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In case you have not heard of Stefano Catelli, he is a very well-known fashion designer and businessman who was originally born in Italy. He has worked in several different companies in the past, that list including the likes of Four Marketing and Mirabel Edgedale. Stefano has been able to make a name for himself through the amount of success that he has had throughout his career in the field. However, his absolute biggest claim to fame and glory would come when he was married to the very famous American actress, Gemma Arterton. They would exchange their wedding vows in 2010, but the two would realize that it was better for them to not be together and go their separate ways. This would happen only 5 years after the two would get married, that happening in 2015. With all of that being said, there are many people who are curious about what happened to Stefano, the former husband of the American actress. Here is everything that you need to know about Stefano Catelli.

The Early Life of Stefano Catelli

The ex-husband of American actress Gemma Arterton, Stefano Catelli was originally born in Italy. He would spend most of his childhood growing up in Italy with both of his parents. Even as a child, Stefano would have a very shy type of nature about him. It is for this reason that he has been very frugal in terms of sharing anything about his childhood or his parents when he was growing up. In fact, even after he was married to Gemma and then got divorced, he has still not revealed very much about why the two decided to get married or why the two decided that they wanted to be separated. Because of this, there is actually not a whole lot that is known about Stefano as a child, about his parents, any siblings that he may have had, or even about his education. Everything has simply been kept under wraps by him and it does not seem as though he is going to be revealing anything about these topics anytime soon.

What is known however, is that Stefano was always interested in the fashion industry, as well as the business industry. He has come out to say that this has been true ever since he was just a child growing up in the streets of Italy. Oddly enough, he would have the opportunity to pursue these childhood dreams and build himself a career in the fashion industry.

Stefano Catelli’s Career Highlights

No matter how you slice it, there is no doubting the fact that Stefano Catelli has had a very humble beginning to his career, which originally got started in 1999. He had to literally start from scratch in order to build his name up to what it has become, that being a name that is well known for being a successful businessman. Stefano would start his professional career journey as a simple Sales Manager at a store. He would eventually work his way up to the title of Menswear manager at Club 21. He would serve in this role until the year 2004. However, while he was at the store, Stefano would promote and even prompted in the fashion industry. Fast forward a little, and all of Stefano’s hard work and experience would end up paying off. This would happen when Stefano would be appointed the role of Sales Manager in the store that was named Weston Represents, which happened in 2008. He would continue to climb the ladder of success by taking advantage of all the different opportunities that would be given to him. In fact, for a short while, Stefano would actually be the Brand Manager in the very well-known agency Mirabel Edgedale, that is located in London. Which, in case you didn’t know, Mirabel Edgedale is one of the leading sales agencies in all of London that has local market knowledge, as well as global reach.

According to his current LinkedIn profile, Stefano is currently acting as the product manager at the company Four Marketing, which is located in London, England.

Stefano’s Doomed Marriage with the Actress Gemma Arterton

The actress Gemma Arterton and Stefano Catelli originally started dating back in 2009. Neither of the two have yet revealed the story of how it was that they would meet, keeping all of their fans in suspense by not revealing all the details of their love story. However, after the two dated for just a few months, they would decide that they wanted to get engaged in June of the very same year. Stefano would propose to Gemma at the very populated Download music film festival. She would obviously say yes, as there was no doubting that they were both madly in love with each other and it seemed as though there would be nothing that would ever be able to drive them apart. It is for this reason that the two would end up getting officially married within the next year.

After the two were married, Stefano had no problem hogging all of the limelight. While everything would appear to be absolutely perfect with the couple and that they were living as happily as they could ever live, that would only be an act that they two would portray. The fact of the matter is this particular relationship was not built off the things that were meant to last forever. Unfortunately for the once happily married couple, after only a short five-year marriage, the two would decide that it was in both of their best interests to part ways and call off their marriage.

There is no doubting the fact that Stefano has had a very exciting life with many different ups and downs. From his career aspirations to his love life, there are not very many people who can honestly say that they have been through the same things as Stefano has been through. It is for this reason that only Stefano will be able to navigate how his life goes moving forward.

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