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Tom Holland’s Girlfriend – Nadia Parkes Wiki (Bio, Age, Height, Family, Kids, Net Worth)

Nadia is an English actress best renowned for The Spanish Princess and Domina (2019), as well as Doctor Who (2005). Nadia hails from London, England in the UK, she was born on the 6th of January 1996. 

As of 2021, Nadia is 25 years old. Find out more about this actress in this article as we shed light on more details about her life: her lesser-known facts, rumors, weight, height, caste, controversies, boyfriend, affairs, family details, wiki, bio, birthday, age, and much more. 

About Nadia Parkes

Nadia Parkes keeps her personal life private, so not much is known about her parents or their names as well as her siblings. The same thing goes for her school, there is a paucity of information regarding her educational background. 

Nadia Parkes is a non-vegetarian. She attended the London Academy of Music and Drama Arts. She is in a relationship with Tom Holland. The pair began dating in 2020. 

Some of Nadia’s hobbies include internet surfing, traveling, photography, and reading. 

There have been rumors that ‘Spider-Man’ actor, Tom Holland has been dating someone new quietly and that the person is also in the movie industry. She turned out to be Nadia Parkes, “The Spanish Princess’ actress. 

On May 28, 2020, The Daily Mail reported citing multiple sources that Tom Holland has been seeing Nadia Parkes secretly for over 3 months. The report also stated that they both quarantined together during the peak of the Covid 19 pandemic. 

Initially, Parkes and Holland did not confirm the reports. When the news broke out, Parkes changed her public Instagram account to private although she later changed it back to public albeit quietly. 

On July 27, 2020, Tom Holland officially announced the romance when he posted of picture of Parkes on his Instagram. The photo showed when the couple was on an outing. It was rare to see Tim Holland post such because he has always kept his personal life private. 

Parkes returned the favor on August 9, 2020, by sharing Holland’s photo on her social media too. You might wonder how the romance started, well here is information about Parkes and her relationship with Holland. 

Parkes is an English Actress Based in London

Nadia Parkes’ major acting role came in a recent movie ‘The Spanish Princess’. This was shortly after spring 2018 when she graduated from the LAMDA in London. 

According to Parkes, she left school early so that she could join in the movie filming which began on the 15th of May 2018 with principal photography. Parkes played Rosa in the movie. Rosa was one of the ladies-in-waiting for Princess Catherine. 

Similarly, Parkes featured on one episode of the series movie ‘Doctor Who’ which aired in February 2020. Parkes confessed that she was almost obsessed with the role she played in the movie. She was just 12 years at that time. 

In a podcast with model Grace McGovern, Parkes revealed that appearing in the movie was a dream come true for her. 

Holland and Parkes Reportedly Quarantined Together in The Early Stages of Their Relationship And Later Became Official

In May 2020, Daily Mail reported that a source informed them that Parkes has been with Holland, a friend, and his brother in their flat in London. 

Because of the Covid-19 pandemic in London, a lockdown was announced. It was during the early days of their relationship so they decided to isolate together. Things have been going on well between them ever since then. 

Tom Holland has reportedly informed his friends and family that he is in an official relationship. Living together right from the early stages has made the couple’s romance even stronger. 

In 2019, Tom Holland told ELLE that he was single but that he a relationship person. He also added that he was not the fleeting type and that it is not his way of life. 

In the past, Holland has been linked to Olivia Bolton, his childhood friend, and Zendaya. Zendaya was a co-star in the ‘Spider-Man’ movie, but she and Holland maintained that they were just friends although the report stated otherwise. 

Parkes and Holland Officially Took Their Relationship to Instagram in July 2020

At first, Holland gave a hint when he posted Parkes’ masked picture on his Instagram although he did not tag her. Simultaneously, Parkes shared a picture of herself in the same outfit like the one in Holland’s post. People would later assume that Holland probably took the picture when they both went out. 

Sophie Turner, Parkes’ friend who just gave birth to her first child with her husband Joe Jonas a few days before the post commented on the post with the caption ‘Fittyyyyyy’. Parkes replied to her by blowing a kiss emoji back. 

Parkes Shares the First Picture of Holland On Her Instagram In August 2020 

Holland was the first to make their relationship public. Parkes followed suit later after a little while. She shared a photo of Holland where they were out golfing with a caption and he added a nice caption. 

Holland also posted a photo of Parkes at the same place holding her clubs. Holland also commented on Parkes’ post twice with sweet captions.

Parkes Previously Worked at a Special Need School

During the podcast with McGovern, Parkes stated that people often have misconceptions about acting and that one of them is that it is easy to book roles once an actor or actress gets a big break. 

She then went on to explain how she left drama school early to do ‘The Spanish Princess’ and everyone was happy for her. But she took time to reflect on how everything happened so quickly that she did not even have to deal with rejection and worries. 

She then thought that she will get another job soon. Unfortunately, after ten months of waiting, she didn’t get another job so, she took up a job at a special needs school where she helps with kids there. She admitted that it was a low point in her life. 

While she was at the school, she did not stop auditioning for parts weekly. The industry is filled with ups and downs but according to Parkes, the ups worth every second of the down. 

Now she feels lucky to have a great agent who makes work easy for her. She explained that but for the agent she would have spent five to seven years like other people before she can get to audition rooms she freely enters now. 

So, she was able to audition twice or once a week sometimes including or not including self-tapes. She added that the only negative for her was her lack of enough experience which explains why other people get the roles ahead of her because they have worked more and have been around for longer. 

In the same podcast, Parkes disclosed to McGovern that she finds it hard to accept rejection but consoles herself with the fact that she was good for the role that’s why she was invited for the audition in the first place. 

Parkes revealed that she sometimes lets her guard down and thinks about why she did not get the job probably thinking she is not good enough but she still finds a way to convince herself that they were probably just looking for something else different from what she has to offer. 

Parkes and Sophie Turner are Friends

Last June, before her French wedding with Joe Jonas, Sophie Turner hosted a big bachelorette trip to Spain and Parker was one of the attendees. There are rumors that Parke must have met Holland during the trip and that Sophie Turner may have introduced Parke to Holland. 

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