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Chris Perez’s Son – Noah Perez Wiki (Bio, Age, Family, Net Worth)

Chris Perez, the popular, American guitarist, and member of the Tejano band was said to have risen to fame after his marriage to Selena Quintanilla. Selena was the musical Band’s frontwoman and she was adored by her fans.

They couldn’t continue their love journey due to her painful and heartbreaking demise orchestrated by her very own manager, Yolanda Saldivar. The death of Selena devastated Chris, and he started to do alcohol, drugs, and live recklessly. He continued in that state till he met Vanessa Villanueva, who bore him two children.

In this post, we will discover just how fast Noah Perez, the son of Chris Perez is now growing.

Chris Perez’s Only Son

In April 2005, the union of Chris and Vanessa (Chris Perez’s second wife) brought forth Noah Perez. Noah’s birth happened in the seventh year of their union, but the couple could not proceed with the marriage and decided to get a divorce in 2008. Chris’s affection for Noah has been so evident, and Noah has never been seen to leave his father’s side.

Vanessa’s public appearance seems to have faded out since she prefers to keep her life private. She presently isn’t on Twitter, Facebook, or any social media platforms.

Vanessa Villanueva was Chris Perez’s savior in his downtimes after he got devastated by Selena’s death. Through John Garza in 1998, Chris and Vanessa met, began to date, and finally got married three years later (1998). The couple was married for six years and started to notice irreconcilable differences – media has it that Vanessa made several attempts to mending these differences, but it proved abortive.

The result of these irreconcilable differences was their divorce in 2008.

Noah Perez Is Interested in Music

It seems like music runs in the family genes. The fifteen-year-old son of Christopher Perez has begun to tread in the path of his Tejano guitarist father. He and his father spend quality time together, practicing musical instruments like the piano. Chris shows unrestrained love for his son, Noah Perez.

The future of Noah is almost predictable as his baby steps into music will eventually turn out to become a giant leap into the music career. Selena would have been proud of her former lover, Chris, about his achievement as a father. In all of Chris’s posts Noah, it is evident that Noah is a fast learner, and this would mean that it will take minimum time for him to grasp the concept of music.

Noah Has Down Syndrome

Down syndrome is a genetic condition where the child is born, having an extra copy of Chromosome 21.  It is also called Trisomy 21. Noah has been showing himself a fighter, breaking all the odds of restraint imposed by the genetic condition.

Chris is very proud of his son, who is proving himself to be a  champ. There is no stopping this 15-year-old, as his talents and passion for music cannot be underplayed. Staying beside his father makes the future of Noah guaranteed, as Chris would go to any lengths to give him the life he deserves.

He Has an Elder Sister

Cassie Perez is the oldest daughter of Chris Perez. She is the older sister of Noah, and she seems to be a source of inspiration for Noah too. Chris has a great bond with his kids, as Cassie is also very close to her father. Her position as Noah’s elder sister puts her as his role model, and she might even be playing a motherly role to Noah.

The two kids have a good bond, are well cared for by their father, and enjoy love, care, and support from their father, Chris. As they move through life, we are sure that there will be no obstacle in their part of individual achievement as they have their father’s love on their side.

Noah is a get from a Biblical character, and the Babylonian word means “Rest or Repose”

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