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Guy Fieri’s Wife – Lori Fieri Wiki (Bio, Age, Photo, Net Worth, Kids, Family)

Lori Fieri happens to be the wife of the popular cuisine TV anchor and restaurateur Guy Fieri. During difficult times in Guy’s life Lori Fieri was the one who stood by his side through thick and thin. It will not be wrong to say that Guy Fieri gained immense popularity and support because of his wife Lori Fieri. She is not one of those wives who are media famous. Nonetheless, she is the star and much more compared to other women in the eyes of Guy.

Lori Fieri has been married to Guy Fieri for more than two decades and she also happens to be the first lady of Flavortown. Before her wedding to Guy, Lori was not at all popular and people hardly knew her. However, after she married Guy, she became popular and nothing less than a celebrity herself. Lori said that when she met Guy for the first time, he was a completely different person altogether. He did not have his prominent spiky hair at that time and he also had dark hair without any goatee. He also used to wear a suit to work every day.

Her Early Life

Lori Fieri was born on May 31 and her maiden name was Lori Ann Brisson. She was born in North Province, Rhode Island. Her family was pretty underprivileged and her parents used to do menial work to run the family. Her father was a toolmaker and her mother was a housewife. Lori Fieri is an American, however, nothing much is known about her education. She preferred to keep her choices a big secret. She is basically a homemaker who used to encourage her husband and her kids.

Lori Fieri has made multiple appearances in her husband’s television shows. She was also fortunate enough to receive special seats in various major events, such as the Super Bowl and NASCAR. She is entitled to Guy’s half asset, which means that her net worth may be estimated to be around $12.5 million.

Her Love Life with Guy

Lori Fieri met Guy for the first time in 1992. It was basically love at first sight and it seemed magical at that time. At that time, Guy used to run a restaurant in Long Beach, California. Lori had visited the restaurant with her friend to dine there. The first encounter of the lovebirds was not anything that you could ever imagine or even think of. The friend with whom Lori had visited the restaurant used to work there and was recently fired. When Guy saw the ex-staff he went over and said, “Hey, listen, wait a few weeks before you come in.” Lori, all this while was standing behind her friend and was giving Guy a mean mug, immediately came to her friend’s rescue and replied from the back, “You can’t make us leave.”

Even while Lori was glaring at Guy, he knew there was something different about her. He felt it from inside that he needs to know more about her. The host of Guy’s Grocery Games did the exact thing that he does best to win Lori. It did not involve picking her up in a red Camaro and escorting her to the nearest greasy spoon. He simply cooked and the food that he cooked was loved by Lori. Guy says that it was a long time ago and he really does not remember what he had cooked exactly. Nonetheless, he does remember that it was an epic time. Since both of them loved to eat, being able to cook was something that really pleased her.

After a while of the argument, both Lori and her friend agreed to maintain a low profile and the three of them also started conversing with each other. Lori revealed that she was on a road trip and had the intention of shifting to San Diego from Rhode Island. However, she could never fulfill her dreams as both Guy and Lori started dating each other. Lori admitted to the fact that she was quite impressed by Guy’s cooking skills. She used to love food. After tasting Guy’s first hand cooked dish, she realized that this was the person should love to marry. Guy also revealed his first impression of love to Lori by saying that he knew that she was the one the first time he laid his eyes on her.

Lori was a foodie just like Guy Fieri. Apart from this, she is also an amazing cook. Lori has always stood by her husband and has always encouraged him no matter whatever the situation. She also taught him never to give up in life, whatever be the situation. Basically she has stood as a trunk to her entire family.

Before getting married to Guy, Lori Fieri spent three years dating Guy before they got married. A year after marriage, she bore their first child. It was a boy and he was born in the year 1996. The couple named him Hunter Fieri. She gave birth to their second child in the year 2005, which was also a boy. They named him as Ryder Fieri and the double happiness made their family complete at last.

It was on April 23, 2006 that Guy Fieri won the second season of the Next Food Network Star cooking competition. Ever since the win, Lori Fieri has been known as the “Limelight” blessing to her family. At the moment, Lori serves as the judge to several major events, including Super Bowl and NASCAR. You will also find her helping her husband in several major Television Food Reality shows.

Their 2 Kids

As discussed above, Lori gave birth to two boys. The elder was in 1996 and the younger was in 2005. Both the sons seem to make the family complete. Hunter is the eldest of the two boys and follows the legacy of his father. He runs the European Vacations Show on TV. Ryder, the younger of the two sons, is a bit naughty and prefers not to follow the family legacy.

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