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Jeff Bezos’ Father – Miguel Bezos Wiki (Bio, Age, Family, Wife, Net Worth)

Amazon is an online shop that has changed the way people do shopping. Right from the comfort of their homes, they can now place orders and have their goods delivered to their doorsteps anywhere in the world. The brain behind this platform is Jeff Bezos. Many people know him since he is the richest human being on the planet. However, only a few people know Miguel Bezos.

Miguel is an immigrant who ran to America for asylum, away from the tyranny of the Cuban government and under the American dream. His sheer determination to fight and win against all odds soon rubbed off on his son, Jeff Bezos. 

Miguel’s story is similar to that of many immigrants who arrived in the country with absolutely nothing but big dreams and finally succeeded in their struggle for a better life.

Miguel’s Life Story in Cuba

Miguel’s story is best told from the very beginning. It started around the 1950s in Cuba at a time when dictator Fulgencio Batista was ruling. There were all sorts of political issues that bedeviled the nation at that time. 

According to him, he was just a little kid at that time, the family lived at Santiago de Cuaba, and all was going normal in the home like every child loves to see. Theirs was a small family of 5, including the parents, Miguel and his two siblings. His parents were hard working business people. According to Miguel, his Dad believed very much in the dignity of hard work and operated his lumber mill based on that principle. His mom, despite having three kids to cater for and a household, still had a small store where she sold fabrics that homemakers need like baby clothes, etc.

The country suddenly went through a tumultuous phase with the revolution that occurred. Many people in the country were forced to abandon their country and flee to other nations as refugees. Jeff’s dad came to the USA with his family as asylum seekers. At this point, Miguel was already a teen.

According to Jeff Bezos, his father arrived in America at 16 years old, and at that time, all he could speak was Spanish. However, due to the principles of determination and hard work which he learned from his dad, he remained optimistic and resolute in improving his life as well as living the American dream.

Miguel’s American Dream

Miguel and his family members arrived at the camp with people like Peter Pan children all in a bid to escape from the evil regime that was reigning sway in the Cuban government. 

There were many horrible incidents that resulted from the relocation to this new country. However, Miguel’s case wasn’t too bad as he was kept in a home in Delaware where he at least had proximity to a cousin of his and other children that were with them at the place. Also, they had a priest who looked after them.

With assistance from family and friends, Miguel had the most important things that mattered at such a chaotic moment in his life. He soon decided to further on with his education, perhaps to be better positioned to get better job offers and more opportunities.

He, therefore, went to the University of Albuquerque, where he decided to put his love and skill in physics and math to test by pursuing a career in Mechanical Engineering. During studying at the university, he met Jackie, an amazing and adorable lady who later became his wife and mother of Jeff Bezos, his son.

Although Miguel would have loved to graduate with a degree in mechanical engineering, he saw that it would take him one year to study mathematics. This was because of his new family, and he couldn’t bear to spend another extra year studying Engineering.

American Dream Come True

His decision to leave engineering for mathematics soon turned out to be the right thing to do as he quickly got a job at Exxon, creating a solid platform where his new family was raised. He had paid all the important sacrifices for them to live more comfortably and not have to suffer as he did.

Miguel and Jackie had a happy life together, and even though they didn’t have any biological child of their own, they opted for adoption but raised the child, Jeff as their son. Jackie’s mindset was important in shaping the course of the family. The adopted child is now the richest man on the planet.

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