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Christian Bale’s Wife – Sandra Sibi Blažić Wiki (Bio, Age, Height, Kids, Family, Net Worth)

It is often said that no one who wants a successful marriage would take advice from Hollywood couples due to the short-lived nature of their relationships. However, occasionally, there are some couples who go against the stereotype and end up being an example that others can learn from. 

Christian Bale’s marriage to Sibi Blazic is one of such marriages that prove Hollywood marriages can work too. Christian, the Academy Award winner, has tied the knot with his stunningly beautiful wife since 2000, and they have remained inseparable ever since, something that is very difficult to find in Hollywood. 

If you would like to learn about Sibi, how she met her husband, how they have maintained a long-lasting marriage etc., read on in this post. 

Sibi Blazic: Who is She? 

Sibi Blazic is a notable star in the Hollywood scene; she has functioned in many capacities such as make-up artist, stuntwoman, actress, model, and assistant. Above all these, her marriage with Christian Bale is the most common reason behind her popularity.

Is Sibi on Instagram?

Sini is not so much of a social media person. At the moment, she is not on Instagram, but she has an account on Twitter with just 112 followers.

How Sibi and Her Husband Met

Sibi met her husband Christian when she was still working with Winona Ryder as an assistant. After that, they became very fond of each other and ended up taking the marital vow.

Sibi Blazic’s Background

Sibi is an American from the city of Chicago, Illinois. She is currently living with her husband and kids at Brentwood, Los Angeles.

She was born on 14th April 1970 by her parents Nadezda Topalski and Slobodan Blazic, natives of Belgrade, Serbia. She was Christened by the name Srboslava Blazic. Although there is very little information about Sibi’s background, such as whether she has a sibling, however, her parents got wedded at Vracar.

Sibi is a proud alumna of the prestigious University of Southern California, where she bagged a BSc. Degree in Business.

Sibi Blazic’s Career

Due to her natural beauty and physique, this 5 feet 11 inches tall woman started as a model. From there, she went on to work as a makeup artist. However, her career experienced a major thrust forward after working with Jordan Kerner, the American Film producer, as an assistant. 

She worked with him when he produced the action-packed comedy movie “George of the Jungle.” She kept working with him even when he produced “Red Corner,” a thriller movie.

Sibi proceeded to work with Winona Ryder as her assistant, and they became very close friends. As reported by IMDB, Sibi was already an assistant to Winona when she released “Girl Interrupted,” a movie that turned out to be a commercial hit. She remained with her during the filming of “Lost Souls” and “Autumn in New York”.

Sibi featured in Face forward, written by Kevyn Aucoin, the late makeup author, artist, and photographer. The book turned out to be a best-seller cosmetic book, according to the New York Times.

Beyond working as an assistant, Sibi has a daredevil stunt woman aspect that many are unaware of. She was featured as a stunt driver in The Dark Knight Rises. Her husband, Christian Bale, also starred in the movie where he played Batman/Bruce Wayne. According to Christian, his lovely wife was the driver of one of the police vehicles that kept chasing him around the city in the movie. Although he mentioned that even though she is very good with stunt racing, he was terrified that she was the one behind the wheel. 

According to her husband and IMDB, she received attribution in other movies like Vice and The machinist. Although she didn’t star in the movie, she was behind the scenes with her husband, who played the leading character. He needed help to lose 28kg in the Machinist and gained 18kg for his role in Vice. She was the brain behind his transformation.

How Meeting Sibi Helped Change Her Husband’s View About Marriage

Every love story has a beginning and this one is no different. Christian and his beautiful wife Sibi Blazic met each other for the first time when Sibi was still working with Winona Ryder as her assistant. Her boss, Winona, and Christian were already good friends due to working together on a movie titled “little women,” in fact, Winona introduced Sibi to him for the first time.

Due to Christian’s family background and how he had watched so many marriages crash into a divorce, he never fancied the idea of being in marriage someday. In an interview that he granted with Sydney Morning Herald in 2012, Christian noted how meeting his dear wife Sibi ended up changing his mindset about marriage and how he realized that life with her would be a fantastic idea.

Their marriage ceremony took place on 29th January 2000 in Las Vegas. The ceremony was conducted as an impersonator of Elvis Presley. Sibi was 30 at the time, while her husband was only 26. Even though both couples love to maintain a low profile, it is hard for their marriage to go unnoticed due to its success. 

Christian’s family already take Sibi as a part of their family. His mum is Jenny James, is a circus performer, while his dad David Bale is an animal rights activist and entrepreneur. His stepmom is Gloria Steinem, a popular feminist, journalist, political leader, writer, and activist. His siblings include Sharon, Erin, and Louise.

Apart from Chris’s view about marriage, Sibi also helped change his opinion about starting a family. In 2005, the couple welcomed their first daughter Emmeline Bale, and it took them another ten years later before they had their second child, their son Joseph who was born in 2014. The duo prioritizes their children, so they are always available to hang out and spend quality time with them. Due to their love for privacy, there is very little information about their children available on the internet except for a few photoshoots they take whenever they go on outings.

Even though their marriage is almost 20years, they are still very fond of each other. During their 19th anniversary, they went on a romantic bicycle ride around the Pacific Palisades coast, California.

It is common to hear Christian gush about Sibi during interviews. According to him, she is probably the strongest woman he has met all his life. Whenever he gets a chance to talk during acceptance speeches, he seizes the opportunity to talk about the role his wife, Sibi, has played in his life and career. He describes her as very patient and supportive. On such an occasion, when he was accepting the Best Supporting Actor award from the Critics’ Choice Award, he noted that it would be impossible for such an award to get to anyone without a partner who has been a support. In his case, that partner is Sibi, his wife. He also added that she has had to cope with all the changes that his part in different movie roles came with, so he owes her all.

Sibi Blazic Net Worth

There is no reliable information available online regarding her net worth; however, considering her different careers, we can arrive at an estimated amount of $100k. Christian, her husband, has a net worth of $80million.

Christian’s Controversial Arrest

Like we mentioned at the beginning of this post, Sibi’s marriage to Christian is one of the few successful marriages that came out of a Hollywood romantic relationship. However, it doesn’t mean that they have never had turbulent moments in their home. In 2008 around the period that “The Dark Knight ” movie premiered, some rumor was making the rounds about trouble in their home. According to reports, Sharon, Christian’s sister, and Jenny, His mum, got into an argument about Sibi in London that ended up with Him getting arrested.

The claims behind his arrest were that he had assaulted them, and thus he was reported at a Police station in Hampshire. He turned himself in at Belgravia police station voluntarily the next day, after which he cut off every contact with his sister, mother, and the entire family. When he was asked about what had transpired, he requested that the media stay out of his family affairs and respect his privacy. Due to the lack of sufficient evidence against him about the incident, the charges against him got thrown out of the window.

Based on the incident, it became very clear that Chris chose to support his wife and wouldn’t sit back and allow anyone to disrespect her. Not even his mother can stand in their way. This is an important virtue that is probably part of why his marriage keeps growing stronger by the day and one that other people who desire to have their kind of marriage can learn from. In 2019, the family disclosed that they finally settled their differences and are back on talking terms.

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