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Karl Urban Ex Wife – Natalie Wihongi Wiki (Bio, Age, Height, Kids, Family, Net Worth)

In the movie industry, the actors are the main face, they gain all the popularity as they come to the limelight. No doubt their acting is great and they deserve all the attention because they impress viewers with their action. 

However, all credit does not go to the actors alone, many other people work backstage to make the whole thing a success. From the props set to the location manager, makeup artist, and costumier, etc. 

Unfortunately, these set of people listed above hardly get recognition for their work. It takes an extraordinary backstage crew to make a name for themselves. One of such outstanding persons is Natalie Wihongi, a seasoned makeup artist who creates the characters’ life. 

Natalie has worked in many movies. The beautiful makeup artist hails from New Zealand. Asides from being famous for her artistry, Natalie is also popular for being Karl Urban’s baby mama and ex-wife. 

This article provides more information about Natalie, find out more as you read along. 

Makeup Artist

Despite attempts to keep her accomplishments in artistry secret, Natalie has worked on many successful commercial movies like ‘The Privateers’ and ‘Rain’. 

She decided to professional career hidden, but she struggled to conquer. She was born in Auckland in New Zealand. Natalie has her skills and has grown from being a newbie. Her breakthrough came with the movie.’ The Privateers’

Natalie’s talent was recognized and from then henceforth, she began to gain more fame and projects.

Worked with Karl Urban (Ex-Husband)

Sometimes a person might not be aware of what the world has is in store for them until it begins to unravel. This was the case of Natalie’s career as a makeup artist.

Like we mentioned earlier that Natalie is Karl Urban’s baby mama, so she is not able to silence her work with her ex-husband during the 200s in ‘The Privateers’. 

Natalie’s makeup artist journey made a turning point with that movie although she must work on many other movies that we are not aware of. 

Before Natalie became popular as a makeup artist, she worked with her former love Karl Urban on the set of the movie, ‘The Privateers’. Their romance soon flourished and produced a baby boy before tying the knot in 2004. Thus, we can only predict that the ex-couple had known each other for years, although it is largely unconfirmed. 

Marriage to Karl Urban in 2004

Natalie and Karl met professionally in the early 200s after which they dated for few years. They took their relationship further on the 16th of September 2004 when they decided to walk down the aisle.

Unfortunately, the ex-couple maintained their privacy all through their relationship, such that even their wedding was private and was only attended by families and friends. 

As a result, there is a paucity of information on the pair’s relationship history. We can tell that their union was pretty glamourous judging by their appearances in public. 

Regrettably, love can be tricky when one’s career is on the rise and scheduled are hectic. Such was the case of Karl and Natalie which made them part ways to focus on their career after being married for several years.

Indiana Jones Franchise Inspired Name

Wihongi is a beautiful woman whose personality is mixed with her makeup skill. Her union with Karl Urban, her former husband produced two adorable sons. 

Hunter Urban is the eldest son who was born on the 16th of December 2000. He was born before the couple got married in 2004. After their marriage, Natalie gave birth to their second son named Indiana Urban on the 28th of June 2005. 

It is believed that the eponymous hero of the Indiana Jones franchise inspired the former couple to name their second son Indiana. 

Natalie’s sons are private and they stay away from the public eyes of the media. However, the first son, Hunter is quite active on Instagram where he often flaunts his love for dogs and his fishing skills. Asides from this, there is no other way to find out information about his brother or mother’s whereabouts. 

Likewise, Natalie has also shared some pictures of her sons on Facebook in the past, precisely in 2016. Since then she has gone silent on social media. 

The couple has maintained a good relationship with their kid despite their divorce. Hence, Karl follows Hunter on Instagram and Hunter follows Karl too. We hope Natalie’s kids are growing into maturity. 

Parted Ways Amicably After Two Boys

Most divorces usually end up on a bitter note such that the couples will hardly see to the eye after the separation. The reverse is the case of Natalie and Karl after they ended their decade-long marriage in divorce. They divorced on a good note, it was mutual and amicable. 

The former couple made their divorce official through a public relations agency according to the New Zealand Herald. They made it known that they would uphold a healthy family relationship regardless of the divorce. 

The couple did not allow their failed marriage to affect their sons. The couple sold their 5.25 New Zealand Dollars mansion in December 2014 after their separation. 

Karl Urban, Natalie’s former husband got into a relationship with Katee Sackhoff, an actress for four years. Natalie also posted her new partner’s picture on Facebook. 

Natalie Also Loves Dogs Like Her Sons

Hunter, Natalie’s son is a passionate dog lover and he parades his dog on Instagram. Natalie also loves dogs, Hunter probably inherited it from her. 

Natalie often shares pictures of her dogs via Facebook and many more pictures on her private Instagram. She is so concerned about her dog’s health and considers them as her fur babies. 

Natalie does not post her dogs as often as Hunter does. Despite the secrecy, we know that Natalie currently lives in Auckland with her new lover. She seems to be enjoying life there. 

Moved on In Auckland

Natalie has made sure to keep her life private, so most of her life is in secrecy. She has kept it all away from the media. She moved on from the divorce and relocated to her birthplace, Auckland where she currently resides with her lovely kids and the new partner.

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