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Julia Roberts Daughter – Hazel Patricia Moder Wiki (Bio, Age, Twins, Net Worth, Family)

Hazel Moder is the first daughter of Julia Roberts. Julia Roberts is a popular American actress who has been in the movie industry for about three decades. In 1989, she starred and gained international recognition in the “Steel Magnolias” movie where she played the character of a young bride diagnosed with diabetes.

Other movies in which she, alongside Richard Gere, starred include “Pretty women” in which she was nicknamed America’s Sweetheart. This role coupled with her romantic relationship with the cameraman Daniel Moder brought her to the media limelight. She is married to Daniel Moder and they have three kids together.

However, just as many celebrities would do, she also likes to keep her things private. She wouldn’t want to share her personal life with the public. She wouldn’t share pictures of their kids on social media as she wants them to concentrate on their normal lives.

Nonetheless, fans would want to know everything about their favorite celebrities, which is why we have brought you some information about one of her children, Hazel Moder. Stay tuned.

Hazel Was Born Through IVF

Generally, fans expect a more charming and pictorial lifestyle from celebrities than they do from a non-celebrity. This often makes fans ignore the fact that celebrities are also human and may be facing one problem or the other. The fans only expect a perfect life from their favorite stars.

Superstar Julia Roberts made waves in the movie industry, creating ripples of successes in her career. She is also enjoying her love life with her husband, Daniel Moder. However, she had problems getting pregnant.

She had to go through In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) before she could get pregnant. This was revealed when the couple was spotted visiting a fertility facility in Manhattan. After nine weeks, the duo announced that they would be giving birth to twins; a boy and a girl, which further raised speculations that the couple was facing fertility issues. 

On the 28th of November, 2004, the couple delivered their babies, Hazel Patricia Moder and Phinnaeus ‘Finn’ Walter Moder in Los Angeles, California. The couple was so full of joy to receive such blessings, especially as they had a delay in getting pregnant. Her promoter, however, denied the allegations that the couple had fertility issues. 

However, Hazel and her brother grew up in California with their parents and after three years, the family welcomed a new baby boy, Henry.

Hazel Featured in Julia Robert’s Comedy Show

Daniel and Julia have always believed in raising their children privately and away from the media. They believed that it would help the kids grow up in a natural environment, avoid any disturbance, and also protect the family. Therefore, we can’t tell much about Hazel’s early childhood days.

But some sources claim that she schooled at “Our Lady of Mercy” in Los Angeles. Also, since she comes from a family of actors, she might have picked up an interest in acting. Julia welcomes the idea of her taking up the acting profession and will enroll her into acting classes as soon as she chooses acting as a profession.

Furthermore, Hazel and her brothers had featured in their mother’s romantic comedy titled “Mother’s Day” which was produced in 2016.

The Upbringing of Hazel and her Siblings

Children of world celebrities could be brought up in a different lifestyle than regular kids. However, some celebrities also allow their children to be brought up in the same lifestyle a random kid would have lived. They may raise their kids with intensive and proper training.

Julia Roberts wouldn’t allow her kids to live extravagantly. She trained them to live independently, rather than spoiling them. In one of her interviews, Julia claimed that she trains her kids to make their beds, make meals, and even do some laundry.

Julia has always been honest about how she has been raising her kids, even in the more advanced technological world that we are. She claims that it has been challenging for her. She monitors what the kids watch on the TV, and also has restricted Hazel and her brothers on their exposure to social media.

However, Julia claimed that she usually has an honest conversation with her kids. She also claimed that they have the freedom to say their opinions in family meetings. However, Julia wouldn’t completely inhibit her kids from benefitting from her career.

Even though she doesn’t want her kids to be so exposed, she travels with them to new film locations whenever her job calls. As a result, the kids have been exposed to different cultures since their early days.

Julia Kept Some Special letters For Hazel

Julia Roberts has disclosed in one of her interviews that she has some letters for her daughter. These letters are love letters she received from her husband, Daniel Moder. Julia claimed that she plans to show her daughter all of these letters sometime later.

Regarding the letters, she said: 

“I received a box from a friend some time ago, and on the inside is written ‘love letters from Danny’. This is where I have stored all the letters and notes that I have received from my husband in the last decade. I will be glad to hand it over to my daughter when she is grown. This is a very good way to know more about your parent.”

Hazel Owns Julia’s Collection of Historic Red carpet Dresses

Asides from these, Julia has also reserved a pile of clothes for her daughter. According to an interview she had with the People Magazine in 2017, she claimed that she has been keeping all of her iconic dresses which she has worn in red carpet events in a little space in her home. Daniel refers to this space as the “heritage collection”. 

“So, I keep the clothes there for my daughter to wear if and whenever she wishes to wear them. They are things I can’t let go of, so I keep them all for Hazel.”

These dresses include a white and black Valentino gown. She wore this gown to the Oscar Award ceremony where she won the award for the best actress for her role in the biographical movie title “Erin Brockovich” which was produced in the year 2000.

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