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Shane Kilcher Wiki (Bio, Age, Status, Accident, Net Worth, Children)

If you watch the Discovery Channel, you perhaps also keep up with the Kilcher family’s show, Alaska: The Last Frontier. The series looks into life as a Kilcher, which means no modern heating, plumbing, or modern amenities. 

Outside Homer, Alaska, through about 11 miles, is a family that thrives on simplicity—the Kilchers. Alaska: The Last Frontier show’s star, Shane Kilcher, is a familiar face on screens, one that viewers love to see work through interesting yet trying methods. Among more, his sense of humor makes him more valued.

Every episode features a piece of the Kilcher family’s life, with their dependence on farming and hunting, teaching viewers a lot about survival. Their long winter preparations are also enjoyable to watch, following their challenging means. 

Shane did not feature on the show until 2012 when its second season aired. He has since been a regular star; his family is known for their skills in tackling otherwise difficult situations without modern aid. 

Shane Kilcher’s Bio

When the curtains are drawn, and everything else is quiet, Shane writes poems and sings.

The TV personality and singer, Atz Kilcher, and the singer, Lenedra Kilcher, or otherwise, née Carroll, bore Shane on May 5, 1971. Their extended family of Swiss descent lives in Fairbanks, Alaska, making Shane and his three siblings third generations of Kilcher in the region.

The Kilcher grandparents, Yule Kilcher and Ruth Weber, first rooted the family in Alaska during WW II. They fled Switzerland for better lands and established a quiet home in Fairbanks. Today, the third generation, with Shane and his siblings, thrives.

Shane’s younger sister, Jewel, found a place in music. She is a world-renown pop star, with international album sales of beyond 30 million. Like her, Nikos, their half-brother, is a professional singer. You may also know Atz Lee from his appearances on the family’s show.

Shane, with Jewel, his sister, and his mother, established the non-profit organization, Higher Ground for Humanity, in 1998. They dream of promoting spiritual development, alternative healthcare, research, arts, and environment-based education. They also allied with organizations that held similar aspirations.

Between 1997 and 2010, as his LinkedIn page indicates, Shane worked in the charity for reliable, clean, and water access, the Clean Water Project. In 18 countries worldwide, the charity aspired to work out ways of getting clean water to villages and providing solutions to the challenge. 

Net Worth

Not much about the Kilcher family’s net worth is public knowledge. Nevertheless, Otto Kilcher, the Last Frontier’s co-star, is estimated to be worth approximately $4 million. We thus assume that Shane’s net worth is as well around $4 million. 

We can tell that in every episode, Shane bags his family an average of $7,000 to $10,000. Their homestead also stretches to an average of 613 acres, which is extensive; an additional 207 acres, as local records hold, make their cover of Homer city vast. The Kilcher family’s real estate value is an estimated 3.6 million, while their homestead’s value is at least $800,000.

Shane’s Wife

Shane Kilcher caught Kelli Ware’s heart as much as she did him back at high school (Stella Secondary). They would soon after their meeting, date. The couple grew in love over their relationship’s three years, after which they would walk through the isle of an eternal union in their 1992 marriage.

The new family did not inhibit Kelli’s nursing dreams; she would pursue her college studies over the years. In 1999, Kelli earned a degree after successful graduation. Kelli and Shane have remained a happy couple in love, and they show the fruits of such a bond in The Last Frontier. Shane and Kelli are parents to beautiful kids, namely, Jenna, Jareth, Reid, and Keena Tarik.

What Happened to Shane Kilcher? 

Unfortunately, Shane broke his back in a home accident. Shane slipped from a ladder and fell when he and Kelli Ware, his wife, were putting up a new cabin. The Central Peninsula Hospital, where Shane was taken, informed him of a horizontal L2 vertebra fracture on two-thirds of the bone.

After Shane’s accident, the immediate Kilcher family members devoted their time and prayers to his well-being. Kelli passed the shocking information about the accident, expressing her gratefulness for the prayers, well wishes, and kindness.

Shane would come out of the accident, okay but with an uphill journey of recovery to walk. On their Facebook page, Kelli updated fans on Shane’s positive progress and their use of a combination of modern medicine and herbs for his recovery. Indeed, Shane used the mountain herbs in the past to heal sprains and bruises.

Following the ongoing reality show, Kelli has not provided more information about her husband’s recovery. Since the accident happened before The Last Frontier’s eighth season, the Discovery Channel announced its production and its release for 2019.

However, neither the Discovery Channel nor his family shared information about Shane’s appearance on the season. Anticipatory fans had to wait, while most shared their good wishes and prayers with the Kilcher family. The show picked up successfully and has since released two more seasons.  

Shane Kilcher and his extended family have, over the years, introduced us to alternative ways of living. The show Alaska: The Last Frontier is an enjoyable watch on the Discovery Channel, looking into how the family gets through life without modern amenities or dependence. 

Shane has a beautiful family and a loving wife. He is has a great personality and a sense of humor that has entertained his viewers since 2012.

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