Kyla Weber – Vince Vaughn Wife

Kyla Weber is the wife of the popular “Jurassic Park” actor, Vince Vaughn. The Canadian Realtor is quite successful in her career; however, her relationship with Vince Vaughn largely contributed to her fame in the media. Stay tuned to read more about Weber, including her life history before she met the famous Hollywood actor, Vince Vaughn

Her Biography

Kyla Weber was born in Okotoks, Canada on the 1st of July 1979. Her father’s name is Ken Weber while details about her mother are unknown. Kyla Weber is a private woman; she loves her privacy and wouldn’t tell much to the media.

We also don’t know if she has siblings or not, information about her childhood life and educational background is also not known. She only became the talk of the media when she got married to Vince Vaughn. However, she used to work as a realtor at Coco Homes-Cimarron Living in Calgary.

She was doing just fine at Calgary and was successful in her career before she met her husband. The average salary a realtor earns ranges between $24,000 and $150,000. She loves to go shopping and spends some of her spare time painting.

Her Relationship

Kyla Weber moved to Los Angeles in California after she met Vince Vaughn in 2008 and continued her career there. After dating for a year, the couple got engaged. He proposed to her on Valentine’s Day with a diamond ring which was worth about $125,000.

However, on the 3rd of January, 2010, they got married, with their wedding ceremony taking place at the Lake Forest Academy. Although it wasn’t an elaborate wedding, the media headlines were about their marriage, making her more famous. Before getting married to Kyla Weber, Vince was initially dating Jennifer Aniston, who is also a famous actress in Hollywood. 

Vince and Jennifer started dating in 2005 but broke up the following year. Vince claimed that there was a lot of pressure from their relationship due to too much attention their relationship attracted, so, he had to quit. After her marriage to Vince Vaughn, Kyla Weber took up more interest in her painting career rather than being a realtor. 

They also have two kids together since then. The first, Locklyn Kyla Vaughn, being a daughter was born on the 18th of December 2010, while the second, Vernon Lindsay Vaughn, being a son, was born in August 2013. In an interview, Kyla described her kids as “sweet and nurturing”. The couple and the kids live happily together in their home in California. The home is said to worth about $4 million.

Her Husband

Vincent Anthony Vaughn, an American superstar, was born on March 28, 1970. He was born in Minnesota, USA. His father, Vernon Lindsay Vaughn, was a salesman, and Sharon Eileen was a stockbroker and a real estate agent. At a point in time, when she was doing so well in her career, she got ranked by the Wealth Manager magazine to be one of its top managers.

Vince spent the majority of his childhood in Illinois. He also had his preliminary education there. He joined the school’s sports team and partook in some sporting activities but wouldn’t do well in any. However, his parents moved to Lake Forest.

So, he finished his high school education at Lake Forest High School. Vince is of various lineages. He is of English, German, Italian, Irish and Lebanese descendants.

Vince’s Career

Vince started his acting career late in the 80s. He started taking some minor roles in some TV series. These TV series include “21 Jump Street”, “China Beach” among others. 

However, his major appearance came on in 1990. This was when he featured in “CBS Schoolbreak Special”. He was also featured in a comedy-drama movie titled “Swingers” which was produced in 1996. 

He starred in this movie together with Heather Graham and Jon Favreau. Then in 1997, he acted the role of Nick Van Owen in the popular movie “The Jurassic World: Jurassic Park”. This movie later went on to be included in the Academy Award nomination list.

“Jurassic Park” also featured star actors like Julianne Moore, Pete Postlewaite, and Jeff Goldblum. He kept on featuring in various movies like “Clay Pigeons”, “Return to Paradise”, which were both produced in 1998, “The Cell”, produced in 2000 and also earned a nomination in the Academy Awards. He also featured in the movie “Old School” which was produced in 2003.

Through his efforts in these movies, Vince became recognized and his fame began. He has since then featured in a lot of movies which include “Wedding Crashers”, “Mr. & Mrs. Smith” (both produced in 2005), “Break Up” (2006), and many more. He has also produced quite a lot of movies

Her Net Worth

Kyla Weber has amassed considerable wealth from her chosen career. We can say that she is a millionaire, even though she may not have made as much as her husband. 

However, according to sources, Kyla Weber is has a net worth of about $1.25 million. This estimate was confirmed in 2019 – quite okay, isn’t it? Vince Vaughn, on the other hand, is estimated to worth about $50 million.

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