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Ozuna’s Wife – Taina Marie Melendez Wiki (Bio, Age, Family, Kids, Net Worth)

Ozuna is a Latin trap singer often called the ‘New King of Reggaeton’. He has dominated the music industry with all his music albums. The albums top the Billboard Top Latin Albums. Ozuna’s music rakes up massive views on various streaming platforms. 

Today Ozuna is one of the top artists with the most demands and his professional life is also gaining a massive spotlight. Many of Ozuna’s fans have been longing to know about his life outside music. 

Many people do not know that Ozuna is already married. He got married to Taina Maria Melendez This article provides information on Ozuna’s life behind his music and more facts about Taina. Find out more as you read along. 

Tania Was There Before Ozuna Became Famous

Ozuna started his singing career at 12 years old. He began to produce and promote music in 2010 but he didn’t gain enough prominent followers until 2014. 

All through this period, his wife was solidly behind him, she was his major supporter as they were childhood friends. Taina Marie has always been there for Ozuna even before the fame. 

Taina stood with Ozuna all through the rise of his career, starting from when he started the music career to when he did not even have enough followers. 

Taina Marie was born sometime in 1994. She and Ozuna met as kids in Puerto Rico. They later became good friends but they didn’t date each other until early 2010. 

Their relationship blossomed such that Taina Marie even moved in with Ozuna to Manhattan in New York. The couple later relocated back to Puerto Rico after almost three years in the Washington Heights neighborhood. 

Ozuna disclosed in a Facebook post in 2017 that Tania Marie accepted him when he had no money and was a nobody, at a time when he was not even famous. 

Today, despite the extortion scandals and controversy which Ozuna faces, Taina is still very much with him as a strong pillar in his life. 

Did Ozuna and Taina Have a Secret Wedding? 

Ozuna officially proposed to Tania Marie after eight years of a committed relationship. Ozuna gave the hint on his Instagram when he shared a post of their engagement announcement on the 13th of January 2020. He captioned the post ‘Un dis muy especial’ (a very special day). 

Ozuna shared the news to his followers and mentioned that he started thinking differently after he had a family and that was when he was able to change many things and move forward. 

He further stated that he has always wanted to get married but was waiting for the unique moment although he didn’t have time. Ozuna believes that marriage is the most unique thing a family can have. So that is why he finally proposed marriage to Taina. 

This post made many suggest that the couple is married although there are no photos or evidence to support that assertion. But most people feel that the couple probably had a secret wedding. 

Taina and Ozuna Shares Two Kids

The couple has two children from their ten years-long relationships. It was reported that Taina was pregnant with the first child. Later in 2014, she delivered an adorable baby girl. 

The baby girl was named Sofia and she has a striking resemblance with her mother. Some years later, the couple had another son Juan Andreas, who other family members usually call Jacob. 

Taina is committed to raising her kids in a loving home. She also treats her kids as her greatest valued treasure. 

Taina is a Social Media Shy 

It is rare to see anyone who is not active on at least one social media platform or the other especially as the world is now digital. Taina Marie is one of such exceptions as she likes to keep her life private. 

Although in 2010, she joined Twitter and was quite active but she later deleted her postings although she still has about 449 followers on her account. She deleted her Instagram account in 2018. 

However, Taina is often seen on her husband’s Instagram as he always posts beautiful pictures of their family moments. From the pictures, one could see that she is living a happy life. 

Taina is said To Be A Homemaker / Businesswoman

Taina Marie is very private when it comes to sharing private information even though Ozuna, her husband is always in constant media spotlight. 

This explains why there is a paucity of information regarding Taina’s career choices. Some sources claim that she helps her husband and takes care of his tour and concert arrangements. 

She probably helps Ozuna to run ‘Odisea Children’ (a non-profit organization). It is also said that she is a dedicated housewife. 

No matter what Taina does, she is surely a strong woman who will excel in whatever she does.

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