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Does Patrick Swayze Have a Son? Is it Jason Whittle?

There have been many people who have wondered whether or not Patrick Swayze ever had any kids, to be more specific a son? All throughout Patrick’s career, you never really heard about anything that was happening in his personal life or whether or not he had finally started a family. While nobody thought that he did have a son, the entire Hollywood scene would be shocked to the core to discover that Swayze actually did have a child. Jason Whittle is the one and only son of the great American movie actor and celebrity, Patrick Swayze. Now you may be wondering exactly when it was Patrick had his son Jason and how you missed hearing about it in just about every single tabloid ever, the answer to that question is because Jason was actually a child birthed out of a secret love that Patrick had.

Supposedly, Patrick’s son Jason was the direct result of a one-time fling that Patrick would end up having while he was only 20 years old with Bonnie Kay. One of the main reasons that it may have been kept a secret was because at the time of the one-night stand, Bonnie was underage. Another reason you may not have heard about it is because Bonnie would never tell Patrick that she had his son until later down the road when she was passing due to the cancer she had. So, while she would eventually tell Patrick about their son together, Jason, he would not find out about it until much later in his life.

While at first, Jason was in no way, shape, or form believed to be Patrick Swayze’s son, he would end up taking a DNA test that would prove that he was who he claimed to be. Patrick’s wife, Lisa Niemi, would continue to make the claim that Patrick never had a son with anybody and that all of the claims that Jason was making were absolutely false. She would continue to argue that point even after the DNA test would prove otherwise.

Here is everything that you need to know about Patrick Swayze’s son, Jason Whittle.

Was Jason Left Any Type of Inheritance After Patrick Swayze Passed?

Due to Swayze’s extremely successful acting career, he was able to amass quite a little fortune throughout his career. In fact, it is estimated that he was able to accumulate roughly $40 million in his estate. With that being said, you may be wondering whether or not Jason was left any of this massive fortune or not?

To answer that question, yes, Jason is able to claim some of the $40 million estate that his father has left behind after his passing, as he is the rightful heir since he is Patrick’s son. However, Patrick’s wife, Lisa, has denied again and again that Jason does not have any type of claim to any amount of inheritance. Her main argument is the same one that she has been making ever since Jason showed up into the picture. That being that Jason is not in any way related to Patrick Swayze and therefore is not an heir to Patrick. This would mean that Jason would have no claim of any kind to Swayze’s estate.

What Does Jason do for a Living?

While you may think that anybody who believed to be the son of a successful actor would try to get their fair share of the deceased’s estate, Jason Whittle doesn’t actually need the money. That is because he has made his career as a professional football player. He has made a nice living for himself by playing the guard position. After starting to play football in high school, he would continue to do so throughout his college career at Southwest Missouri State. He would then be propelled into the NFL, making his career playing for several different teams, those including the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the New York Giants, the Buffalo Bills, and the Minnesota Vikings.

Does Jason Whittle do Any Acting Like His Father Did?

While you may think that after finding out his father was Patrick Swayze, Jason would want to follow in his father’s footsteps. However, the exact opposite is true. Jason has no interest in acting, but rather in playing football. This is because in football he has been able to use his skills and talents to rack up some very difficult feats, those including being a three-time Academic All GFC, Second team during the All-GFC, and an Honorable mention in the All-GFC. Since Jason has had such a successful career playing football, he has decided to focus on what he is good at and what he knows, as opposed to trying and breaking into the ultra-competitive acting scene.

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How Old is Jason and How Heavy is he?

Jason was born in 1975 on March 7. He was born in Springfield, Missouri to his mother, as his father would have no idea that he even existed at the time. What this means, is that Jason is currently 45 years old.

As for how big Jason is, he stands at 6’ 5” tall, and weighs in at over 295 pounds. As you can see from the size of Jason, football was a great path to choose for a career. This also explains why he has been able to excel at the position of guard as well.

Jason Whittle’s Net Worth

While Jason is a very private person who tries to keep his life as private as possible, it is estimated that his total net worth is somewhere between the $400k and $600k range. While there are no sources to confirm what the actual number of his worth really is, this is the estimated range that he is believed to fall into.

Jason Whittle had the surprise of his life when he found out that Patrick Swayze was his father. Since then, he has been able to continue moving forward with his life with minimal interference due to that particular fact.

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