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James Murray’s Wife – Melyssa Davies Wiki (Bio, Age, Height, Kids, Net Worth, Family)

Have you ever watched the popular television series Impractical Jokes? If you have, then you probably know James Murray. He an improvisational comedian, author, producer, and actor. Amid the recent Covid-19 restrictions James Murray tied the knot with Melyssa Davies in September 2020. This news hit the headlines of a majority of the prominent media outlets from the industry. There are numerous people who are quite eager to know more about their personal lives. Although most of you may know something or the other about James Murray, very few of you may know anything about his wife Melyssa Davies.

Melyssa’s Early Life and Family

Melyssa Davies was born on March 13, which makes her a Pisces. She was born in Pennsylvania, United States. Her mother is Kim DiNofa Davies who has written on her Facebook profile that she is a sinner and a lover. She has also written that she is a kind-hearted and fun-loving person. According to her bio, Kim is also a mother, sister, daughter, and best friend.

There are also other family members of Melyssa Davies who are also on social media. This includes her Godmother and Aunt Jackie DiNofa Mazzio. She is basically a surgical technologist who works at a hospital. Married to Joe Mazzio, the couple has stayed together in Ephrata, Pennsylvania. One of the old tweets from Melyssa Davies’ profile reveals that she also has a younger sister. However, nothing much is known about her younger sister, Melyssa’s early life, and other family members.

Physical Stats and Social Media

There is a couple of photographs of Melyssa Davies and her husband James Murray in which she appears to be some inches shorter than him. Murray stands tall at 5 feet 11 inches. Her recent body weight was under 60kg. Melyssa Davies has her profiles on several social media platforms. Her Instagram account has a few thousand followers and she has preferred to keep her profile in a private mode.

Her bio states that “Just a tall, lanky brunette who doesn’t want to buy your hair care products.” What she probably means to convey is that she prefers to use natural products for her own skin and hair. Melyssa Davies also jointly runs the handle “murr_and_melyssa” with her own husband James. She also has a Twitter account which is also private, as well. However, she does allow people to take a peek at her Facebook profile.

Her Job and Net Worth

Melyssa Davies has not disclosed her career details to the public, which is not like her husband James. However, judging from her somewhat model appearance, it may be considered that she may also be making a fortune in the world of fashion and modeling. When it comes to her education, it was reported that she completed her school education back in September of 2019.

Now she must have started applying for her degree education in some nursing jobs. According to some sources, the net worth of Melyssa Davies’ life was not made public. On the other hand, her husband, James Murray’s net worth was reported to be around $7 million.

Her Love Life

Melyssa Davies married her fiancé James Murray on September 25, 2020, at Lake House Inn in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. The list of invitees includes just close friends, family members, and the rest of the Impractical Jokers. This included Brian Quinn, Sal Vulcano, and Joe Gatto. The trio served as the best man and also officiated the entire wedding.

Until the day of their wedding, James and Melyssa Davies had to juggle their plans due to the recent global pandemic. According to James, they had four different weddings that had to be planned simultaneously. This was depending on the way things worked out. He also revealed the way they ended up going with a compromised list. Despite the fact that it was much lesser stress for the couple, as they had to deal with just the needs of a quarter of the people from the original guests’ list. James also stated that his family and he himself were healthy during the wedding.

Fortunately, the couple, James and Melyssa moved in together just a few days before the worldwide pandemic started. The wedding took place at a time when the Covid-19 pandemic was creating chaos everywhere. Masks were made compulsory for the guests and sanitization stations were made readily available throughout the wedding venue. To make things simpler and safer for the invitees, the couple also decides to go for smaller tables for the guests. People were made to sit far from each other in a spread-out condition to ensure proper social distancing between them.

When it came to their honeymoon, the couple decides to go for a two-week trip to Soneva Jani which is a five-star resort in the Maldives. The couple had got engaged a year ago in August.

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