Melina Gallo Rzeznik

John Rzeznik’s Wife – Melina Gallo Wiki (Bio, Age, Kids, Daughter)

John Rzeznik is very well known in America because of his music. He is also a producer and also a songwriter. And he married Melina Andrea Gallo who is her second wife. She was born and brought up American. Johnny met Melina in the year 2005 in a record store. Johnny had earlier married Laurie and stayed with her for 10 years. But in these 10 years, they did not have any kids. Finally, Johnny married Melina at Calamigos Ranch, which is in California. Melina Gallo Rzeznik had decided to leave Johnny in the year 2014. Johnny was a drug addict and an alcoholic, so before his marriage with Melina, he visited various rehabilitation centers to deal with his problems of drug and alcohol addiction.

Going to the Rehab 

One of the biggest reasons to leave Johnny was because he was still drinking alcohol. And this had created problems in their relationship. So, this urged Johnny to take the decision to get into some other rehabilitation program. And during this time, when he was into rehabilitation for 3 months, he was very much supported by Melina and also his family members. He was able to become completely sober in the year 2015. Later, Melina moved with her husband and her mother into the home in New Jersey.

Blessed with Baby Girl 

Then, they thought that it would be better if they started their family. It will also help them to make their bond stronger. In the year 2016, Johnny and Melina were blessed with a baby girl. And they kept her name, Liliana Melina. Melina has helped Johnny in many ways by encouraging him to stop his addiction to alcohol. They loved parties and during those times Melina politely took her husband out of the party before he was tempted to get addicted again or drink alcohol.

Johnny’s Struggle with Alcohol 

Apart from that Johnny is a very humble guy and at his parties, he was never embarrassed to serve drinks to his chums and other guests. He believes that this is one of the great ways of dealing with the addiction to alcohol. And whatever alcohol remained after the party they gave it to their guests as a gift. Plus, they have a strict rule in their home and i.e. that they don’t keep any alcohol at home. This has greatly helped Johnny to get rid of his addiction to alcohol. There is also an alcohol abstinence app on his mobile phone which encourages him more to leave alcohol.

Melina’s Interview & Johnny’s Decision 

Last year in April, Melina turned 44. And she had an interview in which she stated that she is very attached to her husband Johnny and her daughter. She also stated that Johnny is very happy about their daughter and she has also helped him further to become a better man in life. Plus, he is so concerned about his actions and before taking any action he ponders on how his actions would make her daughter feel. He always wants his daughter should feel proud of him. And he always wants to be a guiding light in his daughters and Melina’s life.

Traveling with Johnny 

Johnny’s father was also a musician. He is also known to be the creator of the rock melody Goo Goo Dolls. There are many good songs that Johnny has written till date. Melina is not a singer. But there is also another singer with the same name who has posted many songs on YouTube. Many times Melina accompanies Johnny on several tours. This helps both Melina and her daughter to enjoy the tour and do the site seeing. Johnny always found it difficult to write songs, like it took time.

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