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Dan Stevens Wife – Susie Hariet Wiki (Bio, Age, Height, Kids, Jazz Singer, Net Worth)

Susie Hariet is Dan Stevens’ wife, the man famous for Beauty and the Beast. She is a singer and it’s their love of the movie world that brought them closer together. According to numerous sources, Stevens – who was also famous for his role in Downtown Abbey and other movies – stated that he ended up meeting his wife back in 2006. They were performing in the England’s royal theatres, and ended up falling in love at first sight according to him. But who exactly is she? In this post, we’re going to dive into a bit more information than most people know about Susie Hariet, because her roles in entertainment are quite different from her husband.

The Work and Life of Susie Hariet

Hariet met her husband who has made headlines for his roles on Broadway and even in the movie industry. However, she’s more of a musician and singer, although they are both entertainers of sorts. Hariet is a jazz singer, and she ended up becoming a vocal teacher. She has acted in the theater and musical industry. As a matter of fact, she ended up meeting her husband at the Crucible in which she was appearing in a musical performance.

Some people have questioned the celebrities’ and wondered if they are able to maintain his fame as a Beauty and the Beast (and then some) actor. When confronted with this though, he’s pointed out numerous times that she actually understands that his work is just work. However, they have a solid rock relationship that they don’t discuss outside of their own industry. You won’t see them sharing all of their tidbits on the red carpet, but you may see them out and about.

What is Known About Her?

There really isn’t a lot that is known about Susie Hariet. This is partially due to the fact that she’s married to a celebrity. The two aren’t really active as far as we know on social media either. And even though she was a singer and dancer, she now focuses her shift to her students – teaching them the ways of the Broadway musical stage in terms of singing and dancing. As for her own success, she has been estimated at approximately 2 million dollars, but all-in-all, she has made most of this money herself compared to most other celebrity wives. She also shares his passion for the private life, and it’s said that with her teaching and acting roles she’s obtained herself, her net worth is approximately 2 million dollars. It’s currently unknown whether or not that’s a fact, as our fact checkers were unable to find anything out about it. Of course, she also has more net worth thanks to her marriage to her husband.

Different than the Cliché

One thing is for certain, you don’t often hear of marriages between a celebrity and another person unless it’s the guy who’s usually older. This is not the case here. Susie Hariet is 7 years older than her husband, and as to this day, she is still married to the star. Something that doesn’t always happen.

Family Life of Susie Hariet

Susie and her husband Dan Stevens have three kids together, despite their ages. She has Willow Stevens- who was born in 2009, Eden Stevens – who was born back in 2016, and their son Aubrey Stevens who was born in 2012. When it comes to being a mother and an actor’s wife, the actress steadily maintains their family life when she has to – something that Dan Stevens has promoted and completely publicized to honor his wife to the world. He also states that compared to most other mothers out there, she isn’t new to the entertainment industry. It’s for this, that the star has been able to be completely lucky – because most of the time, marriages like this don’t always work out  ,and end up in messy divorces that are news-worthy. 

Not in America

As of date, both Stevens and his wife ended up moving to their second home, even though they have another home in New York after leaving London. Their home is placed in South Africa, and they spend most of their days in Johannesburg. They also ended up moving to New York, and it’s been a transition on their children that they’re working on together. According to the records, the couple lives in Brooklyn Heights, and their home is also the neighborhood of many celebrities.


If you’ve enjoyed this, then it’s easy to see why Dan Stevens and his wife get along so well. As a prominent music teacher who used to have her eyes in the entertainment industry, it’s amazing that she works hard to take care of herself, her husband, and her children with the best care possible.

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