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Vanessa Williams and Rick Fox’s Daughter – Sasha Gabriella Fox Wiki (Bio, Age, Kids, Mother)

Sasha Gabriella Fox is the youngest daughter of Rick Fox and Vanessa L. Williams, who are celebrities in the music and movie industries. She has also grown into the acting profession and had featured in several movies like “Justice for All with Judge Cristina Perez”, and “A Diva Xmas Carol”. Sasha, who just clocked 20 in May, has also represented Serena William’s fashion brand line, featuring in “Vogue Magazine”.

She’s trailing the path her parents and even her step-sister, Julian Harvey, had trailed. So, let’s consider how she got it all started.

Her Family

On the 1st of May, 2000, Sasha was born in Los Angeles to Rick Fox and Vanessa L. Williams. Rick Fox, an NBA star, was born to Dianne Gerace and Ulrich Fox while Vanessa Williams who was an actress was born to Milton Augustine William Jr. and Helen Williams. Fox and Vanessa got divorced in 2004 and since this time, Sasha has been spending time moving from one parent’s house to the other. 

However, Vanessa had three kids from her previous marriage, before tying the knot with Fox. She initially got married to Ramon Harvey and gave birth to Jillian Harvey, Melanie Harvey, and Devin Harvey, so, Sasha has two half-sisters and a half-brother. In 2015, after she got divorced from Fox, she got married to Jim Skrip, for the third time.

Despite their divorce, Sasha spent most of her childhood days with her parents in Los Angeles. She completed her high school education at The Hervey School, located in New York. She was also part of the school’s volleyball team.

And after her graduation, Vanessa disclosed that Sasha is currently studying film production at the Chapman’s University Dodge College of Film and Arts. Vanessa wouldn’t hide her joy as she is very proud of Sasha for all her school achievements. Sasha also received a life-time feat in arts from Chapman University on her graduation.

She also seems to be so close to her siblings as seen on Instagram posts with Jillian sharing a post on Sasha’s 20th birthday with Sasha on her lap. She virtually seems to relate well with everyone including her roommates, friends in her department, faculty, and the school at large.

Sasha Imitating her Parents in the Entertainment Industry

Sasha got some edge on her journey to stardom. The fact that she is a daughter to a renowned three-time NBA champion, and a veteran actress, opened up some opportunities for her right from her childhood. When she was less than a year old, she featured in the “A Diva Xmas Carol” movie, a movie in which Vanessa, her mother was the star actress.

Similarly in 2012, when she was 12 years of age, she was also featured in the movie titled “Justice for All with Judge Cristina Perez”. In one of its episodes titled “Mom’s gift is sister’s grift/The Chain Gang” which was aired on October 2, 2012, she acted the role of Crystal Robertson. She was also featured in “One Fine Christmas” together with her dad. 

That movie, which was produced by Oprah Winfrey, was the first she would produce. The movie tells of three broken families who don’t give themselves time to rest. They go about their daily jobs all day long, without any time to spend for themselves.

In the movie, Sasha (who acted as Harley) is featured as the daughter of Vanessa Williams (who acted as Susan in the movie). Harley would always complain about Susan, who in the movie is a workaholic and doesn’t spend time with her family. Apart from these complaints, she doesn’t have any other significant role compared to other characters.

Right from her teen, Sasha claimed that she would always want to do the acting profession, but her parents wanted her to complete her high school education before going into acting. This was revealed in an exclusive interview featuring Sasha and Rick. Ultimately, she debuted in “One Fine Christmas” and all hopes are that will be the first of many more to come.

Asides from the few roles she acted in the movies, she also wrote and directed “Superdate”. This short movie, released in 2013, is about two kids who confessed their love towards each other at a very young age. The movie portrays real talent and got a lot of positive feedbacks at the box office and also got good reviews from its viewers.

Adapting to the Modeling Industry

Sasha is also into modeling. She may have inherited her modeling skills from her mother. Vanessa was also the first Afro-American who was crowned as the “Miss America”.

However, in August 2019, Sasha posted on her Instagram that she has now joined the “Serena” fashion line which is owned by Serena Williams, the American Tennis superstar. We can all see that she is trailing the path laid down by her parents. Nevertheless, the twenty-year-old hasn’t made many waves like her parents on the big stage.

She currently works with both One Management and Natural Models located in Los Angeles and The Curvy Roster of The Talent Agencies. The photograph of her curvy and banging body is also used in these agency sites’ profiles. We hope that Sasha makes a big impact in her career in the nearest future, but now, she currently focuses on her education and at the same time, still being groomed by the talent agencies.

Her Parents’ Relationship

Rick Fox and Vanessa Williams are one of the top names in the entertainment industry. Rick Fox has won the NBA championship title three times. Apart from this, he is also a future Hall of Famer.

In the NBA, Rick Fox has played for Los Angeles Lakers and the Boston Celtics. He also owns an e-sport franchise, hence owning “Echo Fox”, an e-sports team. After he retired from sports, he got some roles in various movies like Eddie, Blue Chips, Resurrection, He Got Game, and lots more. Till today, he still features in series and movies which even increases his fan base more.

Vanessa Williams also has experienced successes so far in both her music and movie career. In 1984, she was crowned as Miss America – being the first Af0-American to win that title. She has released a lot of hit albums like The Way That You Love, Save the Best for the Last, The Right Stuff, and Running Back to You, among others. She has also featured in a lot of series and movies which include Hanna Montana: The Movie, Soul Food, A diva’s Christmas Carol, The Courage to Love, Shaft, The Odyssey, Housewives, and lots more. 

The duo met each other in 1999, dated for a while before getting married in the summer of 1999. The wedding initially took place in the Caribbean, but they organized another wedding party for friends and relatives as soon as they got back to the United States. This wedding party took place in September 1999, in New York.

A year later, Vanessa took in and gave birth to Sasha Gabriella Fox. A few years later, their relationship turned sour, and a divorce was filed in 2004. Since then, Sasha Fox has been what connects this ex-couple.

Even though these two have divorced themselves, they are still seen together wherever and whenever Sasha is concerned. Sasha’s graduation from high school was both attended by the duo.

What’s Sasha’s Relationship status?

On the 27th of May, 2017, Sasha may be seen with Aaron, a friend of hers on her high school graduation day, and many may suppose Aaron as her boyfriend. However, that is not true! Sasha is currently not dating anyone. 

During her high school graduation, Sasha wore a very beautiful red gown and she looked like her mom in her prime teen days. Her friend Aaron was also dressed in a hot black suit. Their preparation video for the graduation was shared on Instagram by Vanessa who was proud of her daughter.

Her Net Worth

She worked on a couple of projects in the past, but that wouldn’t have fetched her much income. Mostly, she relies on her parents for all her needs; her mother showers her a lot of gifts financially and materially. When she clocked 16, her mother gifted her a new Mercedes car.

Even after her high school education, up till her college days, she still gets financial supports from her parents. Although during this time, she works with some Modeling agencies, she hasn’t established herself yet in the modeling industry. So, our estimate of her net worth will between in the range of $20,000 and $30,000.

That shouldn’t be a concern to her though as she still receives financial supports from her parents. Asides, she is currently studying film production, which implies that she will soon start making more money.

Social Media

Sasha has gained a massive fan base right from her childhood, thanks to her parents’ stardom. However, she’s only known to be active on Instagram as @sashafoxxy. She doesn’t like to post her personal life on social media but you will find some of her notable moments and her lifestyle on her Instagram handle. 

You may come across a couple of handles that are managed by her fans, but we can say that her account on Instagram is her only official account you can follow.

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