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Phil Hartman’s Son – Sean Edward Hartman Wiki (Bio, Age, Height, Artist, Net Worth, Family, Wife)

If you were a fan of the late comedian Phil Hartman, you probably wonder about his children, particularly Sean Edward Hartman. Sean would perhaps not be much of wonder if he enjoyed the limelight; however, he does not like to be on the public’s spot, raising questions about his life.

After his father’s death, Sean kept off from the media. He has since lived privately, making plenty of pictures shared as his to be wrong. While Sean has a sister, not as many people are curious about her, information about Birgen is out that she is happily married. 

Sean Hartman’s Bio

Phil had a son in 1988 with his third wife, Brynn Hartman. They named the child Sean. The Last Days of Phil Hartman, an ABC documentary, holds Sean’s birth to February 1988, when Phil’s SNL season ended. Nevertheless, you will come across suggestions of Sean’s birth as 1989.

Sean Hartman will turn 31 this year, 2021. He is an artist and, along his journey, joined a musical group; comedy and music may not be precisely two worlds apart as some people have expressed. Sean and Phil ended up pursuing art in varying forms.

Phil and Brynn Hartman had Birgen Hartman as their second child and Sean’s sister in 1992. Katharine Wright, their maternal aunt, took Birgen in after Phil’s demise; she and Mike, her husband, took care of Birgen. The siblings lived in Edina, Minnesota, and Katharine joined them from Northern Wisconsin’s Eau Claire.

Phil Hartman’s Death

Phil and Gretchen Lewis entered into a union in 1970; their marriage lasted two years, ending in 1972. Ten years later, he married Lisa strain (1982); their marriage lasted three years, ending in 1985. After that, Phil married Brynn in 1987.

For a long time, Phil and Brynn Hartman were progressive in their marriage. They had beautiful children who blossomed with their parent’s care. However, in 1998, everything took an ugly turn—Sean and Birgen’s lives would change forever.

Brynn, a small-time model, took Phil’s life on 28 May 1998. She shot, killing Phil. Soon after her actions, Brynn took her life as well. The siblings, Sean and Birgen, had to bear the burden of losing their parents suddenly and on the same day.

Upon Phil and Brynn Hartman’s deaths, Judy joined Sean and Birgen. She has remained the family’s close friend for long. During their protective custody, Judy held Sean and Birgen. John Hartman, Phil’s brother, makes further revelations in an interview with Larry King. You may thus note Judy on Birgen’s Instagram.

Art and Music

As we have earlier noted, some people believe that Sean pursued a different aspiration from his father. However, comedy is an art of its kind; music is art. The two stood on different stages, but they shared their hearts with the world. Today, Sean makes music with the Moonstone Continuum band.


Sean Edward and his sister, Birgen, attended Edina High School. Sean would seek further art studies; he went to Minneapolis College of Art and Design. After that, he joined various companies as an artist intern.

Phil was not only a comedian but also an actor and writer. Likewise, Sean is multi-gifted. His artworks have made it to exhibitions, and he also plays the keyboard for the Moonstone Continuum band.

Relationship Status

Sean is entirely private; much of his life is far from public knowledge. Due to his avoidance of social media, we can confirm little about his relationship life or status. Nevertheless, you can find him on Cargo Collective (an artists’ hub), under the username “Burnet.”

Birgen, as we earlier noted, is happily married. In January 2015, she and Brandon got engaged. They then proceeded to an eternal union in September 2018. The couple had a beautiful ceremony in Italy, with Sean and 200 others among the invites. While we can say this much about Birgen’s life, much of everything else remains behind curtains.

Net Worth

Sean has progressed well in his art and music career. He makes significantly good money, amassing him a fortune worth something above $1 million. However, you should note that Sean acquired a share of his father’s wealth upon Phil Hartman’s death.

Sean and Birgen would each have half of the Hartman estate, which, in 1998, averaged $1.23 million in value. Phil inserted a restrictive clause to how the money would be dispatched to Sean and Birgen, which would share the fortune into three installments.

The first installment would go to them upon attaining the age of 25; this constituted a third. Upon turning 30, the second installment would go to the siblings, and the third, upon turning 35. Since Birgen is younger than Sean, she has not acquired her share for 30 years; on the other hand, Sean has acquired two of his claims and is yet to get the third.

Final Words

Phil Hartman had two beautiful children. Birgen is happily married; Sean, on the other hand, lives an entirely private life. Their parents went through a horrific death, but the siblings got through it, with Sean finding a home in art. He makes music and appears in art exhibitions.

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