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Tia and Tamera’s Father – Timothy Mowry Wiki (Bio, Age, Family, Kids)

The United States army has bred some of the most outstanding personalities in American history. One such man is Timothy John Mowry, a father to beautiful, talented children. Tamera and Tia, Timothy’s twin daughters, made their debut in the entertainment industry at an early age; the same is right about Tahj, his first-born son.

Timothy Mowry’s relationship with Darlene Renée Mowry grew from high school and blossomed as they progressed together into the army in the 1970s. They later bore their first set of adorable children, the identical twins, Tamera and Tia (with Tamera only two minutes older than her sister).

You perhaps know the sisters for their performance on the screens as teenagers, and the couple’s third child, Tahj Mowry, for his performance in Baby Daddy. Timothy and Darlene had a fourth child, Tavior, who chose a different path from most of his family members and became a football player like his father; this prosperous family had humble beginnings. 

Early Life

Like his former wife, Darlene Mowry, a considerable chunk of Tim’s early life remains behind closed curtains. We do not know much about his parentage or his early education. Nevertheless, he is an American of Irish descent. We also know that he acquired his early education in Miami, Florida.

It is at a Florida high school that Timothy met Darlene Mowry. The two entered into a relationship that would remain solid for many years to come. Tim progressed to a Miami college, where he continued his love for sports grew; he would enroll in college football, and years later, his son would develop a deep interest in the sport.

Soon after meeting with Darlene, the two advanced into the US army. It was commonplace during the 60s and 70s to enroll in the service to acquire sustenance, and as reports hold, Timothy Mowry had a rather strict upbringing. Therefore, he started to make a life for himself.


Darlene Mowry is an American of Afro-Bahamian descent; while much about her parentage is not public knowledge, we know that one of her parents is African-American, and the other is Bahamian. Like her former husband, her early life is behind closed curtains.

We do not know much about where Darlene went to school and her progression into college; nevertheless, it was in high school that she and Tim met, establishing their first relationship, which would seemingly last and later grow into marriage.

Tim and Darlene were posted into the United States army around 1975. The two were stationed in the same regions, which perhaps allowed them to develop a growing relationship. They remained in contact with each other through their service in now-West Germany.

Due to their commitments and hard work, they climbed up the army’s administration ranks. It is not certain whether the two made sergeants around the same time; however, Darlene eventually became a sergeant in the US army, as did Timothy Mowry.

Tim played administrative roles as the army’s first sergeant and also led battalions. Years into the service, Darlene became pregnant with their twins and later bore them (in 1978). For some time, Darlene juggled her profession with her motherly duties. After some time, she retired to offer security to various facilities to get closer to her family.

Darlene worked her new role for some years, moving from facility to facility before settling down with her children. They would soon make a break into the screens after an agent identified Tamera and Tia’s potential for the big screens, which changed the family’s life forever.

Timothy, too retired from the army and got close to his family. After his duties as a first sergeant, he retained his interest in service and joined the City of Glendale Police Department as a custody officer in California. He remained with his growing family of three.

When Tim moved to California, his twin daughters had started to establish themselves as personalities in the entertainment industry and were just kicking off their careers. Their talents paid off from an early stage, and the parents’ support saw their steady growth over the years.


You have perhaps come across the two, Tamera and Tia, playing various roles for television series and films. At only 15 years old, they had made their first premiere with the ABC series for which they are still known today: Sister-Sisters; that would be just the beginning.

Tamera and Tia had a healthy and supportive up-brining. It is perhaps why they blossomed in their early career and grew steadily over the years. Their mother, Darlene Mowry, became their manager, leading to great collaborations and more opportunities.

The twins were born on July 6, 1978, as the first children to Darlene and Timothy Mowry. The couple had been together since high school and progressed into the army together, both making sergeants of the US army (with Tim as a first sergeant).

After an agent discovered the potential that Tia and Tamera had, the two made their first try at entertainment and garnered successes. They received their mother’s unwavering support; Darlene Mowry managed them in their group, Voices.

Years later, Tamera and Tia would be more prominent names with the TV series, Sister-Sister, among many other films and series. Sister-Sister is one of their most outstanding achievements; it aired between August 8, 2011, and September 22, 2013.

Darlene and Timothy had two more children after their twins. Tahj Mowry followed in his elder sisters’ footsteps and made his name in the entertainment industry with the television series Baby Daddy. The three have since been reputable, and their fans love them.

The couple’s last-born child, Tavior Mowry, chose a different path from the rest of the family. Like his father, Tavior developed a deep interest in sports and joined the University of California Davis’s college football. Unlike his siblings, he is not the most famous face or name on our screens, but the family’s fans and supporters love him.

Unfortunately, Tim and Darlene went their separate ways after 40 years of marriage. They cited irreconcilable differences as the cause for their split.

Tamera and Tia

Timothy Mowry’s advancing age saw him become a grandfather. Tamera and Tia became parents, blessing their extended family with Cree, Aden, and Aria. According to the twins, their healthy upbringing had a lot to do with their religious nature.

While Tim and Darlene bear different descents, their children remained happy and loved them; they did not see their parents as two different races. However, Tamera received some harsh criticism after her marriage to Arthur Adam Housley, a Fox News LA-based correspondent and white; this sparked from Tia’s distinction in marrying a black man, Cory Hardrict.

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