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OJ Simpson’s First Wife – Marguerite L. Whitley Wiki (Bio, Age, Marriage, Now)

There have been years of controversy surrounding football celebrity OJ Simpson and his life with his wife (and her boyfriend) who were brutally murdered in the 1990s. However, many people don’t know a lot about his first wife, Marguerite Whitley. OJ’s first wife has come a long way since her days with the NFL superstar, and literally almost all of it is thanks to her own hard work and determination. However, not a lot of people know about Marguerite or even that OJ was married before – since the Nicole Simpson trials, it appears that his first marriage is out of the question and never gets any media attention. But who is Marguerite Whitley? We’ll get into that in this article, and hopefully be able to provide you with some high quality information that you may not have known about the football star’s ex-wife.

The Biography of the Life of Marguerite Whitley

Whitley was born in LA, CA on the day of the 20th of March back in 1949. She is known for being the first woman who married OJ Simpson, who made heads spin with the court cases surrounding the media regarding his second ex-wife’s murder.

How Much is Whitley Worth?

Many would think that she had riches from her marriage, but when she divorced simpson, she only got 26,000 dollars as well as approximately $1.5k in child support for their children. Most of her success though is from her own business, which has given her a net worth that’s more than 250,000 U.S. Dollars. More on that later.

Marguerite Whitley’s Life and Success

Being a black woman in LA was nothing new, but she went a step above and beyond the bar when she attended the USC (the University of South California) during the time that Simpson was going to school there. She was dating someone, but her and OJ hit it off when they met at a party. Oj Simpson ended up giving Whitley a ride home, and they began talking. While they knew each other as acquaintances, they didn’t really get to know each other well until that night.

She began dating Simpson in 1967 and ended up only being together for three months before he asked her to marry him. Nobody really knew about Simpson other than his college football career. After she graduated college though, she worked for the Walmart retail chain store, and worked hard to maintain a decent living.

When Simpson was starting to gain popularity after he joined the NFL, she ended up possibly benefiting from some of his wealth, and even became the primary heir to her family’s company

Family Life Before Their Divorce

The couple ended up marrying OJ Simpson and eventually, she ended up getting a divorce in 1992. She is one of the people who ended up stating that he was an abusive husband during the OJ Simpson murder trials as a witness who testified against him when his abusive nature was questioned.

Either way, she did have three kids during her marriage with OJ Simpson, and unfortunately, their youngest child ended up drowning in the family pool when they were just two years old. They still stuck through it, and ended up lasting twelve hard years. Unfortunately, Simpson’s romance with Nicole Brown ended up causing their problems, and then Whitley met her second husband, Rudolph Lewis – although this was short lived. Later on though, she ended up meeting Anthony Thomas, who sold custom furniture in the area, and they ended up getting married in 1992 – and have been together for 28 years to this day. They are still together and happily married.

Biographical Data

Name: Marguerite Whitley

Age: 71 Years Old

Ethnicity: African American

Known For: Marriage to OJ Simpson, and her family business career.

Place of Birth: Los Angeles, California

Net Worth: $250,000 primarily from her business career.

Marital Status: Married for 28 years and going strong.


Despite the relationship that was endured during her life with OJ Simpson, Marguerite Whitley ended up being successful in her own right during and after her marriage to Simpson. It’s not easy for any parent to endure a divorce, let alone losing a child, and Marguerite is proof that even with terrible tragedies like this, that love can still prevail, and that life is worth living – and ultimately that one can still achieve success and happiness despite a hurtful past with someone. While it’s unknown what else she does for a living other than her job in her own family business, Marguerite Whitley has definitely ended up putting up with hardships and continued to prosper despite difficulties of life.

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