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Wyatt Russell’s Ex Wife – Sanne Hamers Wiki (Bio, Age, Family, Kids, Net Worth)

If you are familiar with Wyatt Russell, a former ice hockey player and Hollywood actor, then his ex-wife, Sanne Hammers, should ring a bell. Sanne Hammers is an established American stylist mostly identified as the former wife of a popular Hollywood actor. She started her career in her teens, and she has since established herself in the industry successfully.

Who is Sanne Hamers?

Originally from Amsterdam, Sanne Hamers came into the public eye when she married Wyatt Russel. The stylist is very private about her life, so there are few details about her life; however, it is a fact that she was born in 1980 in the USA. What is clear is that she was interested in fashion design from an early age, and she followed her dream to where she is now.

Just like any other normal girl, Sanne attended high school and college, presumably in the Netherlands. Because of her substantial $25,000 student loan debt, it is safe to conclude that Sanne received a good education. Purportedly, she also took part in college competitions, which showcases her competitive spirit.

Wyatt Russell

Dating a Hollywood star comes with added pressure because the partner becomes famous instantaneously. Sanne was a successful stylist, but she did not appear in the public eye until she started dating Wyatt Russel. Russel, a charismatic chap from a veteran Hollywood family.

Wyatt is Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russel’s son, Bing Russel’s grandson, and currently the husband to Meredith Hagner. His father and mother have been together for 37-years now, and he has other siblings, namely, Boston Russel, Kate, and Oliver Hudson. Their family tree gets even more profound to include Edward Rutledge Hawn and Laura Steinhoff; this shows how influential the family is in the industry.

 Hollywood life did not attract Wyatt from the start, and his parents did not pressure him to engage in the business. He found himself gravitating to ice hockey, which he started on a professional level in 2002, playing for the Richmond Sockeyes. By 2005, Wyatt was a goalie for Coquitlam Express, and then he went ahead to play for Chicago Steel, Brampton Capitals, and finally Groningen Grizzlies in the Netherlands.

Wyatt was playing for the Groningen Grizzlies in 2010 when he met with the beautiful blonde Sanne Hamers. He was in a salsa bar with his friends, where Sanne was also in attendance, and this is when cupid struck them with his arrow. When these two met, Wyatt’s sole focus was on ice hockey, but later on, Hollywood came calling.

The former ice hockey player began acting at 24 years after several concussions in the rink. Now that the sport was becoming too dangerous, Wyatt delved into Hollywood, featuring in movies like We Are What We Are, Folk Hero & Funny Guy, and Overlord, among others. Soon he will be back on the small screen playing John Walker in Marvel’s miniseries, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier.

Sanne and Wyatt Russel’s Relationship

Wyatt and Sanne dated for two years until they tied the knot in 2012. They held their wedding in a small intimate ceremony in LA, and they did not welcome the press. The two lived a quiet life for almost three years before their marriage was on the rocks. Sanne and Wyatt filed for divorce in 2015, but after an arduous process, the divorce came to fruition by 2017.

The real reason behind the couple’s divorce never came to the surface, but there were some rumors of an affair. Allegedly, Wyatt was dating Meredith Hagner; however, other sources refuted the rumors by stating that Wyatt started seeing Meredith a year after the divorce filing. 

During the divorce process, Sanne and Wyatt were keen to hold on to their personal property. Sanne’s lengthy divorce proceedings received a $25,000 judicial order and no spousal support because none of them was keen on it. When they divorced, Sanne retreated from public life, maintaining a private life as she always has.

Wyatt married Meredith Hagner in 2019 after meeting her in the production of Folk Hero & Funny Guy. Their family is growing as the couple recently announced they were expecting their first bundle of joy; the baby is due any time soon.

Her Life

Sanne appears to be an individual who enjoys living a quiet life because she has not appeared in the limelight since the divorce. Her social media pages display her work and little of her personal life. Currently, Sanne is working as a stylist consultant for California Closets allegedly. We hope that in the future, we get to see more of demure Sanne Hamers.

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