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Who is Mariah Carey’s Mother & Father?  Where Did Her Parents Come From?

Mariah Carey is one of the top singers in the world. She is known for her sonorous voice and ability to sing in five octaves. Her five-octave vocal range has gathered her some recognition and her heartwarming music has gained her more followers all over the world. 

However, this great talent faced a lot of challenges while she was much younger. She, being the youngest child, watched his parents filed for divorce while she three years of age. The divorce between her parents led to racial abuse for them, as the two came from a different ethnic backgrounds.

Stay tuned to know more about Maria Carey, her family background, the impact of her parent’s divorce on her career, and many more.

Her Biography – A Tumultuous Childhood

Mariah Carey was born on the 27th of March, 1970. Her father, Alfred Roy Carey, is of Venezuelan African American origin, while her mother, Patricia is an Irish American. Alfred and Patricia got divorced when Mariah and her sister, Allison were still young.

Allison was 11 years old while Mariah was only three years of age when their parents got divorced. Patricia said in an interview that it was difficult for them to get a place to stay because people were hostile to them. so, they were living as a white and black couple because people didn’t want them.

However, after their divorce, Patricia took custody of Maria, and they lived in New York. Allison on the other hand went with her father and lived in Long Island. The racial discrimination they received also backlashed on the kids.

Mariah faced a lot of challenges for being a product of different races, yet living among the whites. When asked by Radar, Mariah said that she faced many challenges that people who haven’t been through the same wouldn’t understand.

“When I was a kid, I have been in some intense situations that people who were born with a silver spoon might not understand, and to cap it all, coming from a different background makes it more complicated”. 

Over and over again, Mariah has narrated the personal struggles she passed through, of which she felt disconnected from people. At a point, she felt like they were stuck because they were incapacitated to move away from where they lived.

Her Mother’s Influence

In an unofficial biography titled ‘Mariah revisited’ by Nickon, he narrated the impact Patricio had on Mariah. They both had the mother-to-daughter close bond and Patricio would always encourage and support her in her aspirations. Both the mother and the daughter came together to sing a popular song from her album, “O Come All Ye faithful”.

This song is one of the hit songs from the album “Merry Christmas II You” which was released in 2010. Incidentally, Patricio is a former Mezzo-Soprano and a retired vocal coach. So, it’s no coincidence that Mariah is a Soprano singer and also has a five-octave vocal range – she must have benefitted from her mother.

Fortunately, Patricia is now a grandmother as Mariah is a mother of two, Moroccan and Monroe, a twin born to Nick Cannon. The twins are ten years of age. However, Mariah is now divorced from Nick cannon.

Just like Patricio, Mariah is also a single mother but shares the kids’ responsibility with Nick Cannon. She described being a single parent as a challenging situation. She claimed that since she became a single parent, she doesn’t have the free will to do whatever she likes.

However, Mariah Carey believes that she is training her kids in the proper and right way. She said in an interview that she is cognizant of the fact that the kids need to grow up just as normal human beings. They have to be given the fundamental treatment.

She is also aware that they may begin to feel the pressure from circumstances, and so she is careful of how she deals with them. 

“It’s about how they feel at the end of the day when they go to bed at night”, she concluded.

She also made mention of the impact of the kids’ father, Nick cannon, in the lives of the kids. When asked if Nick performs his fatherly roles for these kids, she replied that he is forever a part of the kids’ lives. However, Mariah Carey doesn’t look like what she has been through; she is doing well to raise her two kids.

Final Wrap

Mariah Carey may have been a recipient of divorce; however, her parents were also divorced. She experienced various challenges just for being a product of an interracial couple. Her father is Venezuelan African American while her mother is Irish American. 

However, despite the struggles she faced during her childhood days, coupled with the fact that she is no longer with her husband, she is doing well to raise the kids.

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