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Clive Owen’s Wife – Sarah Jane Fenton Wiki (Bio, Age, Height, Net Worth, Kids, Family)

If you have ever seen any Clive Owen moving ever, you are already well aware that he is an actor that simply has an amazing amount of versatility. With a career ranging from that of theatre to film and even to television, Clive Owen is an English actor that just plain seems can do any acting that is required from him. Finding critical acclaim on several different occasions, some of his biggest hits include ‘Croupier’ which was released in 1998, ‘Gosford Park’ which was released in 2001, and ‘Closer’ which was released in 2004. Finding extreme success after just about every movie he played a part in, it looked as though Hollywood would be welcoming a brand-new superstar.

However, although Clive Owen’s acting portfolio is packed full of blockbusters and winning roles, the same is not going to be something that can be said about his private love life. While it does seem as though Clive must explore every new thing he can think of in regard to his acting career and opportunities, he is also known to be very private about anything involved with his personal life. Did you have any clue that he has actually been married for the past 20 years? His wife’s name is Sarah Jane Fenton, but you may be wondering exactly who she is and what she is all about? Here is everything that you need to know about Clive Owen’s wife, Sarah Jane Fenton.

Sarah Jane Fenton: The Early Years

Said to be born in 1963, Sarah Jane Fenton does not have a whole lot of information in regard to who her parents were and where they originally came from. To make matters even worse, since Sarah Jane has decided to pretty much never be involved with any part of the media that her husband is always in the spotlight of, there is actually only a very little amount of information that is known about her education and her childhood.

Sarah Jane Fenton’s Acting Career

While there is very little known about Sarah Jane’s life while she was growing up as a child, there is much more that is known about her acting career. For instance, it is known that Sarah Jane would find a passion for acting at a young age and that she would start working in several different theatre productions around England. One of her very first works would include an unknown part in a theatre production of the very popular play by Romeo Shakespeare, that play being none other than ‘Romeo and Juliet’.

Fast forward to the year 1988 and Sarah Jane would find herself making her acting debut in the mini-series that was titled ‘The One Game’. While there is no doubting that her role would be on the smaller side, she would gain a ton of insight into what went into working on a real television set. She would use her experience from The One Game to get herself a small part in the show, ‘The Tall Guy’. It would be released in 1989 ad would star Jeff Goldblum, Emma Thompson, and Rowan Atkinson. She would then go on to find herself appearing in two different episodes of the television show that was popular in 1989, that show being titled ‘Hard Cases’. Her role would be as the character of Robyn Neale.

Only one year later, Sarah Jane would start playing in much bigger roles, the first one being as Katerina in the historical drama movie that was released in 1990 and titled ‘The Bachelor’. It would star Miranda Richardson and Kieth Carradine. Two years later in 1992, Sarah Jane would be a guest on an episode of the television series that was titled ‘Virtual Murder’. Just two years later Sarah Jane would find herself playing a part in her very last film project, that project being a movie that was titled ‘A Good Man in Africa’. She would portray the character that would be Priscilla.

According to Sarah Janes portfolio, she would decide to get back into theatre, having a part in the Henry Arthur Jones’ play that was titled ‘The Case of Rebellious Susan’. This would be in 1994 and take place at the Orange Tree Theatre that was located in London, England. She would be on stage with some of the greats of theatre, those including David Neal, Malcolm Sinclair, Will Knightley, Phillip York, and Sian Reeves.

Sarah Jane Fenton: The Scholar

After getting her fill of the entertainment industry, Sarah Jane would decide to stop pursuing her career as an actress and start focusing on herself. By this, it means that she would decide to pursue higher academic achievements than she would have at the time. Supposedly, she would do her doctoral research in the United Kingdom at the University of Birmingham. This is the same school that she would end up studying the topic of mental health services, her specialty being those who are located in Australia and the UK.

According to the bio released from the University, Sarah Jane supposedly joined the HSMC, which is also known as the Health Services Management Center in 2012. It is also pointed out that she did have some previous work experience when she was the working Chief Operating Officer at Kids Company, which is a very well-known children’s charity that tries to help the vulnerable and young youth that live throughout London.

Sarah Jane Fenton has had the opportunity to do many different things with her life. While she though that she wanted to be an actress, she would end up changing her mind and decide that it was much more rewarding to help the youth of the generation that simply don’t have as much as they need in order to grow up in a safe and healthy manner. It is for this reason that Sarah Jane Fenton has been able to work her way into the hearts of just about everybody. Only time will tell where Sarah Jane Fenton will decide to put her efforts towards, those causes more than likely having great things in their futures.

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