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Pat Sajak’s Son – Patrick Michael James Sajak Wiki (Bio, Age, Height, Education, Family, Siblings)

Pat Sajak is the host of the famous American television show ‘Wheel of Fortune.’ Although Pat began in the entertainment industry as a Nashville Weatherman, he has steadily gained fame and wealth, which has earned him a spot in stardom.

It is a fact that Pat has been extremely successful in his career, and evidence attesting to this is that he has been awarded the Emmy award thrice. And since 2019, he also became the game show host with the longest-running career in the world. He had been hosting the Wheel of Fortune for almost forty years now.

But besides his thriving career, one might still wonder, ‘what more is there to being Patrick Sajak?’ Well, a closer peep into Pat Sajak’s life reveals that he is also a successful husband and father. He has a lovely wife and two children: a son named Patrick Michael James Sajak and a daughter, Maggie Marie Sajak.

Who is Patrick Michael James Sajak?

Michael Sajak is the first and only son of Pat Sajak. He was born on the 22nd of September 1980 by Lesly Brown, Pat’s second wife.

Even though Michael is now a grown thirty-year-old man, not much is known of his personal, family, or relationship life because he has carefully stayed off all social media platforms.

Michael Sajak’s childhood

Being the son of a celebrity, Michael had a luxurious childhood, and like his father, we would have expected Michael to be much involved with the spotlight, but this was not the case. 

Michael had a normal childhood concealed from the media. Although at some point around his third birthday, he vocalized a character in an animated cartoon show.

Lesly Brown–Michael Sajak’s mother

Lesly Brown is a photographer and the second wife of Pat Sajak. She is almost nineteen years younger than her husband, but she has managed to be a very supportive wife and mother for the past thirty years of her marriage. She lives with her husband and children at their house in Severna Park, Maryland.

Michael James Sajak and His Father Pat Sajak

Despite being very busy with his show and other duties of being a famous TV host, Patrick still spends time with his children. Some photos were taken of him having a match and other fun activities with his son Michael Sajak. In those photos, it was clear that Michael replicates Patrick’s smile and body frame.

Reports also say that the young Sajak had featured on the Famous Wheel of Fortune when he was a child. 

More About Patrick Sajak’s Father

Pat Sajak was formerly married to Sherrill Sajak, but their marriage only lasted for eight years (1978-1986). Before they divorced, Pat and Sherrill did not have any children together. And three years later (1989), after his divorce, Pat got married to his second and present wife, Lesly, when he was forty-three years old.

A year after his wedding to Lesly, the couple welcomed their first son, and five years later, they had their second child, a daughter.

Pat Sajak works with a female cohost named Vanna White on his show. Although people thought the two looked good together, Vienna soon came out publicly to clear all doubts and spoke about how she and Pat were only working as platonic colleagues. And she spoke the truth because together with her partner George Santo Pietro, she celebrated Pat and Lesly’s wedding.

Vienna has been a great workmate and an indispensable friend who has always helped Pat Sajak and his show. Even recently, in 2019, when Pat had some health challenges that required him to perform surgery, Vienna stood in for him and ran the entire show for a period. So, besides his family and a fulfilling career, Pat has a very reliable friend in Vienna.

Patrick Michael Sajak’s sister, Maggie Sajak

Unlike her brother, who prefers to live ‘undercover,’ the 25-year-old Maggie Sajak is a ‘blooming’ country musician. She has gradually stepped into the limelight, and her amazing songs are a hit. Her most recent music video is titled ‘Wild boy,’ but some other songs that were also sung by her include: ‘First Kiss,’ ‘If I Was Gonna Go’ and ‘Pretty on The Inside.’

Maggie is a student at the renowned Ivy League College, Princeton, and she wishes to become a doctor after college. She has done a great job balancing both her studies and her growing career with her father’s support. 

Besides these, Maggie Sajak has taken an interest in mastering several musical instruments, and she is continuously getting better in the art. She plays the mandolin, guitar, ukulele, and piano.

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