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Valeria Wasserman Chomsky Wiki (Bio, Age, Net Worth, Height, Kids)

You will hardly walk down a linguistic path without coming upon the name Naom Chomsky, whom the world regards as the father of Modern Linguistics. Naom Chomsky has established his expertise and authority in language. His marriage to Valeria Wasserman brought a legal professional and translator into the limelight.

Besides her legal proficiencies, Valeria Wasserman is also an entrepreneur and language translator. She has worked with significant establishments and big companies, offering her Legal Assistance, Analyst, and Translation services with much skill and ethics.

While Valeria had established a respected and proficient profile, she kept a large part of her life private. Over the years, she provided her services to her portfolio’s growth, but none towards her popularity. Therefore, her marriage to Naom Chomsky as his second wife would change a great deal for her public image

Valeria Wasserman’s Bio

Little about Wasserman’s early life is knowledge to many; nevertheless, we can tell from reliable sources that she was born around 1963 in South America’s Brazil. A better part of her early life remains in the dark, leaving us with little to nothing on her education and family background.

However, as Valeria grew, her entry into the world stage became inevitable. It began with her Law studies major in Universidade Federal Fluminense. She would study languages (Portuguese and English) in Pontificia Universidade Catolica do Rio de Janeiro.

It did not take Valeria long to pick up after her studies; in 1986, she graduated from Law school and embarked on a career journey. Alongside law, her language studies were coming along well. Around 1988, she acquired a language translation certificate.

Valeria Wasserman’s learning journey did not stop after her achievements; she would pursue further studies. Therefore, after practicing law and working for various law firms, Valeria went back to Universidade de Sao Paulo, where she had once spent time working her way up. She would shift her attention from law to Capital market analysis.


Unibanco was a famous bank in Brazil and Valeria’s first point of legal practice. In 1992, the bank brought her in as their investment analyst. Seventeen years later, Unibanco merged to become Banko Italu (2009). Valeria served the bank for three years before acquired a new role as a legal claims assistant in a law firm (Corey R. Cutler).

Valeria continued her legal practice; she became a legal assistant at Ralph A. Donabed for eight months, then went on a break for two years. When she returned in 1999, Valeria extended her services to Intentia, a software company that dealt with supply chain management, asset, and relationship management training.

That was not the end of Valeria’s possibilities; in 2001, she became the Director for National Association of Magazine Publishers’ assistant. Valeria’s experience in writing and publication would grow exponentially. She moved out in 2003 and shifted most of her attention to a Boston LLC that she would establish as her business.

Valeria’s Little Faces LLC

Valeria Wasserman’s time at the National Association of Magazine Publishers led her to establish a personal business. Before taking the step, she went on a three-year break, determining the most suitable businesses to plant her attention and invest.

Therefore, Valeria created Little Faces LLC in 2006. The business she established in Boston, Massachusetts, collapsed over time and is today out of order. Nevertheless, Valeria Wasserman remains a relentless businessperson, and her portfolio is impressive.

Net Worth

Much about Valeria’s life remains behind curtains. However, we can tell from her successful career that she made huge strides. As a translator, reports hold that she earned about $20.11 per hour; the rest about her worth is not public knowledge, but we can tell that Naom Chomsky’s net worth is $5 million.


Valeria’s growth through her career path was subtle, and only people who surrounded or interacted with her knew more about her successes. Her marriage to Naom Chomsky bolted her to the limelight and made her a popular name in many Americans’ mouths.

The couple entered into a union in 2004. As we earlier noted, Valeria became Naom Chomsky’s second wife; Carol Doris Schatz was his first wife, who married Naom in 1949; the two lived well and had a happy marriage before Carol Doris passed on 59 years later (2008).

Carol and Naom had three beautiful children together. In 1957, they bore Aviva as their first daughter; in 1960, they bore Diane as their second daughter, and a year later, came Harry, their last-born son. 

Naom Chomsky

Many know Naom as a linguist. He is a Jewish-American Ashkenazi. Besides being a political commentator, he is also a logician, philosopher, and social justice advocate. Naom earned the title “father of modern linguistics” from his expertise and authority.

Naom Chomsky holds an interesting history, with his linguistic studies in the University kicking off at 16. He additionally took up philosophy and mathematics. In 1951, he would garner his second degree and his Harvard transformational grammar doctorate in 1955.

As A Translator

Valeria walked the translation journey after spending significant time working on her languages. She joined ArtVentures Cultural Projects and Translations in 2009. ArtVentures provided Wasserman, among other artists, a communication platform; it connected translators with writers and others in need of translation services.

Valeria Wasserman established her professional profile over time and with hard work. Today, we know her for her proficiencies and marriage to Naom Chomsky. Naom is the father of linguistics, a gentleman, and a loving father and husband.

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