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Bret Michaels Oldest Daughter – Raine Michaels Wiki (Bio, Age, Pictures, Height, Net Worth)

Raine Michaels is the daughter of the famous Bret Michaels who was in one of the most iconic 1980s hair rock bands of all time – “Poison”. Bret Michael’s has been a spokesperson and advocate for many different things aside from all things hair metal, but after he had his daughter, he wanted to be the best dad in the world he could despite his fame. Therefore, this post is going to be about Raine Michaels, and maybe provide some information that you didn’t know about her – as well as her relationship with her family and her famous father Bret.

Who is Raine Michael’s

Raine is one of the most talked about up-to-par children in the Michael’s family, and she’s known not only due to her father’s huge success, but also because she’s pursuing a hopeful career in modeling. She however has one drawback, but it’s been proven that with her determination that she’ll make it eventually. You see, in 2010, Bret Michael’s ended up telling the world that his daughter was diagnosed with prediabetes. It was for this reason that Bret ended up doing a bunch of commercials and PSA’s for numerous philanthropic organizations including the national Diabetes foundation.

What Does a Dad Think?

When it comes to his daugher’s choice of a career in modeling, many people have wondered how the star is taking it. If you would have asked Ozzy Osbourne things like this, he’d surely have a few expletives to say about his kids (as he already has) when it came to their career choices. However Bret isn’t like that.

In the media, he, his daughter, and even her mother have pointed out that he doesn’t see it as an objectifying career as long as his daughter is doing something that she loves, and making something of herself. He is extremely proud of his daughter and wants to help make her dreams come true.

Some Demographic Information

In this section, we’re going to cover some things that others don’t really know about the pop rock icon’s daughter:

  • Raine’s parents are divorced and have been since 2016. Her mother Kristi Lynn Gibson and Bret Michaels are her parents.
  • Raine is American and was born in L.A., CA.
  • She is a Taurus.
  • Her father is known most popularly as the 1980s rock band “Poison” since he was the lead guitarist and one of the singers. Her mother has retired from acting and modeling.
  • While her parents were divorced in 2012, they ended up rejoining to be in a relationship.
  • Raine Michael’s ended up studying at Oaks Christian High School in the Westlake area of California.
  • She ended up studying sports and even broadcasting, then attended the Belmont University in Nashville, TN.
  • Her Birthday is May 20th of 2000, and she is 20 years old.
  • Despite the history of the band “Poison”, she, her father, and family members are all active Christians when it comes to their religious beliefs.
  • She has a sister named Jorja Bleu Michaels who has started to break into the acting scene.
  • Raine Michaels is currently married to Justin Verlander, and there is no record of whether the two of them have children together at this time or not.

She has boasted to media and entertainment sources that she has a lot of different favorites. Some o these are:

  • Her favorite Hollywood Actress is Emma Stone
  • She has always liked Ryan Gossling in terms of a favorite actor.
  • She says that Italian Food is her favorite.
  • Raine Michael’s favorite color is black, which is no surprise thanks to her father and being raised in a “rock star’s” home.
  • Her favorite movie is titled La La Land
  • Asa Hobby, she loves to travel.
  • Her current Net Worth is approximately $500,000 simply because we’re sharing that from what she gets as an individual in her father’s home.

Is Raine Michaels Active on Facebook?

She is indeed active on social media, and when she signed up with a modeling agency at the age of 16, she has begun to pursue her dream in doing so. However, she has also been on television as well. While modeling isn’t her primary career, it is definitely considered to be more than a hobby for the Michaels eldest daughter. She ended up appearing on E! True Story back in 2009, and was in numerous reality shows with her father since she was little. She also was a contestant on the show “The Learner”.


Raine Michaels has had extras roles in movies as well, but more than anything, she’s trying to be a model, something that’s not always easy at 5 ft. 9 inches tall. As the daughter of the ever-famous legend Bret Michaels, she has shown to have a lot of information online about her, despite most celeb families trying to keep a low profile.

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