Post Malone First Song

Post Malone has not been in the music industry for very long. However, he has made considerable progress since joining the music industry.  While Post Malone is famous for putting out several songs, not everyone knows what song he put out first.

That being said, what was Post Malone’s first song?

Early Life

Born Austin Richard Post in Syracuse, New York, on the 4th of July, 1995, Post Malone lived with his stepmother, Jodie, and his father, Rich Post.

Post’s father once worked as a DJ, and this exposed Post to various music genres. Some of them are rock, country, and hip hop.

Post learn to play the guitar as a kid. Also, in 2010, he attended an audition to become a part of the band Crown the Empire. However, while auditioning, his guitar strings broke, and this led him to be turned down.

While still a teenager, Post Malone joined a heavy metal band. While he played in this band, he occasionally tried out hip hop and sifter rock.

About Post Malone’s Stage Name

The name ‘Post Malone’ might sound great. Nonetheless, it seems like a bizarre name, and this has made fans of the artist wonder what inspired that choice of name. So, to put his fans out of their misery, Post decided to talk about his name’s etymology. This singer got his stage name in a couple of ways. While his actual surname is Post, ‘Malone’ was gotten from a ‘rap name generator’ that could be accessed online.

The Journey to Becoming an Artist

At the age of sixteen, Post Malone put together a mixtape. This mixtape was named Young and After Them Riches. After this mixtape, lots of high school kids considered it a great body of work. This prompted them to vote the artist ‘Most Likely to Become Famous’.

After high school, Post went on to attend college. However, it was only a short time before he decided that academia was not what he wanted for himself. Therefore, he dropped out of school and relocated to Los Angeles. This was the beginning of his professional music career.

After getting to Los Angeles, he formed a group with other young artists. This group was called BLCKVRD, and every member of the house lived in a home.

Post was very well exposed to the music community, and due to this, he got the privilege to record a couple of solo tracks. One of these tracks is ‘White Iverson.’

After recording this song, he uploaded it to his SoundCloud account. The song got lots of positive reviews, and even Wiz Khalifa and Mac Miller spoke well of it.

Being Successful

The release of ‘White Iverson’ got Post some attention. Nonetheless, he was still far from success. The attention his debut song generated earned him a recording contract with Republic Records.

As soon as he signed the deal, he became a big shot and worked with very established artists like Young Thug and 50 Cent.

In 2015, he performed at Kylie Jenner’s 18th birthday party. While at this party, he met Kanye West, and this led to the two collaborating on a track.

That’s not all. After the song with Kanye, he got an opportunity to meet Justin Bieber, and that gave him the privilege of opening for Justin Bieber on his tours.

Although Post Malone had achieved a bit of success in the music industry, he was yet to drop a major project. So, in 2016, he dropped ‘August 26’, his first major work. The title of this project was supposed to have a thing to do with the date of release of his first studio album. Unfortunately, the album was delayed and did not get released according to schedule.

About four months after his first studio album’s scheduled release, Post finally put out a complete body of work. This album did well and peaked at number four on the mainstream US chart. It also made it to the top position on the R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart.

Since dropping his first album, Post has enjoyed a great deal of success. In 2018, he put out his second album titled Beerbongs & Bentleys. A third album followed this in 2019. This album was titled Hollywood’s Bleeding. The second album, as well as the first album, did very well on the mainstream chart.

Who Writes Post Malone’s Songs?

Post has grown popular over the years, he has become very popular, and this has made people wonder if he writes his songs. Regardless of what people think, Post is entirely in charge of writing his songs.

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