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Dan Bongino’s Wife – Paula Andrea Bongino Wiki (Bio, Age, Children, Net Worth, Nationality, Height)

Paula Andrea is married to popular commentator Daniel Bongino, who also serves as an author, and host of a radio show. What’s more, he is former candidate to the congressional party, and formerly worked with the secret service.

Daniel Bongino is a famous supporter of the US President Donald J.Trump and hosts the Don Bongino podcast show. He has ventured into politics a couple of times and ran for Congress three different times.

The first time was in 2012, then he ran again in 2014, and finally in 2016. However, the three attempts weren’t successful.

In this article, you will learn more details about the wife of Daniel Bongino, Paula Andrea Bongino.

Her Place of Birth

Although the life Paula lived before gaining popularity from her marriage to Daniel John Bongino is not available in the public domain because of her love for privacy, it is known for a fact that she was born in Colombia into a Christian family.

She went to Baruch College, located in the city of New York, and this information is available on her LinkedIn profile. It is evident that her parents spent much on her education since Baruch College has been ranked as the 2nd best Schools in America, according to Money magazine.

Paula and Daniel Finally Meet

The duo met for the first time during an arranged date; they didn’t know each other before this time. Daniel was just a new security team officer when they met at the blind date in a restaurant called Sullivan in NYC. Before Daniel Bongino could organize another meeting with her, 9-11 happened where there was a terrorist attack on the World Trade Center, USA.

Daniel was really concerned about the wellbeing of Paula because she works close to where the terrorists attacked, so he kept on calling her at her place of work to check if she was doing well.

Daniel was so dogged in his pursuit for Paula, and he won her heart. After many years of dating, Daniel Bongino and Paula went to the restaurant where they had their first date. They both had dinner that day, and he proposed to her the same day, and she accepted. Although Paula already knows he would propose to her right from where he went to pick her at the train station. She could sense it from his actions that day.

Dan Bongino

Daniel Bongino was formerly an agent in the Secret Service. However, he has always vied for several political seats in different states, and he also contested for three seats ever since he left his job. In his political career, he was particular about Southwest Florida after he bought an apartment in Palm City. He had to relocate to Florida because of his family and so that his wife, Paula, could be close to her mother, who owned a house in Vero and Sarasota.

Dan Bongino and Paula Bongino had about three businesses they were running from the comfort of their home, which includes website design, sales of apparel relating to martial arts, and consulting for security agencies on risk management. In 2016, when he was about to run for office, Mr. Daniel Bongino didn’t talk much about his business but hinted that it was no more in operation.

Paula’s Mother

Right from the very first day Daniel Bongino met with Paula’s mother, she established that Daniel wasn’t the type of man she would love her daughter to get married to. Still, because they were both in love with each other, they worked together to win her approval. Winning Paula’s heart wasn’t as difficult as winning her mother’s heart. Though the differences in culture, being that one was Italian and the other American, didn’t mean too much.

Paula Andrea Bongino Career and Home

Paula Bongino is in love with her career as the director of her department in the security industry. This was at the same time when her husband was climbing the ladder of success in his career. In 2002, they started looking for a house to buy; it was also around the period when Daniel was working with the president in the White House.

Daniel and Paula Bongino bought a house and started attending St. John church, became a member in a Club called Vanilla Athletics, and made several trips together. Their union is blessed with two children. Their first daughter Isabel was born in 2004, while Amelia came in 2012.

Her Net Worth and Salary

Paula Andrea Bongino Net Worth is about $2 Million as of 2020. She earns about $115,000 annually, coupled with the fact that she is a celebrity’s wife.

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