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Susan Noelle Slaughter Wiki (Bio, Age, Height, Family, Kids, Net Worth, Boyfriend)

Susan Slaughter, an actress, was born and brought up in Miami, Florida. She is well known for her acting role in movies like Slay Belles, Social Medium, and The Dawn. In this post, you’ll learn more about Susan Slaughter, her biography, birthday, and her relationship. Stay tuned.

Her Biography

Susan Noelle Slaughter was born in Miami, the United States on the 1st of May and currently lives in Los Angeles. She is well known for her mystical gift. Furthermore, she had always had a passion for acting from her childhood.

She studied musical theatre and is also good at stage direction and costume design. Her ability to combine both acting and mystical activities has made her be one of the best “horror actors” in the movie industry. She speaks both English and Spanish very well due to her being a Nicaraguan descendant.

Her mother is a Catholic while her father was a Wiccan. However, the duo filed a divorce and her mother got married to another man who was a Buddhist. So, she happened to have had so many religious experiences and beliefs.

Her Career

Susan has the mystical gift which she uses to investigate the spirit world. It all started from a reality show at the Ghost Hunter Academy, she claimed. She further stated that she joined the Ghost Hunters Academy auditioning alongside Karl.

About 8000 people applied for this auditioning but only seven people were eventually chosen. Karl couldn’t make the final cut because they needed a female to equal the gender ratio.

Changing Investigators

Truth be told, working with Demerest Rob was a difficult task. He is always harassing the crew members and the team at large. This has been a reason for the departure of some members of the team like Brandy and Pilgrim.

However, one of her friends, Ashley, only left because she was getting married and plans to move on with her life and keep her relationship. It was not an easy ride on the road. They would go for a month or so and come back for about a week or two to spend with their families and loved ones.

Going Through Evidences

Usually, pieces of evidence are shared among the members of the crew after investigations. They would then have a day or two to go study the pieces of evidence on their own. They would then gather together to make some analysis based on individual observations.

Decisions would then be made on whether it is substantial enough to believe. If it is not found to be worthy, it is then discarded. Then filming the analysis scene begins. 

Here, they scrutinize each observation and it can take about six hours to discuss these observations. After that, the video can then be edited to just five minutes.

The Visit to Nicaragua

I’ll want to call your attention to the fact that I am not a channel to see or talk to the spirit, she said. She claimed that she only feels the emotions through the energy of the spirit. She can then interpret whatever energy the spirit gives out.

So, on a particular day, the producers chose Nicaragua which happened to be her mother’s native land. The hosts claimed to be hearing some footsteps in their basement. So, they were invited to help investigate the situation.

She then decided together with the crew members to visit her family as part of the outing segment of the show. However, the outing segment was scrapped. They wanted the show to be a full mystical show probably. 

So, there were only six or seven valid investigations out of 20, the basement was only full of raccoons. The show doesn’t always feature such mystical experiences. However, since the Ghost Hunter Investigators don’t want to show unreal evidence, some episodes may seem boring.

However, other Ghost Shows now air fake evidence just to thrill their viewers. This, therefore, had made the GHI lose a lot of followers. After all, viewers don’t want to be bored with the hit and miss episodes.

Through her experiences, Susan claims that there are different types of mystical occurrences. Some are human spirit; while some are just natural occurrences that the majority of mankind don’t know about yet. However, the demons cannot be ruled out also.

Her Physical Stats

There is no detailed information about the full physical stats but we know that she is about 5’4” tall which is about 1.63m. Details concerning her weight, body size, the color of eyes and hair, cloth size, and shoe size are not made available.

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