Marie Osmond Plastic Surgery

Has Marie Osmond Had Plastic Surgery or Face Lift?

Marie Osmond is well known in the entertainment industry. She has been in the showbiz business since her childhood. She is the only daughter of the Osmond family. The Osmond family is popularly known for its Osmond Family of Theatre Entertainers brand.

There have been rumors making rounds on the internet about her. Rumors have it that she had plastic surgery. However, she has come out to clarify the situation and claimed that she didn’t go through plastic surgery.

She claimed that she has only had a tightening laser operation and that this operation only has permanent effects. She also claimed that it entails pacified feel on the body and lesser stress. She also added that she has nothing to say concerning those that went through plastic surgery as long as they are contented doing it.

She Lost Weight at Some Point

Some time ago, Marie Osmond had struggled with some weight loss issues. She partook in a popular TV reality show known as ‘Dancing with the Stars’. During this period, she reportedly lost about 23kg in this competition. At a point, she started the Nutrisystem diet and was made the face of Nutrisystem.

After placing herself on the Nutrisystem diet for two years, Marie Osmond reportedly lost about 20kg in two years. However, Marie claimed that she used to weigh 75kg

Rumors about Her

Generally, fans are always observant of whatever a celebrity goes through, either physically or emotionally. Hence, they create all sorts of stories from what they observe about the celebrities irrespective of what they are going through. This has been the case with Marie Osmond and her admirable beauty despite her age.

Marie Osmond still looks very “attractive and beautiful” despite spending more than 50 years already in the entertainment industry. Some plastic surgery experts have suggested that she has undergone plastic surgery and that is why she still looks so attractive at her age. There are also rumors that she might have gone further to have gone through eyelid surgery and eyebrow lift.

This is a step further on the familiar procedures among Hollywood top celebrities who use Botox and fillers. Another rumor has it that Marie could have once gone through lip filler, cheek filler, a mini facelift, and some operations on her nose. However, Marie Osmond has responded to these speculations.

She has claimed that she only had a tightening laser treatment, and it only has a long-term effect and no piercing.

A Happy and Healthy Lifestyle

Marie Osmond has claimed that her active and attractive look is a result of her high-energy performances with her brother in Las Vegas. She claimed that she used to perform for five nights a week with Donny who is her brother, and that has kept her in good body shape. She also claimed that her healthy style of living also contributes to it.

She doesn’t take alcohol and caffeine. She also doesn’t smoke. She only takes lots of water every day.

She also claimed that her eight children, grandchildren, and her husband, whom she just got reunited with, are also a source of joy for her. She had previously divorced her husband, but they both got back together in 2011.

Final Words

It’s no news that entertainment and young age are two simultaneous entities. Youths tend to have more audience in the entertainment industry. Also, a youthful appearance will earn you more roles and appearances and of course, more years in the entertainment industry.

Also, when celebrities age, they either age graciously or otherwise. To avoid aging badly, the majority of them seek the services of a plastic surgeon. Marie has been in the entertainment industry since her childhood days and is not willing to get old any time soon. She wouldn’t also want to let go of the skills and knowledge she had gained over the years.

Currently, she works as one of the TV hosts on CBS alongside Eve and Sharon Osbourne. She boasts 262k followers on Instagram.

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