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Connie Chung and Maury Povich’s Son – Matthew Jay Povich Wiki (Bio, Age, Net Worth)

If you know of Maurice Richard Povich and his wife Connie Chung, you would know that the couple is a big deal in American journalism history. Maurice and his wife were into journalism for a good number of decades.

Despite Maury and Connie’s popularity and wealth, this beautiful couple has managed to lead a quiet family life; kept away from the media’s ‘eyes’.

Their reason for living this may not be fully understood, but we have put together some cool facts that might interest you about the star family.

Matthew Jay’s Early Life

Matthew Jay Povich’s Date of birth is currently unknown to the public, just like his birth parents’ real identity. His dark curly hair and black pigmented iris’ already gave him off as a European but right after Maurice adopted him he became an American by nationality.

Maurice and Connie adopted Matthew on June 19th, 1995 some few years after discovering that Connie could not take in.

After Matthew was adopted, the couple had no other children, but Matthew had two stepsisters, Susan Povich and Amy Joyce, aged 53 and 57. They are the daughters of Maurice Povich; born to him by Phyllis Minkoff his first wife.

It would be pointless to ask if Matthew had an enjoyable childhood because we are fully convinced that any child brought up by such a millionaire class family would have suffered no want.

Matthew’s Career

Matthew is now an associate professor of physics and astronomy, and he works at The California State Polytechnic University located at Pomona.

Matthew’s Love Life

Matthew has not shared any information about his personal love life. So, as at now, we cannot say whether he is single, gay, married, dating etc.

However, reports show Matthew as a family-oriented young man who loves both his stepsisters and his parents.

Net Worth

Matthew Jay Povich is worth over a million USD. He attained this feat due to giftings from his millionaire parents.

Maurice Jay Povich, Matthew’s Father

Maurice Jay was married to Phyllis Minkoff  his  first wife for 17 years, and the union was blessed with two daughters before they were divorced in 1979.

Maurice Jay is currently 81 years old. After spending sixty years of his life within journalism’s corridors, he retired about twenty years ago 1991 specifically into his renowned self-instituted show,’ The Maury Povich Show.’

Maurice made his debut in 1980 in the show titled,’ People Are Talking’, and after that, he appeared numerous times on different shows aimed at informing the public, some of which include,’ Saturday Night Live, Hour Magazine, The Pat Sajak Show and The Arsenio Hall Show.

Aside from his legacy in journalism which has earned him a good portion of his millions, Maurice is also very famous for ‘The Maury Povich Show’ that was later rebranded ‘Maury’ in 1998.

In his show named ‘Maury’, a host of prevailing societal matters are investigated, and recent pieces of information are made available to the public. Some of the issues discussed in Mauray include; paternity tests, teen pregnancies, lie detector testing, bullying, sexual infidelities, domestic violence e.t.c

And even after the shows are concluded, Maurice still contacts and checks on the participants. As at August 2020 Matthew’s Dad, Maurice Povich was worth over 80 million USD.

Connie Chang, Matthew’s Mother

Connie Chang was born on August 20th 1946 into a Chinese family. Her father Long Chung who was at the time a Chinese National intelligence officer, relocated the family to Washington DC after Connie was born

Connie was the last born of ten children, and she lost five of her sisters to the war which happened at that time in China. After the family moved to America, Connie attended Montgomery Blair High School and the University of Maryland where she became a certified journalist.

To begin her journalism career, she debuted in ‘ ABC World News Tonight with David Muir’. She worked for networks such as; NBC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC and ABC. Before she was removed in 1995, Connie Chung was the second female co-anchor of the CBS News.

Some of her journalism projects include; ‘ Eye to Eye with Connie Chung’, American Almanac, The Arsenio Hall Show, Rosie O’ Donnell Show, 20/20, ABC 20000: The Millennium e.t.c

The journalist Star interviewed Gary Condit, Magic Johnson, Claus von Bulow and many other tycoons during her career. Besides journalism, Connie was also an actress. She acted in ‘House of Cards’, ‘Murphy Brown’ and ‘Fresh Off the Boat.’

Recently on the Washington Post, Connie mentioned that she was sexually harassed many years ago. Despite this sad fact, Connie still has hundreds of followers on Twitter. Connie Chung is worth over 15 million USD.

Marriage of His Parents

Matthew’s parents wedded in 1984 after seven years of dating. They have been married for over thirty-four years, and together they have nurtured Matthew, their adopted son to manhood.

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