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Hilaria & Alec Baldwin’s Son – Rafael Thomas Baldwin Wiki (Bio, Age, Height, Education)

Rafael is the son of Popular Hollywood celebrities Alec Baldwin and his wife, Hilaria Baldwin. Rafael is the first son of the incredibly famous Baldwin family.

When was Rafael Baldwin Born?

Rafael Thomas Baldwin’s birth was publicized by his mother, Hilaria, on her Instagram page. She gave birth to Rafael five years ago, on June 17th, 2015, precisely. As is her usual tradition, Hilaria posted a picture of the newborn Rafael on her Instagram post shortly after delivering him.

How Many Siblings Does Rafael Have?

As he is popularly known, Rafa is the first son and second child of Hilaria and Alec Baldwin. Speaking of this union, Rafael has four siblings. A charming elder sister and three handsome younger brothers. 

But before Rafael’s father met Hilaria, he had a daughter (Ireland Baldwin) from his first marriage to his first wife, Kim Basinger. 

So now, counting all of Rafael’s siblings, we have five in total. Two sisters and three brothers named; Ireland Baldwin, Carmen Gabriela Baldwin, Leonardo Angel Charles Baldwin, Romeo Alejandro David Baldwin, and a cutie whose name is yet to be disclosed.

The Inspiration Behind His Name?

His parents must have thought carefully before choosing their first son’s name. This is because both of his names are extremely significant. Rafael means “God heals.” Truly what better healing for the Baldwin’s than the arrival of a healthy son. His middle name, “Thomas,” was simply an approval of his mother’s middle name.

What Does Rafael Like?

Like most children, Rafael loves spending time with his family. He enjoys a swell time with his siblings and parents. Not minding that he is the eldest among Hilaria’s toddlers, Rafael still plays with his brothers and gives his mother many chores to do as concerns picking up and arranging toys.

Rafael has a room filled with toys. And this is only the tip of the iceberg when the matter concerns the variety and quality of childhood pleasures available to the little millionaire.  

For Rafael, the only drawback to the situation is Leonard and Romeo, his younger brothers. This is because Rafael has to share all his toys with his brothers, which can be a cause for some mayhem at times. 

For Hilaria and Alec, their loving parents, nothing can be more rewarding than watching these little ones bond and sometimes tug at one another. And even at times, both Hilaria and Alec share pictures and videos of their children playing together on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media accounts.

Rafael Baldwin Was Born Premature

Although it wasn’t specified in the unit of time the extent to which Rafael was born early, his parents affirmed that Rafael Baldwin came earlier than the date predicted by medical experts.

Even though Rafael was born premature and had to spend some days at the Intensive Care Unit, the little Baldwin was very healthy. His weight was a laudable 7pound, and all his other vital signs were very stable. What luck for the  Baldwins; the birth of Rafael was a feat to be celebrated.

How Did ‘big Sister’ Carmen Receive Rafael?

Before Rafael was born, Hilaria confessed to having entertained fears concerning Carmen’s ‘competition.’ So Hilaria prepared Carmen to receive Rafael before he was born.

Hilaria told the media that she did this ‘preparation’ by purchasing new dolls for Carmen and naming then Rafael. She went on to tell how Carmen and herself bathed the dolls and changed their diapers while pretending that the dolls were Rafael.

This ‘somewhat absurd’ technique worked because when Rafael was born, Carmen loved him. There are pictures on Hilaria’s social media accounts that capture Carmen holding, kissing, and playing with little Rafael.

Rafael’s Early Childhood and Education

Rafael is somewhat a mini-celebrity because of his parents. And this could have been a very challenging situation for the young Baldwin if his parents had not sought a means to provide a stable and normal childhood for him and his siblings.

Hilaria and Alec have always made time available for their kids. They have done a good job at making their kids feel loved despite their active careers in Hollywood. In time past and even presently, the couple has made it a culture to spend time with their kids. 

There are pictures on their social media accounts that show occasions when the star couple went on vacations, picnics, shopping sprees, park cycling, and many other family-oriented trips with their children. 

Rafael has also begun attending kindergarten. His mother shared a picture of him on his first day at preschool. Rafael was dressed in a smart blue shirt and shorts in the photo, ready to ‘knock em out.’

Who Exactly Is Rafael’s Mother?

Rafael’s mother is Hilaria Baldwin, a one-time famous dancer and presently a renowned yoga tutor. The thirty-six-year-old is also an author, a correspondent for ‘Extra’ TV show, Alec Baldwin’s wife and mother of five lovely children.

Who Exactly Is Rafael’s Father?

Rafael’s Father is Alec Baldwin, a sixty-two years old Hollywood bigshot. He has featured in the following movies; 30 Rock, Aviator, Mission Impossible, Beetlejuice, Blackklansman, e.t.c Alec is a distinguished actor and has Emmy, Golden Globe, and several other awards attesting to this. 

Besides acting and movie production Alec is a writer and father of six amazing children.

How Did Rafael’s Parents Meet?

Rafael’s ‘happily ever after’ family came to be after his parents married. The age disparity between the two lovebirds is about twenty-six years, but not even this could stop their love.

The duo met ten years ago in a romantic  Manhattan February evening. They had an enviable courtship that lasted for a year and six months. And on a bright sunny day in June 2012, they were joined in matrimony. The ceremony took place at Saint Patrick’s Old Cathedral, New York.

And after being married for a year, they had Carmen, their first child, on August 23rd, 2013, and two years after (2015) Rafael was born. On September 12th, 2016, and May 17th, 2018, Leonardo and Romeo were born, respectively.

The couple is having a beautiful marriage and thankfully celebrating their kids, whose presence has brought much happiness into their home.

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