Rosemary Margaret Hobor

John Candy’s Wife – Rosemary Margaret Hobor Wiki (Bio, Death, Children, Net Worth)

Rosemary Hobor was married to the famous and celebrated Canadian actor and comedian, John Candy.

After her husband’s death, Rose never remarried. However, the couple had two children, who, like their father, pursued acting as their life careers.

Rose is 72 years, although several tabloids differ on her birthday – some say she was born in 1949, while others purport it was 1948.

Margaret is quite secretive, as she managed to stay away from the media before and after her marriage.

She is quite humble, intelligent, and kind, values we can attribute to her Virgo star. Most of her early life remains veiled – the main reason she always popped on the media was her husband, John Candy. He was already accustomed to the limelight and public inquiry.

However, there seems to be more about these two than their marriage history. Rose and John’s first meeting goes beyond their heydays and into their high school lives.

Where did Rosemary Margaret meet the only love of her life? Is it true they met through a blind date? And, where did Hobor live before moving into Los Angeles with her family? There’s only one way to find out!

The early days of Margaret Hobor – School, marriage, and children

Where and when was Rosemary Hobor born?

She was born in Toronto, Canada, in the late 1940s. One tabloid reveals that she was born on August 30, 1949, while another indicates her birthday as November 30, 1948.

All the same, she’s in her early 70s. However, in her most recent photos with her son and daughter, Rose is pretty energetic. She looks healthier than her age. She has always observed strict nutrition and a healthy diet policy since the early 90s.

Hobor has kept information about her family and siblings from the media. She hasn’t mentioned her parents’ names, although we know for sure that she lived in Toronto for the longest time of her childhood.

Rose joined the Notre Dame High School, an only girls’ Catholic school. The school ran alongside Neil McNeil Catholic High School, which was an only boys’ version school, and where John Candy studied.

It is through their high school education that Rose and John first met. There is another possibility that the two met after graduating from high school. All in all, according to close family, the two instantly fell in love after their friends organized a blind date.

Since their high school/after high school meeting in 1969, the two kept in intimate touch until their nuptials a decade later.

After her high school graduation, Margaret joined the Ontario College of Art and Design University. She improved her art skills and graduated with a Material Arts degree.

Rose ventured into arts, ceramics, design, crafting, and painting in a self-employed capacity.

John and Rose tied the knot in 1979 and settled in Toronto. The two lived in Canada until the mid-80s, when they decided to move to Los Angeles with their son and daughter.

Jennifer Anne Candy is the firstborn, and Christopher Candy is now the only boy in the family.

It seems these two were keen on keeping their father’s legacy – Chris is a renowned actor in Hollywood, having featured in shows such as Contracted and The Stones.

Jennifer, on the other hand, is both a Hollywood actress and a producer. She was part of ‘Liv and Maddie’ in 2013 and ‘In Vino’ in 2017. Jennifer is also in a nine-year marriage with her husband, Bryan Sullivan. Together, they have a daughter Finley Candy Sullivan.

In one interview, Chris and Jennifer revealed how much they loved their dad. They believe he was a far greater actor than they ever could be and that they see him as an inspiration and still a present part of their lives.

Concerning their health, the Candys spoke about their dad’s tragic passing and how their mom played a vital role in nurturing them in strict but consciously healthy lifestyles.

John Candy’s early life and career

John was born in 1950. He only saw his father for a short part of his childhood, for he passed away in 1955.

John’s mommy Evangeline took it upon herself to raise her only son. She brought him up in a moral and spiritual environment and according to the Roman Catholic faith teachings.

After her husband’s death, she moved to Ontario, Canada, where John grew up and attended his elementary studies.

He joined the Neil McNeil Catholic High School around 1964. After his graduation, he went to Centennial College and later McMaster University to nurture his talents.

Candy is a prominent comedian because he was extremely creative in all his works. His career kicked off in style, and he created as many quality works as he could imagine.

Most of his creative projects appeared on TV as of 1984. These included The Courage of Kavik, The Wolf Dog, Cucumber, and Lost and Found.

John earned lots of money from his comic endeavors, and he spent it wisely. He became an investor alongside several others.

Together, they managed and owned a football club, the Toronto Argonauts, which brought them profit and spread his name throughout all parts of Canada.

The Toronto Argonauts scooped the Gray Cup in 1991. The club also gained popularity for signing skilled and expensive NFL stars back then.

John Candy passed away in 1994, after succumbing to a cardiac attack. At the time, he had just completed a filming project titled the ‘Wagons East’ in Durango, Mexico.

Rose didn’t remarry after 1994. She’s also lived in Los Angeles ever since.

Net worth, career, and social media

At the time of his death, John Candy had an estate worth $15 million. He had several investments in Canada and the United States, and his acting career had generated a hefty revenue.

The couple owns different properties, including parcels of land in Toronto and Queensville.

Rose inherited most of her property from her husband. She lives lavishly, and reliable sources suppose that her net worth is around $1million.

Besides art, Hobor is a dedicated giver and well-wisher. She has launched beneficial projects for the needy, such as the Pediatric AIDS Foundation and Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Margaret is also active on her Instagram page, where she frequently posts photos of her family and major artworks. Besides, she has her own art studio in California, where she displays most of her pieces.

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