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Luka Doncic’s Mother – Mirjam Poterbin Wiki (Bio, Age, Model)

A few years ago, there was a famous NBA MVP, the one and only Kevin Durant, gave an amazing speech in which he thanked her for everything she had ever done to help him and his brother get where they were today. This speech left everyone reeling, and even had people calling their mothers afterwards. However, he wasn’t the only person that gave a speech to thank his mom. He also wasn’t the one who ended up having a mom that was a true superhero. He is Luka Concic, and his mother was the true MVP superhero for raising him to be a great basketball player. This article isn’t necessarily about the basketball star, but his mother, Mirjam Poterbin.

Who Was Luka Doncic’s Mom?

Her name is Mirjam Poterban, and she had Doncic with Sasa Doncic in Slovenia in 1999. Unfortunately, she divorced her husband and gained custody of the basketball star. It was around this time that Doncic ended up showing that he would do great at basketball when it came to being a prodigy. From the very start, she was supportive of his hopes and goals, and ended up giving him everything that he needed to pursue his dreams in basketball.

In an interview with EuroHoops, she ended up pointing out that while she was supportive, all that mattered to her was seeing her son happy and help him pursue his dreams, no matter what that dream was. She never worried about whether he would make it big – as long as he was happy with what he was doing.

Her Relationship with Her Son Has Made Waves

When Luka was just a 13-year old boy, she ended up moving to Madrid in Spain, and let her son join the Real Madrid basketball club. While he was the “new kid”, she wanted him to be happy as always. It was when she ended up letting him go even though she didn’t really want him to.

Sasa Doncic Was Also a Pro

Mirjam’s father was also a pro basketball player, and this rubbed off onto Luka at a young age. As a boy, his father used to take him to his professional games where he played with his team in Ljubljana. He let Luka clean up after and during games, and this is supposedly where Luka ended up developing his passion.

The Divorce

Even though Luka’s mother and father ended up getting divorced when Luka was just entering teenage years, he still wanted to pursue his dreams. That takes a lot for a single mother to allow her son to pursue this, since it was something that her ex-husband did. Poterbin, a former model in the country, admitted that during the time that her son was starting his basketball dream career and training himself to be a pro, it wasn’t easy. She also stated in an interview with Sports Illustrated that she cried a lot during the three years that her son was in Spain, and that she ended up going there every single weekend just to spend time with her son.

She didn’t know how far how he would make it, but she was completely satisfied that he was playing basketball – as this was something that he loved. She is also the one that Dallas was probably his only team that he was going to be in when it came to joining the National Basketball Association.

She Explained that Luka Was Hyperactive

In an interview, Poterbin ended up talking about how her son had a naughty streak because he was always hyperactive. He didn’t like to do his chores during the week, and ended up often getting in trouble to the point that she ended up having to take away his basketball training time and other basketball-related punishments in order to get him to do them


In the world of NBA star Luka Doncic, who carries his father’s last name with pride, it’s his mother that actually seemed to spark his career past the point of watching him pursue the dream that his father once had. She was one of the best single parents because of everything that she was always sacrificing for him on a regular basis, and because she helped to get him to where he is today.

Some famous basketball players seem to let things get to their head when their career starts to take off, but this isn’t true for Luka. As a matter of fact, he always keeps mind of his roots, and where he came from – as well as is grateful that his mother was so understanding.

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