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Morris Chestnut’s Son – Grant Chestnut Wiki (Bio, Age, Kids, Family)

When the name Grant Chestnut is mentioned, it quickly reminds people of his dad, Morris Chestnut, a famous movie star. At the age of 23, even though Grant is not yet at the prime of his career, he has already succeeded in making a name for himself. 

Grant is currently on his way to becoming a giant in the media space, riding on the wings of his dad’s achievement and with both parent’s support.  If you wish to learn more about Grant Chestnut, his family, career, etc., keep reading.

Grant Chestnut’s Background

The families of popular movie actor Morris Chestnut and Pam Byseis, a full-time stay-at-home mother, were blessed with a handsome son Grant Chestnut in 1997, in the Californian city of Cerritos. This means Grant is 23years old as of 2020.

Grant was born a year after his sister Paige Chestnut was born. Paige works as a professional model who represented Issacs Newton’s designer brand at the LA Fashion week in 2017.

An Academic Sage

Grant Chestnut has an impressive academic record. He is currently a graduate of the University of Colorado. He earned his degree in 2019 after developing his advertising skill.

During his time in college, Grant came among the top four during the P&G CEO Challenge, thanks to his problem solving and business skill. The CEO challenge was an international challenge that saw different bright minds from around the world participate. The finals of the event took place in Dubai.

Before the global outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, Grant worked for the EF Educational Tours as an international sales coordinator. He took up the job to boost his rising portfolio. 

Grant Chestnut’s Dad

The name Morris Chestnut is a household name in the American movie industry. He made his first movie appearance in 1991, where he played Ricky Barker’s role in a movie titled Boyz n the Hood. It didn’t take Morris a long time to make his way into the heart of movie fans due to his acting prowess.

Since his first movie appearance, some of his other famous works include The Best Man, The Fugitive, Scenes of the Crime, Kick-Ass 2, Under Siege 2: Dark Territory, Breakin’ All the Rules, and a lot more.

He has also featured in TV works like Being Mary Jane, Goliath, Rosewood, The Enemy With, and many more. Currently, he has been playing the role of Dr. Barrett in The Resident. This he has been doing since 2019.

Grant Chestnut Parent’s Union

Morris and Pam, Grant’s parents, have continued to inspire many young people due to their successful marriage, which took place in 1995 and has continued to wax stronger ever since. Even though their children are all grown now, the parents still hand out like newly wedded couples. Their love is desirable.

The parents first got to meet each other in a club in Atlanta, after which they developed a friendship that has not culminated into a marriage.

Grant’s Relationship with his Morris

Although this is not very common these days, Grant has a very good relationship with his dad, Morris. They have, on several occasions, been seen together at public events and even on social media.

Grant’s Made an Emotional Post on Father’s Day

Grant made a very emotional post about his dad on Father’s Day. This reflects the mutual respect and good relationship between the father and son. In the post, he pointed out that he couldn’t have gotten where he was without his dad’s help and support. He appreciated his dad for the kind of life he has given him and that he couldn’t have asked for more. He ended by saying a Thank You!

Grant Chestnut’s Girlfriend

Although Grant is good looking, intelligent, and the type of guy most ladies would love to marry, there is no record of him ever being in any relationship. He seems to be enjoying his singleness now and remains unperturbed. However, he is often found in the company of his female friends. He was recently spotted at the Aspen Snowmass Ski Resort with his girlfriends, including Alex Pesce. 

Grant Chestnuts Social Media

Grant is not so much into social media, but he is very active on Facebook. On several occasions, he uploads pictures with family members and whenever he hoes hanging out with friends. We can’t tell the reason behind his preference for Facebook, but we are sure he has good reasons.

Grant is Into Fitness

Grant has continued to show interest in his physical fitness for many years now. As of May 2019, he posted some pictures of him working out inside the gym, and he has been recording progress in this pursuit, evident in his looks. He captioned the photos by sending a thank you message to everybody who had encouraged or inspired him to start the fitness journey. 

He added a happy Father’s Day message for his dad, where he thanked him for his love, support, and sacrifice to give him all that he could ever need in life. He is indeed a very grateful soul, and the type of son any father would be proud of.

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