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Pat Sajak’s Wife – Lesly Brown-Sajak Wiki (Bio, Age, Kids, Net Worth, Height, Photos)

In case you were unaware of who Lesly Brown was, she is an American photographer who used to be a Playboy model as well.  Currently named Lesly Brown-Sajak, she would have her claim to fame when she would become the current and second wife to the very well-known television show personality, as well as the host of the hit game show known as ‘Wheel of Fortune’.  Yes, she is married to none other than the legendary Pat Sajak.  The two would end up being married back in 1989, where they would eventually go on to have two children together.  While Lesly would consider pursuing a career in acting for a short while, she would eventually decide that it was not only in her best interest, but her family’s best interest as well to simply stay at home and take care of her children.  Since making this life changing decision, Lesly would eventually move on to follow her love of photography and become a professional photographer.  Here is what you should know about Lesly Brown-Sajak.

Lesly Brown-Sajak Height and Weight

If you have never seen Lesly before, you may be wondering what she looks like and how she was able to become a Playboy model?  Well, Lesly is a good height for a woman, coming in at 5’ 8” tall.  As for her weight, she comes in at roughly 132 pounds.  As for her measurements, they are 34-25-34”.  Her bra size is a 32 B.  Her hair is a dark brown color and has matching brown eyes as well.  Without seeing Lesly in person and only looking at her physical stats, you can see that she does have the potential to be a Playboy model.

Having been in Playboy as a playmate, you would think that this would boost her modeling career to the next level.  However, you would be mistaken to think this.  In fact, she would not have her major claim to fame until she would get married to the love of her life, Pat Sajak.  Once the two were married, she would finally start to get the recognition that she was searching for.  

Lesly Brown’s Husband:  Pat Sajak

Who was the lucky man to get the opportunity to make Lesly Brown a happy woman you ask?  During the year 1988, Lesly and Pat would become acquainted with each other during the inauguration of a California sport’s bar that was owned by one of their mutual friends.  Although Lesly is just over 18 years Pat’s younger, even he admitted that upon first meeting each other, there was absolutely no ‘electricity’ floating around in the air at all.  However, over the next few months, they would begin to converse over the telephone on a regular basis.  While these conversations would not contain any type of romantic conversations or feelings, they would lay the groundwork for the relationship that was yet to come.  

Things would all start to change during the spring of 1989.  This is the time when they would both start feeling as though there was something deeper to their friendship that they have not yet explored, but neither one of them were ready to be the first person to admit that there was something deeper going on with their feelings for each other.  Pat, who had been previously married to his first wife, Sherrill Sajak, between 1979 and 1986, was still a little hesitant to get involved in another serious relationship.  While it seemed as though the two were destined to keep their feelings hidden from one another for all of eternity, they would get a break when Brown would be featured on another television show called ‘The Dating Game’.  The show would put Brown and the winning bachelor from the show on a special date to Mexico together.

Sajak would later come out and publicly say that he was somewhat annoyed with this trip to Mexico with a bachelor that was not him.  Brown would then go on and refer to this as Sajak being pretty much ‘borderline jealous’ about the entire situation.  Either way, when Brown would return from her date to Mexico, he would hop on the next flight in order to meet her.  It would be at this moment that he would know for sure that he wanted to spend the rest of his entire life with her.  He would propose to her with a ring that you would need to do a double-take for.  It was a three-carat-plus marquise-shaped diamond that he would propose to her with on Labor Day.  Just a short while later, the two would end up getting married in 1989, on New Year’s Eve.  Their wedding would be a very traditional one, being done in a 19th century Catholic church that was located in Annapolis, Maryland.  

The two would go on to have two children together.  The first would be a son named Patrick Michael James Sajak, who would be born on September 22, 1990.  Their second would be a daughter named Maggie Marie Sajak, and was born on January 5, 1995.  The family’s primary residence in located in Severna Park, Maryland, but they do also have a home in the Los Angeles area of California.

How Old is Lesly Brown-Sajak?

Lesly Brown-Sajak was born on February 18, 1965 in the United States.  Her father, Michael Brown, and her mother, Maria Brown, were extremely happy to have such a beautiful daughter that would achieve so much in her life.  At the current moment, Brown is 55 years old.  Growing up, Lesly would not be an only child.  In fact, she actually has two siblings, both of them being sisters named Kelly and Wendy.  She still keeps in touch with all of her family on a regular basis and they see each other often.

Lesly’s Career

Making the start of her career as a Playboy playmate, she would eventually abandon her modeling hopes in order to get a law degree.  Unfortunately, this is one goal that she would not be able to realize, as her future had something else in store for her.  She would eventually become a very famous photographer, this not happening until many years later.  In an interview that Lesly did with People Magazine, she would tell them that “the reason I left my modelling career behind, was so that I could become a professional law practitioner.”

As for Lesly’s time with Playboy, in 1988, she would appear in a pictorial that was called Women of Washington.  She would later appear in some promotional material for a type of jewelry that was known as ‘Wheel-themed’ jewelry, which she would be the designer of in 2008.  

Lesly Brown-Sajak Net Worth

You may be wondering what the net worth of Lesly really is?  Now keep in mind that she does earn quite a bit of money with her photography business, she has never publicly announced how much money she has actually been able to amass.  With that being said, after the Lesly and Pat got married, they did buy a mansion in the Severna Park area in Maryland that cost them $1.28 million.  As for their second home in the Los Angeles area of California, it set them back around $1.5 million.

Lesly Brown-Sajak has lived a very interesting and unique life.  While she is still very young and has a lot of life left in front of her, it is going to be very interesting to see what she is able to accomplish and anything else that may happen as well.

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