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Peter Strzok’s Wife – Melissa Hodgman Wiki (Bio, Age, Net Worth, Height, Children)

Melissa Hodgman is the wife of Peter Strzok, a renowned counter-terrorism agent who worked at the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). Melissa, like her husband, is also a very successful career-minded woman. Her major life events are covered below. 

Early life

The American based heroine was born in Pennsylvania on the 2nd of February 1968, making her a  52-year-old woman today. Before she became Mrs. Peter twenty-seven years ago, Melissa was Ann McIntyre and Brian W. Hodgman’s daughter. 

Very little is known about Melissa’s father, but her mother, Ann McIntyre, was a humanist and a 

writer who had two other kids (Laura and Christopher) beside Melissa. Ann was a very devoted mother; hence she brought up her kids very responsibly. And exactly eleven years ago, Melissa’s mother, Ann, passed on.


After some years of 

meticulous study at Georgetown University, Melissa obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Foreign and International Studies. Fifteen years ago, from the same college, she also received her Masters Certificate in Law with A’s in Securities and financial regulations.


Before she rose to stardom as we know it today, Melissa had to work in the ‘backstage’ as a Milbank, McCloy, and Tweed associate at some point in her life. 

Then fifteen years ago, that is in 2008 to be precise. Melissa became the Attorney for the Enforcement Division of the United States. 

  • As if this wasn’t enough, only four years later, her thorough and innovative work took her to the post she currently holds as the Assistant Director of the American Securities and Exchange Commission. 

Not minding her handsome salary, Melissa has continued to 

  • be true to her office and execute fairness in her job according to her official powers’ dictates. She has also ensured fair judgments while properly looking into several fraud cases.
  • Her Net Worth
  • Melissa’s net worth is not available to the public currently, and a major factor contributing to this situation is that Melissa is not a user of any social media handle. Although taking a cue from her pay, it wouldn’t be wrong to say ‘this woman is in real money.’ 
  • Physical Appearance
  • The 52-year-old Director is a beauty to behold even at her age. Her facial features are simply stunning. She has bright and charming brown eyes and silky white skin. She weighs sixty-five kg, and she is of an average height of 5 feet 7 inches.


Besides her handsome paycheck, Melissa has also received amazing awards of recognition and commendation like The SEC Chairman’s Award and The Ellen B. Ross Awards.

Her Philanthropic Projects

  • From the records that have been documented by Georgetown University, it was shown that in 2012 alone, Melissa Hodgman and her husband Peter Strzok gave over 5,000 US Dollars to the school’s development.
  • Melissa’s Husband and her Family
  • Melissa and her husband
  • have been married for more than twenty years now. Specifically, they were wedded in 1994. However, they had been lovers long before that time during their days at the higher institution. Melissa and her husband have been together for so long, and their case is truly another clear indication that true love possesses a strength that stands the test of time.
  • Like her mother before her, Melissa is now a happy mother of three healthy children. Eighteen years ago, Melissa and 
  • her husband bought a spacious home in Fairfax Virginia, where her lovely family currently resides.
  • Besides her kids and official responsibilities, Melissa has never fallen short in her loyalty and 

love for her husband. She has stood by Peter through the ups and downs he faced in his personal and work-life. Melissa’s Husband and Challenges he has Faced

We are sure that Peter is one man who can attest that a loyal and committed wife is an asset. This is because, despite all he had gone through in the past thirty years of their marriage, Melissa had been by him to support and encourage him all the way.

  • At a time, Peter Strzok was accused of having an illegal sexual relationship with Lisa Page, the attorney of 
  • Andrew McCabe, the FBI’s Deputy Director. The challenge here wasn’t even the illegal affair but that the  Deputy Director was Clinton’s cohort.
  • After the Republican contestant, Donald Trump won the 2016 presidential elections. The FBI set up an investigative team to inspect Trump’s campaign team and determine whether Trump’s campaign team worked with Russians to ‘steal’ Clinton’s victory.
  • However, when the 

Department of Justice’s inspector general found some messages exchanged between Lisa Page and Peter Strzok, Melissa’s husband, the investigations changed direction. And this was because the messages were critical of Trump in Clinton’s campaign seasons.  Although Peter denied that the messages influenced the investigations, he was still let go by Robert Muller’s investigative team.

This incident terminated his 22-year-old career with the Federal Bureau of investigation.

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