. 

Therefore, let’s examine Malcolm Ford, the son of Harrison Ford, and his historical background.

His Early Life

Harrison Ford, Malcolm’s father had two wives, and Malcolm was the first child of Harrison’s second wife, Melissa Mathison. His first wife, Mary Marquardt, gave birth to two sons, while the second wife, Melissa, gave birth to a son and a daughter. Malcolm Ford being the first son of the second wife is born on the 3rd of October, 1987 while his sister was born on the 30th of June, 1990.

However, Harrison Ford is a celebrity that always wants to keep his things private for as much as possible. He also tried hard to keep his kids very much away from the media interest. So, there’s not much information revealed about the early childhood life of Malcolm Ford. However, the only information known is that Malcolm apparently attended a random school in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

How He Coped With His Parents’ Divorce

Melissa Mathison and Harrison Ford got married on the 14th of March 1983 and lived together for 17 years before getting divorced in August 2001. Then, on the 6th of January, 2004, their divorce was finalized and Melissa received about $118 million from the divorce proceedings. They also had an agreement of sharing any future proceedings he might make from the movies they have both made while still married. 

These movies include “The Fugitive” and “Witness”. Melissa was also paid for child support till the children grew up to 21 years of age. All these years, Malcolm was still a teenager and these times were tough for him.

As a result, he got himself into drug dealings and was subsequently taken to the rehabilitation facility where he was taken through family therapy. He then gradually wants to start living life afresh and soon got over addiction. All along this recovery phase, he developed a passion for music.

A New Life with Music

Many would be affected by Divorce, but Malcolm, after he had experienced his parent’s divorce which led to addiction for him, began focusing more on music. He also dropped out of college as a result of this. However, he met with Jack Bryne in 2008, which both had a common interest.

Jack Bryne is the son of the popular actor and actress, Gabriel Bryne and Ellen Barkin. They lived in New York and then, Jack Bryne was still in high school. So, apart from Blues music, the two had a common interest in Call of Duty and Marijuana. It is no doubt that Malcolm learned guitar from Jack in return for Marijuana.

Starting Up a Band

The bond between Malcolm and Jack became more profound and they both decided to start a band. And in 2008, they started up a band named “The Dough Rollers” which started as a two-piece band. The band grew in numbers as they introduced a new singer, Julia Tepper to the band.

Julia Tepper advised the guys to explore new genres of music as it will help increase their music prospect. The band eventually released an album in 2010 which features 10 tracks spread out over different musical genres. After the release of this album, Julia Tepper left the Band.

A year later, the band then released its second album in 2011, and it was titled “Someday Baby” which featured 12 tracks. Later on, the band secured the services of a drummer and a bassist, Kyle Olsen and Josh Barocas. The band moved on, accomplishing more successes with Malcolm being the lead singer and backing up on guitar, Jack also supporting with his voice and guitar.

Later on, the band signed a deal with Jack White’s “Third Man Records” record label. In 2014, the “Gone Baby Gone” album was released under this record label. The band has since then gained prominence and fans through their performance on different shows.

The band also featured popular artists through its years. These artists include Billy Idol, John Mellencamp, Bob Dylan, and Queen of Stone Age.

Malcolm’s Mother Death

During the rise of Malcolm’s music career, he received the sad news of his mother’s death on the 4th of November 2015. Melissa Mathison battled neuroendocrine cancer for a long time before she died at 65 years of age in Los Angeles. Malcolm’s mother was so dear to him and so, he was shattered by the news.

His Relationship Status

Just like Harrison, Malcolm also loves to keep things about his personal life private. The only time his relationship came to the limelight was when he was seen on a date with Jessica Stam, who was a Canadian Model, in 2008. Jessica Stam was part of a group of models named “Doll Faces” and was one of the top earners in the model industry during this time.

The two broke up after a few months and there has been no information about Malcolm’s relationship life.

Personal Life Breakthrough

Malcolm likes tattoos and has tattoos all over his arm – both small and big, this depicts his personality though. He also featured in a short documentary titled “water to Wine”, where he showed that he is a snowboarder. Harrison Ford was also featured in a movie titled “Jethro the Bus driver” in his honor.

His Siblings

Apart from his two half-brothers and his sister, Malcolm also has a brother adopted from his father’s third marriage. Benjamin Ford who is the eldest of his two half-brothers was born on the 22nd of September, 1966, and works at a filling station in Los Angeles. Willard Ford, the second eldest half-brother, was born on the 14th of May 1969 and owns a boxing and sports gym in Los Angeles.

Georgia Ford who is Malcolm’s Biological sister, born on 30th of June, 1990, is pursuing her career in the acting profession and has featured in a couple of movies. Lastly, Liam, the adopted son from Malcolm’s third marriage with Calista Flockhart was born on the 1st of January, 2001. After Liam’s marriage, he joined the Ford Clan.

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